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A interesting Cinderella story told from an African-American point of view
amac056529 September 2006
I had the pleasure of starring in this effective independent film and the years have shown that this is still one of the few "black films' to show African- Americans in a glamorous light with very little cursing and violence.Even though the production value left a lot to be desired it must be noted that the budget was laughingly low and it was the directer/producer"s first feature film.If you haven't seen it and can excuse the limits that the minuscule budget forced on the production I believe that you will enjoy this romantic and refreshing slice of the upper echelon of Black life. If you are like me a black actor who has had to consistently portray drug dealers and thugs just to maintain a living in this industry you can appreciate irony that the 80s and70s had better roles for us then than now! I can only hope that when a glossy film such as the upcoming' 4bidden' is released next year we will flood the box office with people and prove that an intelligent sexy and classy Black film is what we need more of ,NOT another HOOD movie
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