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It's Cheap, it's dull and it makes no sense

Author: rorymacveigh from United Kingdom
18 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't exactly put too much of the plot down because basically I can't figure out the plot. This isn't exactly a film I watched as a child but somehow after coming across it recently, I'm glad I didn't because it would have probably left me a mental mess. From what I've gathered through the self-righteous mess that is the script, it has something to do with a magical bone that is used to allow dogs and cats to communicate with humans and thereby live in the everyday world as individuals. There's never any explanation how this bone came to be, only that it was found in a similar fashion to that of Excalibur. However, an evil man with a name as cosmopolitan as some of those found in a Captain Planet Cartoon named McNasty is out to claim the the bone for himself and thereby overthrow the world. The way they depict this is he puts the bone back together and guess what... Absolutely nothing happens, he remains stood there the same as he was before with no obvious differences, and proclaims himself King of the world, whilst singing an insufferable rip off of 'Bad to the Bone' by George Thorogood, with just the five beats of the drum being his musical accompaniment, a real epic of a song, sure does beat the pants off those Disney Classics and other evil themes. Eventually, he gets defeated by this giant dog called Big Paw who only appears at the very end of the film and spends most of the time hiding even though the film title clearly states that it is 'The Legend of Big Paw' and he is turned good by some kind of tumble drier. The others celebrate and sing terrible songs and basically annihilate all that is music.

In all, this film is a jumbled concoction of idiocy, with terrible songs, worthless dialogue that sounds like it was made up in a 3 year old's sleep, animation that's the equivalent of the Saturday morning cartoon this movie came from and a humour that you could say is as dry as a bone! Steer well clear of this one folks if you want to keep yours or your child's dignity intact.

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I loved it as a child but

Author: Z O D D from Czech Republic
12 January 2015

I saw this movie about 50 times during about 11 first years of my life (now I am 19) so I still remember most moments of the film. Have to admit that I saw few episodes of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon which this is based on, after I'd seen this movie numerous times. I would like to point out some differences compared to the series. The characters' designes are different because there are older. Although Cooler and Whopper are somewhat comparable to their original selves, Nose Marie panics too much and reminds a spoiled girl more than calm, mature mother-like character of the series. Howler turns from a kind of wacky inventor to the most frightened character and nothing more. Bright Eyes, the sweetest one of the series, is seen as teenage-like during the first musical scene, however she speaks rarely in the movie, although she has big screen time like the major characters, she has a very small role to the story and is more like a prop. What is more, there is a large bug when Whopper along with Bright Eyes move away from the rest of the gang and everyone sees only Whopper is absent but Bright Eyes is located in two places at the same time. The movie brings up new characters like Reflex and the cats (Hairball and Charlamange) which are more focused than Bright Eyes during the story. It also has different antagonists compared to the series. What to say more, the animation makes it look at least 10 years older than it really is and there are bugs like changing colours and some holes in the story. I don't see bad it being a musical but it's such a commercial, quickly made film but I used to like it and see it many times so I cannot give it less stars.

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The First Pound Puppies Movie...

Author: anthony-rigoni from United States
26 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

And yet it flopped. Don't get me wrong, but I'm a fan of the 1980's Pound Puppies TV Show. After watching the movie a few times, I found out that this isn't good movie nor a bad movie either. The only good thing is that unlike Tom and Jerry the Movie, which was loaded with a lot of stupid and unnecessary musical numbers, there are a couple of songs out of six songs I liked. The two songs are "At the Pound" and "Now that You're Here". The only song that I hate was "King of Everything." Seriously? You're letting the villain sing? It sounded like he wasn't even trying. The only gripes I have with this movie are 1) It is not related to the TV Show nor the TV Special, 2) None of the Pound Puppies looked or behaved like their original selves, and 3)Katrina Stoneheart, the show's main villain, isn't even in this movie. Where is she? And where's Holly? And Brattina? And Catgut? Hell, where the flying s--- is Captain Slaughter?! It's little wonder why the Pound Puppies never made a second movie.

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An incredible experience

Author: thesevensamurais from China
27 July 2006

Hello,I did vote to help the film's cause a bit,cause I directed it,and the total schedule time was no more then 5 months and a half;Now imagine Disney trying to make a film that fast,we had 2 months and a half to prepare designs,storyboard ( 6 weeks ),locations,art direction,etc.,etc....

Then we had 3 months only to lay it out,animate it,do BG's,shoot it....And we only pencil tested no more then 10 scenes for a dance sequence,the rest was done with me guessing by writing the exposure sheets and checking drawings,and actual cells to find the in-between mistakes.The editors we're going crazy to get the film finish on time for the screening,so many mistakes we're made that we had fixed,but they ended up in the final cut anyways.

So I would just like to say that it was a hell of a challenge,and we produced it in Taiwan,so we did not have Disney caliber talent,but I am glad no matter what, it was an experience I don't regret even if it did make mean having to work 7 days a week and an average of 14 hours a day.My blessings go to everyone that was involved with the project,they all worked very hard to do their best.

Thank you. Pierre De Celles

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Calling this mediocrity is a bit kind, but it was one of my childhood favorites

Author: lpratt6 from United States
3 January 2013

I actually loved this movie when I was little. I had it on video and watched it all of the time. I noticed a lot of the technical goofs as I got older, but they didn't really ruin the movie for me. I enjoyed pretty much every moment, every character, every song, and every joke. I think it's because I saw the movie when I was very little and loved cats, dogs, and music enough for the movie to have a big impression on me. I've outgrown the movie now but there's still a heavy nostalgia cloud around it for me. All I can really say for others is this: Pound Puppies is corny and messy like many of the toy-based movies from the '80s, but little kids might like it. It can work as a time-waster for them, but it won't mean much of anything to people who are older.

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A Little Childhood Fancy

Author: lpdreamweaver94 from United States
7 March 2012

Any cartoon or TV series based on a toy line is bound to receive vehement criticism in the animation world. Many people see them for exactly what they are: toy commercials, dribble, and fluff. However, I don't see how creating a show or a movie about a toy is a terrible thing. If children like a certain toy and it means a lot to them, then there's nothing wrong with them enjoying a cartoon/movie about their favorite toy. They may not enjoy it forever, but it would form into a fond memory, and be a fun thing to smile and laugh about later on down the road.

Now that's that out of the way, let's talk about the main topic of this review: The Pound Puppies Movie. It certainly isn't a powerful or remarkable piece of animation. It's easy to tell where the animation is faulty and the writing is sub par. Still, it's a movie for children, and children aren't as prone to be bothered by such factors. I, as a matter of fact, loved this movie throughout my childhood, and sneaked secret viewings of it up until I was about thirteen. I wasn't quite ready for the magic to die, I guess you could say.

I believe I loved this movie so much because it had talking animals and music. I had that in all of the Disney movies I owned, so it was easy for me to get into this one. Also, I saw it when I was young enough. My memory stretches back to age three, but I was probably watching the movie a bit earlier than that- I (once) had the movie for as long as I could remember; I think it belonged to my older brother first. If I had seen it when I was ten as opposed to when I was a toddler, it probably would've made a difference. Getting further into why I loved the movie, I really liked all of the characters. They were all funny and cute to me, and the villain in particular had two cronies- one skinny and one fat- who would always get involved in silly slapstick humor that left me in stitches. The giant dog, Big Paw, was endearing to me as well. Everyone thought he was vicious, but he actually turned out to be gentle and lonely. I liked that as a child. Also, the memory I take away most from the film is this: the music. I was always filled with anticipation and excitement when the first song began ("At the Pound", based on the '50s hit "At the Hop" by Danny and the Juniors), and I danced to virtually all the others. I became interested in '50s music thanks to this movie, as a matter of fact.

All in all, The Pound Puppies Movie is a cheesy, far-from-perfect animated film that kids will probably like, providing they see it when they're little enough and love movies with talking animals/musical numbers. It's not a movie for all ages, but a good one for kids. I have outgrown the movie (though I occasionally look up the songs on YouTube for old time's sake), but I thank it for the memories it gave me, and for introducing me the the music of the '50s.

PS: I'd also like to note that when I was little, Pound Puppies weren't in as in style as they were in the '80s, and I also had a video of the original cartoon, which was vastly different. Didn't stop me from loving the movie. ;-)

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I loved this movie!

Author: smilez1029 from USA
6 July 2004

I loved this movie when I was a kid and still do. I have it on tape, recorded off TV, but one time I accidentally hit record while watching it screwing up the middle of the movie. I'm so sad. I wish I could find it on VHS or DVD. I would buy it in a heartbeat. I have enjoyed this movie many times during my childhood. It has great catchy songs that I would sing along to and the plot is simple but good. It's not just some silly pound puppy story. It's serious. It has a dramatic crime that is committed by comical bumbling fools that work for an awful awful man. The puppies, although unrealistic, can speak to humans and they can understand them, but when the crime is committed the communication is lost. Then some dogs turn mean by the doing of the evil man but evil can not triumph when love and friendship are involved. That's why this movie is a good kids movie, it's got love, friendship, morals, comedy, drama, and of course great songs!

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What were they thinking?

Author: bartallenii from USA
10 April 2001

The producers were obviously trying to cash in on the "let's make a big screen cartoon out of a saturday morning series" formula that worked so well with "The Chipmunk Adventure", "The Care Bears trilogy", and "My Little Pony".

The animation is extremely cheap for a feature film. And it has almost no connections with the ABC cartoon series that was running when this so called film was released. Sure, they got the t.v. voices for Nose Marie, Whopper, and Bright Eyes for this movie, but where were Cooler and Howler?

Stick with the Cartoon Series from Hanna Barbera. It's much better quality than this.

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Love this Movie!

Author: MissGalinda from United States
30 January 2006

I love this movie! I knocked off one point for the animation - it is mismatched sometimes with the audio - but the story is a very good one and the songs are excellent! I used to rent this movie EVERY time I went to the movie store when I was little. It is what began my love of music from the 1950s. I recently purchased it on Ebay and I enjoyed it just as much as a college student as I did as a child.

Besides entertainment, "Pound Puppies: The Legend of Big Paw" teaches several worth while lessons: Rumors aren't always true, why you shouldn't "cry wolf," sometimes scary things can be "all in your mind," and that love is stronger than evil.

The nose knows what the nose knows and the nose knows this is a great movie!

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A wonderful example of childhood nostalgia

Author: lauramca1989 from United Kingdom
18 June 2005

This film takes me back to my childhood.Every Saturday when i was my turn to rent from a local video shop, i always headed for this film much to my parents and elder siblings annoyance (they don't seem to get the appeal of giant singing dogs.) Full of happy songs guaranteed to put a smile on your face and keep you singing them the whole day through.

To watch it now, i realise it may not be the best quality animation by todays standards but i feel the storyline wholly makes up for this. Remembering it gives me wonderful memories that are priceless! A wonderful example of childhood nostalgia and a must for any child or adult alike to see at least once! My only regret is not hanging on to the video.

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