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TV Review: Espn’s ‘The Prince of Pennsylvania’

TV Review: Espn’s ‘The Prince of Pennsylvania’
As has been demonstrated time and again, movies aren’t necessarily the place to go for an unvarnished representation of reality, even in films based on actual events. So for those who saw “Foxcatcher,” Espn’s “30 for 30” documentary devoted to the Dave Schultz tragedy, “The Prince of Pennsylvania,” will provide a fairly illuminating companion, offering another window into the peculiar behavior of the wealthy John du Pont, whose fascination with wrestling eventually culminated in murder. Even then, this economical one-hour film can’t entirely capture a story as hard to pin down as its bizarre central figure.

Director Jesse Vile opens with a chilling 911 call from the wife of wrestling champion Schultz, having just watched her husband coldly gunned down by du Pont, the privileged heir who, in underwriting the U.S. Olympic wrestling team, had turned it into his reason for being. Du Pont began throwing money around in the 1980s,
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