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Typical romantic comedy, fans of the genre may want to try
Amy Adler18 May 2004
Casey Harris (Claudia Christian) works for her corporate bigwig father (Adam West). After delighting her dad with some good business proposals, the young and beautiful Casey is promoted to vice president of the company. However, now that her professional future looks bright, she finds that her father is trying to arrange her personal life as well. Mr. Harris introduces his daughter to a rising businessman named Randolph, who is good-looking and dull. While Casey finds him nice enough, she accidentally meets two other intriguing males on her own. One is a struggling musician, the other a professional football player. Who will capture Casey's heart? And, will her father approve?

This is a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy. The performers are quite attractive but display no noteworthy acting abilities. The plot is predictable and the writing is hardly Shakespearean. Yet, fans of this genre, yearning for something new, might want to give it a try. For these romantic folks, love stories never get old.
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Too Bland To Have Value.
rsoonsa31 March 2006
While watching this generally foolish film, one is apt to recognize that every element of the storyline has been done before, and done better, since it is not merely weakly produced by its writer/director, but its gauzy plot and cardboard characters offer no redeeming qualities in return, certainly not laughter from an alleged comedy. Action begins as wealthy poolside lounging Edward Harris (Adam West) addresses the camera (often a sign of lack of originality to come), describing to viewers his spoiled daughter Cassandra, or "Casey" (Claudia Christian) upon whom he dotes, and her lack of commitment to a career of his choosing, and shortly thereafter we are shown the young woman at the wheel of her vintage convertible, flirting and otherwise appearing quite vapid. However, we are told that this can not be an accurate judgement of Casey, her father informing us that she is so brilliant that he is trying to manipulate her into taking over his corporation's public relations office, this prompted by her occasional acts of clever maneuvering displayed at the firm's board meetings, a corner of her sire's world in which she plainly has no interest at all. Instead of focusing upon the corporate world, Casey has an obvious desire to find a lover, and in a tedious series of silly sequences she is courted by three widely disparate types -- a rock musician-cum-waiter, a professional football player, and (her father's selection) an ambitious yuppie, while her best friend Renee (Shari Shattuck) is available and highly willing to accept those whom Casey discards. To the average non-comatose viewer, it could not matter less which of the trio Casey chooses, since all of the film's characters lack appeal, and a majority of scenes are so trite as to be utterly forgettable, with Shattuck, an able actress, working herself into an overwrought state with her silly part as a temptress on the prowl. One will have no trouble in scrubbing off the memory of this trivial nougat with its artless attempts at humour that are simply vulgarity, and puerile exuberance by the players, Christian sheepishly grinning through much of it and probably marvelling as to why she took on the assignment for this poorly scripted, directed, acted and edited film.
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Straight to Cable better than it should be
trudylyn29 May 2005
This mid-80's bit of fluff is surprisingly better than one would expect. The cast is full of "oh, look dear, it's old whats-his-face!" actors. The music is much better than one would expect, particularly the "live" bits. The locations are fascinating to those who are into such things. One set is apparently the same one used in later episodes of the "Highlander" TV series. Claudia Christian has some supremely shining moments in this thing, despite the fact that she seems way too intelligent, too mature and too real to engage in such mindless shenanigans.

All in all, it's an afternoon's diversion that won't leave a bad taste in your mouth.
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A question about this show
amcfan8412 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen this show in passing and personally it just doesn't strike me as all that interesting. I mean, it's not horrible but I've seen better. Some scenes here and there weren't bad. Haven't seen enough of it. This is not my question here, but it does cross my mind. Who would name a child Mabel, much less Mabel Buchman. My question is this. I have read somewhere that Paul and Jamie get a divorce at the end of the series. Is that true? I know not all relationships are perfect. Still, that seems like an odd ending. So anyway I was just wondering if and why that happened. I really have nothing else to say here :) Thanks for responses.
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Excellent Excellent Movie
Dee Marie23 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie might be a little cheesy for some but it doesn't get nearly as much credit as it should. Its funny,its romantic & it has a happy ending. Joseph Gian is incredible in the movie & his singer is amazing. I really feel that this movie should be aired more often instead of your typical shoot to kill gang movies.Everything was great from beginning to end. Claudia & Joseph really made this movie into a beautiful fairytale. Adam west plays a great part as a single parent who is protective of his daughter. The middle of the movie gets really cute when "Casey" has the 2 dates in one night. Im really happy she chose someone that loves her for her & not for her money. Im really surprised that I haven't seen Joseph Gian anymore in the movie industry. I do hope he is doing well & is still singing.
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