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  • Inspired by Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist". A homeless kitten named Oliver, roams the streets of New York, where he is taken in by a gang of homeless mutts who survive by stealing from others. During one of these criminal acts, Oliver meets a wealthy young girl named Jenny Foxworth. This meeting will forever change his life.

  • A young cat named Oliver is left alone in a kitten box, while all the other young cats have new owners. A big dog named Dodger shows him how to get food and later Oliver lives with him, his owner Fagin and Fagin's other dogs Tito, Rita, Einstein, and Francis. Fagin has one problem besides being broke he owes a nasty man named Sykes a lot of money. If he can't pay it back he's in big trouble. While Oliver runs into a little girl named Jenny who becomes his new owner which he is happy with and later Sykes sees Jenny as the key for him to get his money.

  • A lost and alone kitten joins a gang of dogs engaged in petty larceny in New York City.


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  • The film starts with the song called"once upon a time in new York city".Where the kittens including oliver were getting picked by humans....But nobody wants this orange tangy kitten.So oliver trying to survive the rain and slept under the wheel hood.yes on the wheel.fortunatley,It woken up by the engine turn on.Now hes hungry and trys to get food.1st try at the hot dog stand....But he failed to get the hot dogs.Then screen switch to a white four leg animal walking besides the cars.This animal turn out to be a white brown spotted dog name dodger.He notice the fight between the orange cat and hot dog stand owner.And decides to help him to get the hotdogs.But dodger is not the dog that shares with other species.So oliver try to steal the hotdogs from him.But constantly fails.As the music ends,The screen goes over to the dog gang begging for food.But dodger came and brought hotdogs that he got from helping oliver.The screen switched to oliver which hes above the dog gang hideout at fagins(dog owner).Then he fell and startled the dogs.They thaught it was an alien.But it was a orange tabby cat.They ask whys hes here and he told them that he followed this dog and it was dodger who he followed.So the dogs are ok with it.Then fagin arrived with dog food.They rushed on him and loving him until he heared the honk from sykes.Then two black/brown dogs arrived.What did sykes want from him?money.But due to lack of money,Skykes trys to kill him by chocking him on the window.But sykes decides to give him another chance.So he has 3 days to come up the money or hes dead.Then he fell into the river and came back to his hideout.And he noticed the cat that caused the noise.Then he reads a book with them including oliver.next day,He took his dogs out on the streets to look or make cash.They first sing to the song and they found their first attempt:jennys car.But it went unsuccessful when tito try cutting the red cord and oliver accidently turn the key on key ignition.Causing tito to burn up badly and oliver trapped in the car.they use their time to rescue oliver.meanwhile,Jenny takes in oliver and decides to keep him.But theres one person or animal who doesn't like cats:gorgette.Then jennys uncle or whoever he is wakes her up.Gorgette reveals to be a white poodle dog.And sings to the next song.Then founds the cat and freaks out.Eating out of her bowl.Then jenny comes in and introduces oliver to her.But gorgette doesn't like him.Then plays with her on the piano while she does piano lessons.Going into the next song.They go to the central park and buys oliver stuff as the song goes on.After the song,the dogs are next infront of jennys house.setting up a plan to rescue oliver.Their plan worked.They get gorgette to help them rescue oliver.And she excitingly agrees.Then they took Oliver back to their hideout.But he didn't wanna stay and wants to stay at jennys.But he didn't want to hurt the dogs feelings.But dodger lets him go.But as oliver leaves,Fagin picks him up.Fagin Find out where hes from.He then got an ideal for money.The ideal is hes pretending to be a catnapper.Meanwhile jenny couldn't find oliver.and gorgette throw his bowl into the garbage.She then found the letter and it says that he kidnap oliver.But it doesn't say his name.Then she found the map.And decides to find him.Meanwhile,Fagin goes inside sykes place and trys to tell him the ideal.But he founds out that fagin didn't got the money and orders the dogs to attack Dodger.Then sykes stops the dogs and sykes gaves him a final chance.Meanwhile,Jenny got lost and cant find him.And fagin waiting for her right now.Then she arrives.Pretending to be a rescuer.He finds the cat inside the box.But sykes kidnaps her.And the dogs,Fagin and Oliver goes after sykes to rescue her.They set up a plan to rescue her and it worked.But they now getting chased by sykes.Oliver and jenny ramdomly gets captured.And fagin trys to keep them in.But they don't have a lot of time because they are on train tracks and theres a train coming after them.They got on the rope above the tracks.And sykes crashed into the train killing him.Next day,Fagin,The dogs and oliver went to jennys house to celebrate her birthday.Gorgette is finally getting used to oliver and tito.But tito loves being with the dogs then her.Telling him to come back.But still refuses.Jenny keeps oliver while fagin and the dogs goes back.Then the 2nd song plays.Then the credits roll.

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