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I absolutely love this movie!
Oliver and Company is probably the least appreciated Disney movie ever, and yet it is excellent. I have loved it since I was very very young. I had a giant poster from its original release, and I would sing along to "Why Should I Worry?" and "Streets of Gold" while jumping around on top of couches, pretending I was Dodger and Rita. That's how "into" the movie I was. And I wasn't alone. My friends memorized the soundtrack, too, and we would persistently sing the songs in school. I guess there is just something very appealing about dogs getting around the city by jumping around on top of cars! And when we ran the sprinklers, I would wash my feet in them like Dodger-singing, of course. Oliver and Company is really, really good. It has superb voice talent and animation. Yeah, Tito's ear tear does switch from left to right at one point, but I would NEVER have noticed that...anyway, the story is not weak at all. It is unusual, granted, but then it's a weird twist on Oliver Twist. Most people love this movie. A few have bashed it for petty little reasons. Overall, there's nothing not to like. The music is outstanding. The character design is great. My favorites are Rita and Georgette. They're both very different but they're both very pretty. And they can sing, too. If you look at the backgrounds, at one point you can see dogs from other movies. During "Why Should I Worry?" there are Peg (she found a home!), Jock, and Trusty from Lady and the Tramp, and dalmatian who resembles Pongo. There are a lot of cute dogs in this movie who only appear for a second..like the two in the convertible during the WSIW reprise that Dodger and Tito gawk at until Rita pulls Dodge away. Sykes is one of the baddest bad guy ever-- He's got a scary car and scary dogs. This movie is funny, the chase scene exciting. Recommended.
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A truly touching and hilarious adaptation of Oliver Twist
cimorene_fantasy13 July 2003
We've seen a musical version of Oliver, even an animated series, but an animated musical with a cast of dogs and kitten called Oliver set in New York, you'd think it would be a disaster. But, thanks to Disney magic, this film is a classic filled with songs that are never forgotten as well as that wonderful combination of comedy and family drama.

When a homeless kitten comes across a street-wise dog with a gift for song and stealing hot dogs, little Oliver finds himself the member of an exclusive gang of thieving dogs. But before he even executes his first crime, he is discovered by a lonely little girl in need of a friend. Chaos soon ensues as Jenny and Oliver get caught up in a kidnapping by the classic evil villain.

It's a fun filled romp to be enjoyed by one and all over and over again.
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I love this movie!!!
NicoleFawkes1 September 2005
OK, I've seen this movie for the first time when I was 6 years old... This movie was actually made in 1988, the year I was born I haven't seen it in 11 years, and now I'm 17 I love this movie even more then I did before!

The songs are lovely, and the story is really heartwarming!! The dutch version of this movie is just as funny as the English is! My favorite character is Dodger, because he's the "cool street dog" and Oliver is just cute!!

I know I'm a real Disney freak and this movie really belongs to one of my favorites!!!
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Charming,Funny,Musical, and Thrilling
Badonkadonkhr7 June 2006
Inspired by the timeless Charles Dickens novel , "Oliver Twist" , Oliver & Company is the thrilling animated classic full of action , friendship , courage , and heart that starts when Oliver , the orphaned kitten , is befriended by Dodger , the cool dog from a New York pack of pickpocket pooches. Soon , Oliver is lovingly adopted by Jenny , a lonely little rich girl , until tough-guy Sykes and his Doberman sidekicks , Desoto and Roscoe , try to keep Jenny and Oliver apart. Now it's up to Oliver, Dodger , and all his colorful , street-smart canine pals to outwit the villains and rescue the girl in an electrifying chase that will leave you breathless!Filled with laughter , loyalty , and great music by Billy Joel , Huey Lewis , and Bette Midler. Oliver and Company is family fun you'll love watching over and over again!

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OLIVER AND COMPANY (George Scribner, 1988) ***
MARIO GAUCI2 January 2007
Curiously endearing Disney animated feature inspired by "Oliver Twist", transposing the Dickensian favorite fairly successfully to a modern-day New York setting - with the villainous Bill Sykes as a mobster (flanked by a couple of vicious mastiffs). Stylistically, it lies somewhere between LADY AND THE TRAMP (1955) and the adult-oriented films of Ralph Bakshi (without the sex and violence, naturally); as such, it stands oddly alongside the studio's usual fare from this rather lame era - and its vitality can now be seen to have foreshadowed the renaissance in quality (and critical appraisal) which they witnessed soon after, beginning with THE LITTLE MERMAID (1989). The anthropomorphic characters (which generally swamp the humans - Fagin is very much a good guy here, if still pitiful) are quite nicely fitted to class stereotypes: hence, we get a Hispanic chihauha (with an eye for the ladies) and a posh bulldog, among others, while Dodger is basically an updated version of Tramp and Oliver himself a cute but very brave kitten. The familiar and involved plot is all but jettisoned (especially in its second half) in favor of boisterous action and character comedy, with a bouncy score and rapid pace to match. In the end, it proved surprisingly good - and, at just 74 minutes, short enough not to overstay its welcome.
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The rhythm of the city...
Jimmy L.19 April 2012
This movie has an unmistakable 1980s vibe that gives it a certain charm. Viewers familiar with "Oliver Twist" will find it interesting how Dickens's story is adapted around dogs and their owners in modern-day New York City.

Billy Joel impresses as the voice of Dodger, a mutt with New York attitude. He's joined in the cast by Cheech Marin, Bette Midler, and Dom DeLuise (as a derelict Fagin).

The best character, in my mind, is the city itself. This is definitely a New York City movie, tapping into the city's personality and capturing many of the landmarks in the animation.

The movie has a visual aesthetic that is not quite like the style of other Disney films, which is kind of cool. There's some great character animation, such as with the imposing villain Sykes (Robert Loggia). CGI framework is used effectively throughout the film to animate cars and things.

OLIVER & COMPANY is definitely a product of its time: the late 1980s. The movie is dated by the clothing worn by the humans, the models of the cars, the music (smooth and synthesizery, with the main title song sung by Huey Lewis), the gritty urban look, and even the character designs (see the hot dog vendor or the hairspray-loving canine Rita).

In a superficial way, OLIVER & COMPANY reminds me of THE RESCUERS. Both have a unique aesthetic "feel" that strays from the classic Disney style and seems to capture the sensibilities of the times. OLIVER is as quintessentially 1988 as THE RESCUERS is 1977. (Both films also portray contemporary New York City, involve animals helping a cute little girl, and explore some dark and emotional territory.) OLIVER & COMPANY is dated, but gloriously so.

The next animated film released by Disney would be THE LITTLE MERMAID (1989), which launched the company's 1990s renaissance of timeless masterpieces, shaped by Alan Menken's Broadway-influenced musical direction. It's interesting to see the quaint, contemporary style of OLIVER, knowing that Disney would soon go off in a different direction.

With no nostalgic ties to this film, I can say that it's a decent flick, although it wouldn't crack even my top 20 Disney movies. Love the NYC stuff. Joel's "Why Should I Worry?" is a musical highlight. The story has a surprising emotional impact and the climax is both dark and exciting.
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A childhood classic
lcw31869 July 2004
I just read the previous comment about this being a bad movie and that kind of indirectly hurt my feelings. It's just a nice little movie Disney made for pure entertainment and yes, it is directed toward children. It wasn't intended to be catered toward an adult audience. I also can't see how people can criticize such a nice little movie by picking on the animation and Disney's "incapabilities." Disney is awesome and can do whatever they want in a feature. Maybe they wanted to portray it the way they did. Besides, the focus of the movie is the story. And based on that, it's a touching tale. This will always be one of my favorite childhood movies and no criticism from other drippy movie reviewers will ever make me see it any differently.
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I Love this movie
wolfsister17916 April 2006
I think this is one of the greatest Disney films ever, yet it does not get much credit. I mean films like, Toy Story, Cinderella, etc, can be seen often on TV. But I've never seen Oliver and Company on TV, have you? I am 13 and originally viewed it at 6. I loved it then and love it more now! I must have watched it about 100,000,000 times!!!! And I got the soundtrack and am playing now as we speak. My fave character is Dodger, the streetwise, quick talking mutt. I used to jump about on my sofa pretending to be him jumping form car to car. Hey? What's cooler than a dog getting around by standing on a car? I always sing-a-long and I am always being told to be quiet as I am singing sooooo loud my parents can't hear the TV!!!! The songs are all stuck in my head with super-strong superglue! I especially like Why Should I worry and Streets of Gold. Dodger and Rita are so cool. I really love this movie and recommend it!!!!!!!
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This movie is so underrated
Warning: Spoilers
This probably one of the most underrated animated films ever made. I mean, even when it isn't at the same level than masterpieces like "The Lion King", in my opinion it certainly deserves much more love and recognition from the viewers.

"Oliver & Company" not only has great animation, but also has a great cast of very likable characters which are more than enough to make this movie a highly enjoyable experience from beginning to end. The songs were quite catchy too.

In many ways, this had some of the best ingredients of the classic Disney formula, and yet, the audience doesn't seem to like this as much as other Disney films that came later (Like "The Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", and, of course, "The Lion King") Personally, I think it had all the ingredients to be a nice and entertaining film for the whole family.

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A fun "twist" on the classic Oliver story
Kristine8 November 2006
I know it sounds weird because this movie was made when I was a child, you'd think I would've seen it at an earlier age. But I never did and my friend had the movie, I was curious and wondering why I never had the chance to see it. But I'm glad that I just got to see this movie, it was so much fun and I just missed the old time animation. It had great music by the awesome Billy Joel and the animals were just so adorable.

Basically, Oliver is an orphan kitten the big city of New York and meets a smooth street smart dog, Dodger. When Oliver follows Dodger to his layer of other dogs who are led by a homeless man, Fagin, they decide to keep Oliver. But when Oliver is learning the street smarts, a little girl sees him and takes him home where he gets a nice loving place to stay, not to mention extremely wealthy. But the guys want him back and kidnap him to pay back the mean Mr. Sykes.

I thought this was a great introduction of Charles Dicken's immortal classic for the kids. Not to mention that it was clever and witty, the music is memorable and there are some very funny moments that both kids and adults could get a kick out of. Believe me, this movie is good fun, but I'm still trying to find out why I didn't see it sooner.

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Very touching Disney classic about a special friendship for all ages that will warm your heart
Catherine_Grace_Zeh20 July 2006
OLIVER & COMPANY, in my opinion, is a very touching Disney classic about a special friendship for all ages that will warm your heart. I really loved the things that Oliver (voice of Joey Lawrence) and Jenny (voice of Natalie Gregory) did together. If I were Jenny, I'd care for Oliver myself. I would even do the same kinds of things that they did together. I inititally wanted to cry when nobody wanted him. The music was good, everyone was cast perfectly, and the direction was flawless. My favorite song was "Why Should I Worry?" In conclusion, I highly recommend this very touching movie about a special friendship for all ages to anyone who hasn't seen it. You're in for a real treat and a good time, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with someone close to you, and watch it. I guarantee you you'll thoroughly enjoy it.
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Oliver & Company
Jackson Booth-Millard21 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I had seen the video trailer for this Disney cartoon movie many times, and as time went by I had found out more bits and pieces about it, such as the voice cast and premise, but it is odd I never watched it as a child, I wasn't going to miss my opportunity when it came. Basically it is the famous Charles Dickens story of Oliver Twist, with a twist, cats and dogs, and only a few humans, play the central roles, the plot is a little altered but pretty much the same, and it is set in modern day 1980's New York City. Little orphaned kitten Oliver (Joseph 'Joey' Lawrence) is the only one of a litter not to be taken by passers by, and winds up alone in the Big Apple, but after being tricked to assisting a laid back streetwise Jack Russell Terrier dog named Dodger (Billy Joel) steal a string of sausages from a hot dog stand Oliver is taken in by the dog's gang. The Dodger is part of a small gang of dog pickpockets, and their leader is human pickpocket Fagin (Dom DeLuise), the other dogs friends are Tito the Chihuahua (Richard 'Cheech' Marin), Einstein the Great Dane (Richard Mulligan), Rita the Saluki (Sheryl Lee Ralph) and Francis the Bulldog (Roscoe Lee Browne). The kitten joins the gang, they are selling shoddy good and stealing money and valuable stuff so that Fagin can pay back ruthless shipyard agent and loan shark Sykes (Robert Loggia), during one particular trip however Oliver gets caught in a limousine by it's passenger, little girl Jenny Foxworth (Natalie Gregory), and butler Winston (William Glover). Jenny's rich parents are away travelling the world, so she is allowed to adopt the lonely kitten, but his presence enrages and caused jealousy from family pompous and pampered poodle Georgette (Bette Midler), until Dodger and the gang eventually find them, and take him from the house. Oliver explains he was happy to be treated kindly and have a real home, Dodger feels disheartened and lets him leave, but Fagin hears the kitten has been taken in by someone rich, he comes up with the idea to ransom him so that his owner will pay a large amount for his return, he tells this plan to Sykes as well. Jenny finds the ransom note and follows the instructions, taking Georgette with her, Fagin realises the owner is an innocent little girl and his conscience takes over, but as he gives her kitten back freely Sykes comes out of the shadows and kidnaps the girl to ransom her, Dodger and the gang chase after the villain, until Sykes is defeated by a train collision on the Brooklyn Bridge. In the end Oliver is reunited happily with Jenny, she celebrates her birthday with the animals, Fagin and Winston, the butler tells the girl the news that her parents are returning home from Rome the following day, Oliver chooses to stay in his new home, but promises to stay in touch with Dodger and the rest of the gang. Also starring Taurean Blacque as Roscoe and Carl Weintraub as Desoto. Joel is cool as the singing dog who knows all the tricks of the trade, Midler is great singing and being the spoilt but hard to resist bitch, but for me the best wisecracks and best inimitable performance was from Cheech, his brash tones and urban dialogue made his character the most fun. As for the film itself, the story is told as well as you would expect for a revamping of a classic, and most of the songs are catchy and snappy enough, I agree compared to other Disney films it doesn't have quite the same charm, but if your looking for a cartoon romp for all the family this is a very likable animated musical comedy drama. It was nominated the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for "Why Should I Worry?". Good!
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Not strong Disney material, but far from being awful
lpratt631 December 2012
Oliver & Company isn't a great Disney movie, but if you ask me, it isn't that bad of a movie either. The animation is really good, the colors are bright and cheerful, the atmosphere is upbeat, and there are many cute and pleasant moments scattered throughout the film. What knocks the movie down from being a spot-on hit is that the story is a little uneven and doesn't go into as much detail as it could've gone into; that, and a lot of the characters on the side are just sort of there. But Oliver the kitten is cute and endearing enough, Billy Joel is pretty enjoyable as Dodger, Jenny is a cute little girl, and the characters voiced by Dom DeLuise (Fagin), Cheech Marin (Tito the chihuahua), and Bette Midler (Georgette the poodle) have some funny lines here and there. The songs are also pretty good, with "Why Should I Worry?" by Billy Joel and "Once Upon a Time in New York City" by Huey Lewis being the best. Overall, Oliver & Company isn't an astounding, remarkable Disney masterpiece that will cater to every audience, but it's fine for children. If you're older, you might like the movie if you typically enjoy any Disney animation as long as it has some fun and charm to it, but if you're a little more discerning/don't have much of a stomach for cuteness, it probably wouldn't be your kind of movie.
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Somewhat memorable animated childhood movie
KineticSeoul29 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is a dogs and cat's retelling of a classic Charles Dicken's. It's a fun children s' movie that I thought was really heartwarming and fun when I watched it as a kid. Although I didn't get the entirety of the plot. The music isn't anything classic that will last and will be repeated over and over again by Disney fans. But it does get the job done and does fit the environment and story. The plot is about a stray orphaned Kitten that is looking for a home to belong in and fits in with other stray dogs and learns about the streets of New York and how to survive from them. I think they could have done a better job of developing in this area, which could have lead to more of the bonding elements. The animation reminded me of a more fluid animated Saturday morning cartoon show. Overall this is a good children's movie that will somewhat stand out in memories.

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Not Disney's best but what did you expect?
Katie P6 November 2011
I've read lots of negative reviews of Oliver and Company and, 10 years ago, I'd have agreed. I didn't like this movie when I was a kid. The story was confusing and I really didn't understand it completely. I watched it again at age 21 and, after a, well okay, kind of weak beginning I began to dread having to sit through it all. But I was surprised to find myself really interested in the story and following it completely as the movie unfolded.

I don't think this movie is as good for kids as Disney's usual fare because the story is a little confusing and could go over their heads. But it's still a good and solid effort on Disney's part. I enjoy the music and the characters are very entertaining. The actors sound like they're having a really good time recording the voices too.

Is this a masterpiece? Well, no. But it deserves a lot more credit. It's fun and family friendly and it is certainly entertaining enough for adults too. I'm going to give it a 7/10 because it's not perfect but it's still good.
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One of the least appreciated Disney cartoons. With a reason...
Atreyu_II27 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The 27th animated Disney "classic" isn't worthy of the word "classic". I can see why many people don't like this. I am not particularly fond of it myself.

The film takes place in the present day of its release (the year of 1988). It is one of the most simplistic Disney animated films when it comes to artwork, quality, attention to detail, drawings, plot and (in many cases) characters. The backgrounds and artwork are very poor for Disney's standards.

'Oliver & Company' is one of the weakest old Disney cartoons, but still far better than most Disney's cinema of nowadays. On the other hand, when it comes to old Disney films, it's very easy to find much better. My impression on this movie is even more harmed considering it's based on Charles Dickens's acclaimed novel 'Oliver Twist'. I don't know how good or bad is the 1968 film 'Oliver!', which I never watched but I know it's based on Charles Dickens's famous novel.

Back to 'Oliver & Company' (which I am reviewing), it has some good things too. For example, the music. "Once Upon a Time in New York City" (by Huey Lewis) is a touching song and is played in a touching part of the movie. "Why Should I Worry?" (by Billy Joel) is pretty cool. Jenny's song is pretty.

What else is good in this film? Well, it has some likable characters, although I can't say the same on most of them. Starting with the likable characters, Dodger is super cool. He is, as he says, New York's coolest quadruped. Obviously, he is not perfect, but who is? Anyway, he is fun, carefree and charismatic. Billy Joel is the voice of Dodger (both speaking and singing) and he is awesome in both. Oliver is naturally cute, innocent and adorable. Jenny is a very nice rich little girl. She is humble and doesn't have the arrogance characteristic of many rich people. I think that Jenny was somehow inspired on Penny from 'The Rescuers'. I wouldn't be surprised. Even their names are very similar.

As for the other characters. Winston isn't a character that I dislike, but he is nothing special. Fagin is a good guy, however so clown-like that he is irritating (although, at the same time, we feel bad for him). Clearly more annoying than Fagin are Tito and Georgette. Tito is so rude and obnoxious and, to make thing worse, he never shuts up - although it's hilarious when he gets electrocuted in that limousine and says the line «Yeah. Well, it's hard to watch anything when you're getting barbecued, man!». As for Georgette, I can't stand her. She is extremely rude, obnoxious, selfish, spoiled, stupid, sarcastic, unbelievably snobbish and arrogant, not to mention annoyingly vain and proud of herself. Good grief!

Francis, the bulldog that strongly dislikes to be called Frank and Frankie (as Tito often does to provoke him), isn't a bad chap but he's nothing special either.

Sykes is one of the most sinister Disney villains ever. He is like a mafia guy and a real nutcase. He is terrible when it comes to people he lends money but don't return his money. He threats with creepy attitudes and phrases such as «People get hurt» or «Somebody might get hurt». Plus, you can tell he is the type of guy who kills if somebody knocks on his door by mistake. For example, there is a scene which the dogs disguise themselves as a pizza boy and Sykes is ready to attack with a gun and menacingly wondering «Where are those dogs?», which makes me believe he'd do the same if a real pizza boy knocked on his door by mistake. He makes horrifying threats to Jenny such as «Don't cry, little girl. They only eat when I tell them to» (referring to his vicious Dobermans Roscoe and DeSoto). When he snaps his fingers, this is an order for his vicious Dobermans to attack and eat. There is one terrifying scene which he snaps his fingers and they viciously attack Dodger and leave him unconscious. He drives like a maniac, chases after Fagin though New York subway, wrecking his car... he does many scary things.

My final note: a 6 out of 10.
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Good, Standard Disney Stuff
sddavis6316 July 2009
In most respects, this is a pretty standard piece of Disney animation, enjoyable to watch with a lot of fun songs, but not quite reaching the heights of Disney's more famous animated features. Based loosely on Charles Dickens' story "Oliver Twist" it features the usual assortment of good and evil characters - both human and animal, with Oliver, a cute little kitten, being the requisite cuddly and adorable one of the bunch. Essentially, little Oliver needs a home, which he finds first with a bunch of vagabond dogs who are partnered with a vagabond human, and then with a little girl from a rich family who brings him into her home. Given the type of movie this is, there are perhaps a few too many twists and turns in the story for a child to be able to follow. There's a lot of lessons about the nature of friendship and family to be found here, and, unlike a lot of more recent animated tales, nothing that would serve as a caution about letting your child watch it. Oliver offers the viewer an enjoyable experience - not Disney's best, perhaps, but still fun. 6/10
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Probably the most underrated Disney film of the 1980s
Stompgal_8730 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't hear about this film until around 1996/1997 when it was heavily publicised in the UK, which made me think it initially came out at around that time. When I found out that this film originally came out in 1988, I was surprised but wasn't disappointed since my sister and I loved this film as children and as young women (I'm 26 and my sister's 22) we still love it to this day.

Although the animation is linear and quite flat (which is present in other Disney films such as 'The Jungle Book' and 'The Rescuers'), the lip-sync on the human and animal characters is detailed as well as their facial expressions, despite the absence of tears falling from Jenny's eyes when she confronts Fagin about Oliver being 'kidnapped.' The most positive aspects of this film are its swift pace (particularly during the climax where Sykes and his Dobermans chase Fagin, Jenny and the other animals down the subway track); the talented and relatively well-known voice cast including Billy Joel (Dodger), Bette Midler (Georgette) and Cheech Marin (Tito) of 'Cheech and Chong' fame; the background designs (especially the bird's-eye views of New York City and Central Park); and the songs (the ever-so-catchy 'Why Should I Worry?' and the sweet 'Good Company' are standouts). Jenny and Oliver are sweet while Georgette is beautiful and Tito is comical, although I would like to have seen Jenny reunite with her parents and show them Oliver.

As well as the 1968 musical 'Oliver!' this is one of my favourite adaptations of the classic Charles Dickens novel and also one of the most underrated films I've ever seen. 9/10.
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Better than people think
jam-ft-peddles5 April 2012
Oliver and Company gets a lot of unnecessary criticism as critics do not seem to like this film much. For me the story is not the best it could be but the animation and music in the film is very good, especially 'Why should I worry?' which is my favourite Disney song. Like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, I don't think this was an easy film to adapt but I think Disney did well with a vibrant film with good animation and music and characters that are all appealing and funny. If it were not for the story being slightly lacking I would give the film 10/10 but it is my regret that I must give it 9/10. Still my personal favourite Disney film though. :)
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Best Movie for anyone
BlakeAllen199220 March 2012
This is the best movie ever I know this cause when I was just a little kid I watched everyday on the week son I knew the lines at a young age and yes I loved Dodger but everyone was awesome in that movie.A kitten hanging out with dogs now that is touching real life there I have seen kittens hang out it dogs all the time when I film my versions of the movie but nothing comes close to this master piece.Not only is it great movie but it also plucks the heart strings if you can me drift real right there.It beats out Godzilla for my all time favorite movie I mean BILLY JOEL was in it the single greatest artist playing the single greatest character not even in the big name movie do u get this kind of show this movie deserved more awards like best picture of all time none can compare.
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A delightful and underrated Disney classic
lpdreamweaver948 March 2012
Truth be told, Oliver & Company isn't one of Walt Disney Studio's most compelling titles, but it's still plenty of fun. It has a wonderful soundtrack featuring great talents such as Billy Joel, Bette Midler, Huey Lewis, and Ruth Pointer. All of the musical numbers in the film are well-staged, nicely animated, and have fun tunes to carry them along. "Why Should I Worry?", Billy Joel's song and the film's show-stopper of sorts, is the most popular. While I like that song a lot, my personal favorites are "Once Upon a Time in New York City", the opening song sung by Huey Lewis, and "Perfect Isn't Easy", Bette Milder's song to go along with the character she voices: Georgette, a spoiled poodle.

The story itself isn't quite as strong as it could've been (which is why I award the movie an eight as opposed to a nine or a ten), but it still offers a lot of sweet, charming, heart-filled, and suspenseful moments. The characters also aren't *all* the way there, but they're still good as they are, and their voice actors do their jobs well. Each character has traits that make them appealing, even if they aren't the strongest characters in the Disney canon.

I'll end by saying that Oliver & Company is a very enjoyable Disney feature. Children will certainly be entertained by it, especially if they love cats, dogs, and fun musical numbers. Adults can enjoy it too if they appreciate the worlds of animation and Disney enough. Because of the film's level of fun and charm, I give it an eight. If the story and characters had been even better, I would've given it a nine or a ten.
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One of the best animated movies
herychang3 February 2012
I remember watching this movie when i was a little girl i loved it (L) it was unique, fun, and the soundtrack was great me and my sister would always sing "why should i worry" every time

So, i don't know why i wanted to start watching my childhood movies again so i started with "oliver and company". And i still love it Disney should make more movies like this Great soundtrack, fun, with a moral in the ending I give 10 to this movie cause it made me want to watch it over and over again

People compare this movie with "All dogs go to heaven" in my opinion I liked "Oliver and company" better because of the soundtrack and it had more action The characters are funny, especially the little chihuahua

Kids of this generation should watch this kind of movies instead I bet they will love it
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The Twist Put In The Title Of Its Original Source.
Dawalk-127 December 2011
At the time, I didn't know that this film is supposed to be loosely based on Oliver Twist, but this take on it puts the twist in Oliver Twist. And I remembered that this is another Disney animated flick that didn't see the light of day on VHS (or any other home media, for that matter) for almost a decade. I didn't see the original theatrical release, but I caught the re- release. And I loved it. I love how this is one of the few movies of which the studio/company made it semi-adaptation/semi-original.

One of the things I love about it is the song "Why Should I Worry", among others featured in this, which is one of my favorite Disney tunes. I find the set-up of this version taking place in then modern times, which made up the same era that this was made (late 1980s) interesting, possibly, simply because it was interesting that something different was done. There were even some real world ads featured on billboards that made it into this and were referenced. And the fact that the main cast are dogs and a kitten.

The Oliver in this remake is a tabby kitten who is the last in a box of abandoned kittens to be eventually adopted. The first dog he meets is the streetwise Dodger, who attempts to lose him after dropping their brief partnership. Oliver follows him to an old barge, which is his home, as well as the other dogs (Francis, Einstein, Rita and Tito) and their owner (Fagin)'s home. Oliver only stays with them briefly, as Fagin is deep in debt to a loan shark dealer named Sykes, who warns him he has three days to come up with the money he owes him or else face the consequences. When Fagin and the pets head out the next day, Oliver is soon discovered by a girl named Jenny, who wants to adopt him and he's taken into her home. After the other dogs come to what they thought was his aid, Oliver misses her and his new home, and wants to go back there. Dodger bitterly lets him do as he requests but before Oliver can return, Fagin finds him and decides to use him as ransom, as a desperate attempt to make the amount of money he needs to pay off Sykes. But once he finds out that it's Jenny who's looking for the tabby with her poodle, Georgette, he decides to do the right thing and give him back to her. Suddenly, there's trouble when Sykes arrives and kidnaps Jenny after learning that she comes from a wealthy family. So it's up to the dogs to come to her salvation. How will they ever manage to succeed in the rescue and will they come through for her?

Not only did I see this, but I had the Disney read-along and the book adaptation as part of the Disney Classics Series by Mouse Works Books. Again, what I love about this are the aforementioned reasons above. This is one of the Disney features that are the closest to doing something fully original (other than Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Lilo & Stitch, Brother Bear and Home On The Range). The first song included in this that I mentioned is my favorite is one reason why all who haven't seen it should check it out when they can. That's a great part of the soundtrack and the best.
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One of Disney's weakest animated films
Foux_du_Fafa30 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have nostalgic memory of watching the original trailer for "Oliver and Company" a lot as it was on the British VHS of "Sleeping Beauty", one of the first videocassettes we ever had. This made me interested in the film as a child, even though I only got to see it many years later. As an adult, however, "Oliver and Company" seems a bit of an enigma. Made during a period when the whole Disney company was back on the up after a slump in the early to mid 80s, it's surprisingly one of Disney's weakest animated films from the main animation division, greatly paling in comparison to the likes of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "The Little Mermaid". Reimagining the story of "Oliver Twist" with cats and dogs is a bit of a far-fetched idea, and taking a long, rambling Victorian epic and turning it into a fun-filled adventure with cuddly cats and dogs in New York doesn't really work. The characters are cloying, and the desperate urge to be contemporary results in a film that ends up being truly dated. Some of the songs are fine enough, while others are embarrassing (especially Bette Midler's number "Perfect Isn't Easy", penned by Barry Manilow). Equally, the film feels very disjointed in tone. It starts off as a comical urban romp but in the last act suddenly turns into a dark story of kidnapping child characters. There may be a happy ending, but overall, the turn of events just seems inappropriate even for a film studio renowned for specialising in mild peril for children. It might be worth a watch if you're a serious Disney aficionado and want to watch all 50 plus animated features, but for anyone else, I wouldn't recommend it.
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Cute, adorable kitten. Bad film
rebeljenn25 February 2006
I was left disappointed after watching this film in the cinema when I was nine/ten years of age. I had bugged my parents to see it, as I loved anything that had to do with cats. The cartoon Oliver the kitten looked adorable, orange, with soft, large eyes. The hero could not have been cuter. The sidekick dog Dodger could not have looked more cooler. Even the little girl shared my name, so he film could not appear anymore better to me until I actually saw it. The film was dull and unengaging. The story seemed pointless. Some of the characters were just too annoying, and as a nine or ten-year-old, I was actually bored. I think my mother even resented taking us to watch the film because she was bored too. This was one of the first times that I actually felt disappointed in my childhood. Cute, adorable kitten. Bad film.
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