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Although Being a Television Show, This Film Is An Excellent Comedy
Claudio Carvalho16 March 2004
Lorenzo (Chema Muñoz) is a market operator, who has just separated from his French wife. He is feeling very lonely, and his partner and friend decides to `bring him back to night life', going to nightclubs and meeting some women. However, this behavior does not fit with the personality of Lorenzo, and his friend shows him a place where he could buy an Asian wife after a trial period. Lorenzo gets enthusiastic with the idea, and brings a gorgeous woman, who does not speak Spanish, but is an excellent housekeeper, cook and lover. Lorenzo falls in love with her, and before they get married, he starts suspecting she has a lover. He decides to follow her, when many secrets are revealed. This comedy was the great surprise of yesterday night: it is excellent. A few days ago, I bough a VHS called `Casos da Vida Privada' just because of Antonio Banderas and Carmen Maura. Their pictures and names were on the cover, and I decided to try it. I saw the first good episode (`La Mujer Feliz') and I liked it. This `The Oriental Woman' is better than the other story. Although being a television show, the plot is very funny, the direction is great, and the cast, especially Chema Muñoz, is excellent. The doses of humor, drama and romance are perfect, and the plot is not corny. As previously referred, in Brazil, it was released on VHS, with the name 'Casos da Vida Privada: A Mulher Oriental' (`Cases of the Private Life: The Oriental Woman') together with a second episode, `La Mujer Feliz' (`The Happy Woman'). My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil):' Casos da Vida Privada: A Mulher Oriental' (` Cases of the Private Life: The Oriental Woman')
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