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Excellent little-known Canadian B-horror movie
eurimatic3 November 2004
I used to watch this little-known Canadian b-horror movie on Frighnight Theater with Whitey Gleason. He said he enjoyed the film because its main special effects artist worked on "The Fly". In the film, a young teenager named Amy loses her mother to a tragic car crash. Her mother was on her way to visit Amy's aunt, who was a fashion model. Soon after the funeral, the aunt moves in with Amy's widowed father and, besides hooking up with the father and brainwashing him, begins using voodoo magic to kill off Amy's friends. She intends to isolate Amy so she can transfer a snake-like voodoo vampire creature out of her body into Amy's. Apparently the aunt and the snake thing will die if she has the creature in her too long. There is a great b-horror movie death scene at the end, complete with exploding propane tanks, wet fighting women, and a snake in the pool :)
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Entertaining Time Waster
robert haynes6 July 2013
It's 2013, and there's a distinct lack of originality in the horror field at present, what with all the remakes, reboots or re-imaginings.

The Kiss is by no means a classic of the genre but it is a fun way to kill 90 minutes and (shock! horror!) it's original. The ever wonderful Meredith Salenger here is pitch perfect in the lead. (Why she isn't working more is beyond me)

Joanna Pacula is also fabulous as the villainess of the piece. She's sexy, bitchy and suitably over the top. The film has its flaws; namely a god awful puppet kitty scare, but on the whole it has the sleek polish of any 80's studio horror flick. Tri-Star had quite a good track record with horror back then.

Sure it's cheesy but at least it's fun. The Kiss also has some genuine suspense and some good gory thrills here and there.

Big hair, big scares, big effects and big performances make this one stand out a little more than it deserves to. Welcome back to the 80's...

A solid six of out ten.
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Decent for what it is
udar5522 January 2012
Amy (Meredith Salenger) finds her world turned upside down when her mother is killed in a freak accident. Soon her mother's estranged sister, fashion model Felice (Joanna Pacula), has moved in and begins working her way into the family, starting by seducing dad Jack (Nicholas Kilbertus). Naturally she has ulterior motives as she wants to pass on an ancient African curse via a slimy demon that must be passed from mouth-to-mouth. This Canadian chiller came out during a seemingly endless supply of evil demon women flicks (THE UNHOLY, NIGHT ANGEL, SPELLBINDER, THE GUARDIAN, SATAN'S PRINCESS) and does alright for what it is. You're not going to get a horror classic, but you do get bloody killings, a pulsating medical dummy, a drooling demon cat and Pacula performing rituals naked. The end is particularly over-the-top with the big showdown in the family's pool, complete with hedge trimmer stabbing and a barbecue propane tank flamethrower (only in the movies). Tri-Star barely released this in theaters in October 1988 in the United States, which is odd as they funded a special trailer for it that features a minute or so of "trailer only" footage.
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Little Out There But Entertaining
Firefly-2825 August 1999
This movie is about an evil enity passed down from generation to generation in an unfortunate family. It's an evil snake-like creature that controls the body ( if you've seen Jason Goes To Hell, it's similar to that ). The movie opens with two young sisters in Africa. One is leaving to Europe with her Aunt. During the ride, the Aunt passes the creature into her niece's body through a "kiss". 25 years later, the other sister has a husband and daughter named Amy ( Meredith Salenger from The Journey Of Natty Gan, and most recently Lake Placid ) who live in New York. The mother dies in an accident, and 5 months later the sister, Felice ( Joanna Pacula )shows up. Now Amy most protect herself before it's to late because Aunt Felice wants to give her a deadly kiss. It's better than it sounds. Meredith Salenger and Mimi Kuzyk ( she plays a friend of the family ) are very likeable in there roles and Joanna Pacula is good at being creepy. Favorite line : Amy : " I want some fritos, I want a f**kin' diet coke " ( after her Aunt has given her all this " healthy food " crap ).
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Fun Fun Fun Flick
Sburt4-125 April 2006
Pucker up and get ready to die. Teenager Amy (Meredith Salenger) just lost her mom to a freak accident. Her long lost Aunt Felice shows up five months after the death to help out. At First Amy is excited to meet Felice (Joanna Pacula) because she is a fashion model and seems hip. Then things get weird when strange accidents happen. There is a great escalator scene when Amy's friend Heather gets hurt.Amy and her dad start to fight over Felice's presence. Doesn't help that Amy's dad is sleeping with Felice. Amy tries to tell her dad and her neighbor Brenda(Mimi Kuzyk)but no one believes her that Felice had anything to do with the strange accidents. They think Amy just misses her mom. But Amy knows Felice has a secret. This is a fun film! Has a lot of gory scenes and a great cast. Mimi Kuzyk is great as Brenda who tries to help Amy.Watch it late at night with popcorn! It is sort of a supernatural reverse version of the Stepfather. I liked the soundtrack. It set the mood. death scenes are great. watch out for the worst puppet cat to ever grace the movies!
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Sexy and fast-moving; better than you'd think.
gridoon18 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
A surprisingly good little horror film. The direction and acting are clearly above average, the atmosphere is tense and subtly sexy, and Meredith Salenger is so beautiful that it's a wonder she never became a minor star. The film just gets a little silly in the end, when - possible spoiler - Pakula's witchcraft is reduced to an "Alien"-like mini-monster, but I guess that's to be expected when the special effects department is helmed by Chris Walas, the man who also designed "The Fly"! (**1/2)
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* * * out of 4.
brandonsites198129 May 2002
Amy's (Meredith Salenger) mother has just died in a freak automobile accident. To make matters worse, an almost unknown Aunt named Felica (Joanna Pacula) shows up and takes a fancy to Amy's dad. That's when all of Amy's friends start to meet gruesome ends and Amy starts to find voodoo spells and other assorted items in Felica's stuff. It seems Amy is the next in line to get a fatal kiss from Felica.

Fast paced, often exciting & scary film features a fun premise, solid direction, terrific effects, plenty of sexual energy & atmosphere. Meredith Salenger is appealing and Joanna Pacula is flawless in a tailor made role that plays up to her exotic beauty and mysterious appearance. However, poor supporting performances by Mimi Kuzyk & Nicholas Kilbertus nearly ruin it.

Rated R; Graphic Violence, Nudity, Sexual Situations, and Profanity.
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Great horror film with lovely Joanna Pacula.
HumanoidOfFlesh24 October 2005
Black magic,possession and bizarre deaths turn a normal family's life into a non-stop nightmare.The terror begins in the Belgian Congo,as an unsuspecting young girl named Felice boards a train for what will become a strange,supernatural voyage.Twenty-five years later,Felice,a sensuous fashion model,suddenly appears in New York to visit her teenage niece.Although Amy is excited to meet her aunt,the arrival of this mysterious relative strangely coincides with a gruesome series of violent deaths."The Kiss" by Pen Densham is a pretty decent horror flick.The acting is surprisingly good,the killings are creative and quite gruesome and the climax is reasonably effective,albeit a little bit goofy.Polish horror queen Joanna Pacula appears nude and looks incredibly hot.So if you like horror films with a sprinkle of eroticism give this one a look.8 out of 10.
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When auntie F. comes to town, there will surely be blood!
Coventry26 November 2007
"The Kiss" is actually just a rudimentary & simplistic witchcraft story about supernatural powers getting passed through the female members of the same bloodline, but director Densham neatly polishes up the concept with impressively explicit make-up effects (courtesy of Chris Walas' company), adequate supportive character drawings and atmospheric building up towards the death scenes. The story opens in the early 60's in the Belgian Congo, where two sisters become separated at the train station. The youngest one, Felice, is seriously ill but her aunt miraculously cures her by passing an alien-like creature into her body through a kiss. 25 years later the other sister tragically dies in a car accident, leaving behind a husband and a stunningly beautiful adolescent daughter named Amy. Aunt Felice shows up again (in the ravishingly matured version of Joanna Pacula) and quickly works her way into the family by seducing her widowed brother-in-law. Auntie Felice is clearly just interested in Amy's body as the host for the inheritable creature, and she won't hesitate to use violent voodoo tricks against anyone that stands between her and the young girl. "The Kiss" is one modest class above the majority of 80's witchcraft-movies, because it features a little more directorial flair and style. There's a continuously pleasing level of suspense and film is suitably gruesome, including images of people burning alive, losing body parts underneath trucks and getting strangled on escalators. Felice has an OTT grotesque wild cat assisting her to kill people and there's a bizarre (but macabre) montage showing Amy menstruating in class whilst her father makes love to the sinister aunt. That was quite an awkward moment, and I'm not entirely sure about the symbolic significance/importance of that sequence. In fact, there's quite a lot of sexual innuendo that appears to be a bit lost in the wholesome of the story. Anyway, the story grows increasingly sillier near the end, resulting in a highly implausible and chuckles-inducing finale. Meredith Salenger was truly adorable girl in the late 80's (and still a gorgeous woman today) and I severely regret the fact her career didn't skyrocketed after this film. Recommended to watch at least once, particularly if you appreciate feminine beauty and graphic gore.
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Decent enough witchcraft yarn
The_Void14 October 2007
Well, I didn't go into this film expecting anything great; I was really just hoping for a decent timewaster along the same lines as Wes Craven made for TV opus 'Summer of Fear', and that's more or less what I got; though it cant be said that this film isn't as good as Craven's. The film is a mix of two very basic and very common horror themes; namely, the insider who works their way into a family unit, and of course the idea of witchcraft. After the first fifteen minutes, I feared the worst because = the way that the plot is set up is very messy; and that's never a good sign in a simple film like this one! However, it soon settles down and once I got an idea of what to expect, I found that the film became easier to enjoy. The film starts with two sisters in 1963 that get split up. One of them goes off with a relative who passes onto her a strange curse via a kiss. We then cut to twenty five years later, and the other sister has died in a car accident; leaving her husband and daughter behind. Then onto the scene comes the cursed sister, who wants her niece to bear her curse...

It has to be said that this film could have been better if have handled by someone more adept, and if it had a better focus. The plot soon becomes predictable, and there are several things about it that don't make sense, and the film often veers off on a tangent with certain things that aren't really relevant. The Kiss seems to have taken a bit of influence from The Omen with regards to the way that the death scenes are carried out; mostly excessive and random, but also quite imaginative: the death scene on an escalator is well done...though the clues preceding it spoil the surprise. None of the characters are particularly interesting, which is a shame considering that the main one is a conniving witch. However, the film never becomes too boring. The special effects aren't over-used, but what we do get is generally quite realistic; the only exception to this rule being an aggressive cat, which looks like a stuffed toy. It all boils down to an exciting and explosive finale, which also happens to be the best ten minutes of the film. Overall, I won't be going round recommending this film to people; but there's worse ways to spend ninety minutes of your life.
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