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The unmade Planet Of The Apes movies of the 1990s

Mark Harrison Aug 17, 2017

Anyone for monkey baseball? We examine the weird and wonderful unmade scripts of the Planet Of The Apes series

In 2006, screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were inspired by footage of domesticated chimpanzees who were unable to adjust to our lifestyles to write a sci-fi horror spec script that they called Genesis. Apparently, it was a while before the two of them realised that they were writing a Planet Of The Apes movie.

Their resultant pitch to 20th Century Fox led to 2011's Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, the excellent, emotional prequel/reboot of the franchise that led to 2014's Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and recent trilogy topper, War For The Planet Of The Apes. Together, the three films take Caesar from domestication to domination and have been huge critical and financial hits for the studio.

The development hell that plagued Fox's
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‘Psycho Cop Returns’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

Stars: Robert R. Shafer, Barbara Niven, Miles Dougal, Rod Sweitzer, Nick Vallelonga, Melanie Good, Julie Strain | Written by Dan Povenmire | Directed by Adam Rifkin (as Rif Coogan)

You know, it wasn’t until the release of Detroit Rock City that I realised that a) Adam Rifkin and Rif Coogan are one in the same; and b) just how many of Rifkin’s films I considered amongst my favourites at that time: Never on Tuesday, The Dark Backward, The Chase and, of course, Psycho Cop Returns. Mainly because they were films I remember renting on video (you couldn’t escape trailers for The Dark Backward back in the VHS era) and seeing on Sky’s movie channels in the days when you could be guaranteed to find an “obscure” film screening as filler between their big-name flicks!

Psycho Cop Returns came at a period in horror movie making, which also included
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10 Charlie Sheen Roast Jokes That Haven’t Been Made Yet

Comedy Central just announced that their next annual Roast will feature none other than 2011′s most ubiquitous tigerblooded human-shaped-chaos-factory, Charlie Sheen. I’m a big fan of all the Comedy Central Roasts, but this time, I’m legitimately concerned — seemingly every Charlie Sheen joke that could’ve ever possibly been made was already Tweeted seventy times in the past couple months, and if everyone’s already sick of “Winning” jokes now, I can’t imagine we’ll be back in the mood for them by the time September rolls around. Because there’s no Charlie Sheen jokes left, we’ve scoured the slightly more obscure corners of Charlie Sheen’s IMDb page to come up with this list of 10 Charlie Sheen Roast Jokes That Haven’t Been Made Yet: 1. Who could forget Charlie Sheen’s portrayal of “Peter” in the 1990 epic Courage Mountain? That movie was huger than Lisa Lampanelli’s vagina!
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Late Night Classics – The Invisible Maniac (Nsfw)

There are so many dignified things that I could do with the power of invisibility. Peace treaties could be forged and nuclear weapons could be dismantled, but where is the fun in that? The inner Benny Hill in me would rather look up girls skirts and hang out in a women’s locker room all day than try to be a philanthropist. The ladies might not want to hear that, but in some ways I am still a knuckledragger and I would not be able to resist that temptation.

There is a film that is like one of my wet dreams come true. A masturbatory classic of John Holmes-sized proportions that would make Mr. Skin blush. The movie I am speaking of is Adam Rifkin’s The Invisible Maniac, which is a loving throwback to H.G. Wells with a side order of libidinous imagery that will have you singing
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