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The $2 million budget went primarily on production costs. The clowns and visual effects were created almost entirely by the filmmakers at very little cost.
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The scene in which a car is thrown over a cliff was initially intended to be far more spectacular - the car was to fly over the cliff and crash down to the ground. Unfortunately, the sling rope snapped because effects crew members neglected to remove the stoppers from underneath the car's wheels. The result was what is seen in the final film, the car slowly tumbles over the edge and becomes caught on a tree.
The giant "King Klown" from the ending sequence, affectively called "Klownzilla" by the Chiodo brothers, was actually played by one of them (Charles Chiodo).
Horrorcore rap group, the Insane Clown Posse often sample quotes from this film in their music, most notably on their "The Wraith: Shangri-La" album.
Though not a hit when it was in theaters, the film has since become a cult classic and made revenue in action figures, DVDs, and t-shirts.
An early version of the restaurant scene was shot showing the Chiodo brothers sitting at a table in the background as extras.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The movie originally ended with the Terenzi brothers as the survivors of the exploding spaceship while Dave perished after killing the giant Klown, but since the executive needed a "upbeat ending" the Chiodo brothers filmed a second ending that is in all the versions where Dave and the Terenzi brothers survive the exploding spaceship by hiding in the "klown kar".
The scene where a Klown rams a car off the road and kills the driver was originally intended to be an opening prologue to the film, and the driver was to be the character Joe Lombardo. For this prologue there was also a scene shot where Joe and his date are kissing on a deserted dark road and after his date rejects him, he angrily drives off alone only to meet his demise with the Klown. However when it was decided to have an opening credit sequence be seen first, the kissing rejection scene ended up on the cutting room floor, and the car crash scene was placed at a later point in the film with the driver not being Joe Lombardo. He ended up being the name of a dead person that Mike and Debbie discover wrapped up in a cotton candy cocoon in the final version.

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