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a movie made the way more should be
laszlozoltan24 August 2000
unpretentious and unassuming, you may easily miss seeing this movie for one that is. but don't. stick around for a bit and be drawn in to this movie. it ebbs and flows into an unusual panorama that makes a story good. it is like your favorite short story, basically a small chapter in a book of life; what happens before or after is inconsequential. this movie is one i remember years after i saw it, perhaps so shall you.
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Great, funny movie
stephanotis32310 June 2002
I am suprised not alot of people have seen this, it is a great movie. Peter Bergs earliest role, he is great in it, and it is a great funny movie. Some great moments that really stick in your memory. I saw this a few years ago. One of my favorite parts are the delusion parts.
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...And then along came Tuesday. (spoilers)
Pepper Anne6 September 2005
'Never on Tuesday' is an obviously low budget comedy/drama, but one that is done very simply and very well. Fans of obscure 80s comedies/dramas really ought to try this one if you. The theme is comparable to the Breakfast Club, the simplicity comparable to A Trip to Bountiful.

Here, two guys from Ohio, Eddie (Peter Berg in his feature film debut) and Matt, take a road trip to California. Initially shallow characters (these movies are always about character/personality dynamics), Eddie promises Matt that the West Coast is the land of milk and honeys, meaning they are naively expecting to fulfill their fantasies of easy bleach blonde beach bunnies. And then along came Tuesday...

That is, a beautiful young photographer who haphazardly becomes stranded in the desert when she becomes involved in a car wreck with Eddie and Matt. Tuesday is a fairly head-strong, no-nonsense woman. And, much to both Eddie and Matt's surprise, she is a lesbian (they're surprised because, at least according to Eddie, gorgeous women are not supposed to be lesbians). While they wait for days on in for some sensible help to arrive (witness the slew of cameos by familiar faces who play the strangest characters passing through here and there), they are forced to entertain each others company. And they're an unlikely mix of characters--Matt is often shy, Eddie, perhaps the most difficult to get used to is both exceedingly arrogant and shy and has pretty much one thing on his mind (sex...including sex with Tuesday, although he is not a terribly vile character), and Tuesday is pretty easy-going and down-to-earth. Like the characters of The Breakfast Club, their time together ebbs and flows in personal understandings. Sometimes they get along, sometimes not so much. But sure enough, there is a strong friendship brewing there and the characters gradually change.

As said before, it is quite a well done, simple little film that fans of obscure 80s fans are sure to enjoy (and the 80s are here aplenty in form and fashion). I was a little annoyed with Andrew Lauer's character only because the filmmakers might've gone too far with trying to establish him as the geek (and doing so in exceedingly stereotypical form). But overall, it is quite a pleasant film and the cast does a fine job.
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Exceptionally good film.
Trevoran7 June 1999
Great cast - Claudia Christian at her sexiest, Peter Berg at his dumbest and Andrew Lauer at his most endearing. A handful of surprise guest stars add to the fun. The desert location is fine and the soundtrack cleverly intertwined with the action. A must see..
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Another Rifkin classic!
AlWhite31 March 2000
This movie doesn't feature many Rifkin signatures - you won't see many of the classic shots so prominent in "Invisible Maniac" or "Detroit Rock City", but there are a couple 'fantasy" sequences that are definite Rifkin shots.

Beyond the Adam Rifkin appeal, the movie wasn't that bad. In fact, the main detraction is the cameos. There are three main ones and they are so obviously written in just to have a cameo that it ruins the flow of the movie. Charlie Sheen's is great, Nicolas Cage's is OK (although his appearance is worth the price of the movie).

The whole feel of the movie has that 80's sexuality to it - the would-be sexual adventurers discovering the true meaning of relationships.

It looks good (considering there's only one location in the whole film) and the soundtrack is not bad. It's an enjoyable bit of 80's cinema that's great for watching while you dust your room or something.

And it's a must for the Rifkin fan!
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One of the worst movies I've had to sit through
Fugitive White11 August 2013
I came across this movie seeing that Nicolas Cage has made a cameo, I decided to watch it since it was on netflix. This movie is one of the most boring "movies" I have ever watched. The characters are all goofy and unrealistic including the police and tow truck drivers. And it isn't in a good goofy kind of way but just pathetic and bothersome to watch. The storyline is predictable, the characters are dull, bad acting, bad writing, and everything along with it. The low budget makes this even worse. Keep away from this movie unless you want to come for the cameo appearances (Nicolas Cage & Charlie Sheen). Generously give it a 2/10 because of the cameos.
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one good movie.
gdpickels20 January 2001
The film was pretty good. It is nowhere near the potential the Adam Rifkin shows in his later works for instance Detroit rock city. Which was one of my favorite movies of all time. But this is One of Rifkin's first movies and he didn't really have much time to grow as a director or writer yet so all in all it was a funny and good film.
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