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an 80's cult road movie

Author: MARK from United Kingdom
4 July 2006

Like most people I saw this movie by accident. I then hunted down a copy on VHS and found it in a bargain bin at my local Blockbuster. This film gets better on repeat viewing. As a fan of road movies this film is an unappreciated little gem. Like other lost films of the 80's, like Miracle Mile, I hope a DVD will be released eventually. Why is it worth checking out? 1. It stars the late, great Chris Penn and 80's bad boy Adrian Pasdar, of another 80,s cult classic, Near Dark ,fame. 2. The sound track arranged by Sonic Youth, inc. tracks by Timbuk 3 and World Party, like any good road movie ,is excellent, e.g. Wild At Heart and Easy Rider. 3.What makes this different, unlike most road movies, is that it shows the America not of wonderful scenery and natural beauty but of ecological and economic decline during the era of Reagonomics. 4. The cinema-photography is extremely powerful, showing us a normally unseen side of the American landscape. 5.With its unsympathetic characters, on the road, looking for redemption in one form or another,the film is a nod to Easy Rider. But this being the 80's they travel by stealing cars or trucks, pass through ecological disaster areas and the goal of their quest is a beach babe in a surfing magazine. The possible reason for the film's disappearance? 1.Lori Singer. Lori Singer. Lori Singer.Oh ,dear remember her? a flaky character played by Miss Kooky 1988. 2. The wolf.This story thread just does not make any sense at all. All cult films must have some moments of imperfection. But for it's bravery in going against the grain in the era of Rambo it deserves some recognition.

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Rollercoaster Road Movie With An Eco Message

Author: Stevie G from United Kingdom
3 April 2001

First saw this movie many years ago as a rental. Feeling nostalgic and remembering it as an excellent film. After tracking down an ex-rental (never released as sell through in the UK) I sat down to rewatch. The story of rebellious youngsters who turn into environmental warriors although motives are rather dubious. Lori Singer is a total sex bomb in this film, Adrain Pasdar is very dark and moody and this is the best performance from Chris Penn in any film he has done. The scenery and cinematography is excellent and captures the non-apple pie side of America and the soundtrack fits the film perfectly. I'm waiting for a DVD release but for now if you have some time to kill I recommend this little known film for a thought provoking ride across America.

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Classic American road film...

Author: Quag7 from Tucson, AZ
22 January 1999

Tuck & Dar, on the edge of unemployment and poverty in a mining disaster town (Centralia, PA) hit the road, pick up Lori Singer on the way, get scalped in New Mexico, and lament the various environmental catastrophes on the way to the West Coast. The film features a superb soundtrack by Sonic Youth, World Party, and Timbuk 3. The film is replete with a type of post-industrial pessimism found in many relics of its era. Excellent moody cinematography and disturbed characters make it worth a watch.

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A different kind of look at Americana

Author: ProgShred from Long Beach, CA
31 August 2009

This is not just a road movie about two wild young men who are destined to go to California, who steal cars and everything else on their way to get there. It's not just a movie about Lori Singer being a hot looking, crazy chick. If you think it is, then you missed the real point of the movie. While those things are in the movie, they are the stories of a few, of many people, who have survived after seeing the decaying of their homes, brought on by industry and commerce.

The scenery shots are amazing to me as they show a real side of America that you will never see in any travel brochure. Almost every scenery shot was beautiful and flawed at the same time. The two towns that were evacuated are real. Times Beach MO. no longer exists, but the land that once was that town has since been cleaned up by the EPA, and is now a state park. The coal mine fire is still burning under Centralia PA. to this day.

I can't say that I fell in love with any of the characters in the movie. That might be it's main flaw, but I thought the part with the Lori Singer and the coyote was beautiful. It was in fact a coyote, not a wolf. It was, after all, in New Mexico.

Overall, I am glad I saved this movie on the Tivo. I almost didn't though, because I was expecting it to be a dumb party flick like "The Wild Side". I was very happy to find out that I was wrong.

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great sound track and location

Author: la di da from brooklyn, new york
11 October 1999

Made in USA i suppose is not for everybody. its simply about these two guys going cross country to of course California. listlessly, they drive through town after town until they bump into Lori Singer. she's a little crazy and i guess one of the better scenes of the the film is when she takes them to her house and they see the town she lives in and her mother...its not really a well deserved shock, but the film later becomes very interesting when their explorations leads to noble foolery.

Made in USA, takes you on a strange ride; although, it has its bumps and scratches, you will probably end up enjoying where you are dropped off.

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A made movie

Author: videorama-759-859391 from adelaide, australia
31 May 2015

I love this film every time I see it. I suspect too, it's been overlooked, and has a low profile existence in movie world. This unmissable film, has a style of it's own and at times, there are such beautiful moments. There's an underlying intention in the movie, crying out to be something more. Dar (Pasdar) and Tuck (Penn) are going mad in this little Pen smoke stack town. They are two wild and reckless guys, especially Dar, who has such a dangerous energy, Pasdar, such an awesome presence, giving such a mesmerizing performance by while Penn's pretty good too. Too, there's a deadly chemical pollutant in the air, Dioxide. They take off, headed for California, while hot wiring a few cars as transport. By chance, they meet a real wild one (Lori Singer) who joins them, where this lass is extra trouble, crazier than them. Later on, they pick up an Indian girl, and take her her back to the reservation. Another nice character touch. This 78 minute road movie, never dulls, and this road trip is every bit entertaining, I found, because of the all crazy stuff these very likable characters do. They even steal slices of pizza from laborers, in the early stage of this short running flick, that really does make it's point. It's one of the most enjoyable road movies I've seen, as one of the most potent. You find yourself pondering over what Penn and Pasdar's issues really are. Like I said, Pasdar's character is really intriguing. We really sympathize with our reckless duo, where Singer's performance can't go unnoticed, either. That sad music score is eerily engaging, as is the performances by our trio. Those surfer haircuts of the two, after running in a bit of trouble, on the reservation, are by far the most fu..ed up, I've ever seen, especially Penn's. Highly recommended film.

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"Wer're all dying, it's just the ride that counts"

Author: merklekranz from United States
3 February 2011

Very forgettable road movie, that wants to provide an ecological message, but the only message I received was how boring this film is. The words meandering, aimless, and pointless, immediately come to mind when describing "Made in USA". The late Chris Penn in an early role is why I picked this one up, but his performance cannot save what is essentially one long lesson in irresponsibility. Two out of work friends from Pennsylvania's coal cracking region, stealing cars on their way to California, is not enough to maintain interest. Like Centralia Pennsylvania, and Times Beach Illinois, which are prominently featured, the entire film is a slow death experience. Not recommended. - MERK

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Made in U.S.A. stand in 1986 Centralia, Pottsville and Ashland Pennsylvania

Author: drrbeck-1 from United States
28 July 2007

In 1986 the production company for the movie had try outs for extras and stand ins. I had the great privilege to be Frank Beddors stand in for the movie. Who is Frank Beddor you ask? Tuck and Dar drove an older car and for the life of me I can't remember off hand what is is. But they had a couple of run ins with a rich kid(played by Frank Beddor as "Bud") Frank drove a 1987 Red Pontiac Firebird, with the Pennsylvania Registration plate "GOBUDGO" on it. For some reason my friends "Bud" was completely absent from the movie! I was picked as Frank Beddors stand in due to a similar overall skin tone height and appearance etc.. My job was to be positioned where the camera was about to shoot, lighting set up etc... then have Frank Beddor be brought in to do the shot. Franks real life girlfriend at the time was Cindi Dietrich playing as his girlfriend in the movie. First of all Frank Beddor was an overall nice guy and readily said hello and had no problem talking to you. But his girlfriend? That was another story. She couldn't be bothered talking to someone from the area. I recall people saying Hi to her and she just literally snubbed her nose and never said hello back. Both Bud and Tuck and Dar had a race down Main St. Ashland with Tuck and Dar ultimately winning. Penn and Pasdar got out of their car, popped out his T tops of the Firebird and Pasdar said I quote "What'll it be Bud, your pussy or your pink slip?" He hesitated for a few seconds causing Buds girlfriend to leave the Firebird in a huff. Awesome stuff if it would have been in the movie. A little trivia here: The leather jacket worn by Christopher Penn in the beginning of the movie belonged to his friend, according to Chris, died in his arms. It was stolen somewhere in Ashland and I believe when someone sneaked in his trailer. I got to drink a little with Chris and Adrian at one point during a lull in the filming. Nice guys for real. The movie gets a 5 because of the unsteady story line and the removal of Bud.

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extremely flawed

Author: bgbacardi from Austin, TX
15 February 2006

This film is pretty dismissible because of its inane plotting and its dazed direction. Leads Adrian Pasdar and Chris Penn are pleasing to the eye, but there's not just not much to do with their characters, who lack any motivation for their puzzling criminal behavior. The movie's two draws are its striking locations and Lori Singer. Probably intended to be illustrative of the conservationist theme barely recognizable in the final cut, MADE IN USA treks through a number of shots of human civilization in decay, including a town poisoned by dioxide in Illinios and an old mining city in Pennsylvania. Taken in this respect, the film could possibly be enjoyed as a moody travelogue. Lori Singer brings life to her misfit vixen, an even greater enigma than her two brutish companions. MADE IN USA, complete with its insipid title, is like many a forgotten movie - strangely intriguing, but a complete mess in retrospect.

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Author: helfeleather
6 December 2002

Adrian Pasdar and Chris Penn look hot in matching boots, jeans and black leather jackets. They go on a road trip, picking up nutter Lori Singer, a Navajo woman and a wounded wolf en route, as you would. Their trip to California turns into a crusade. They fight injustice and environmental degradation. By robbing convenience stores and stealing motor vehicles, of course.

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