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Not that bad
danluttrell200215 September 2006
Not the best movie I've ever seen but a good coming of age comedy. Repeat comedy. Some people might not like this movie but I thought it was good. If you like movies in general and can deal or like the 1980's and early 1990's era movies you'll enjoy this.

If you like the Breakfast Club or any of the Brat Pack era movies you'll like this. It also has some good football scenes but only a few short ones so those that hate football can manage through them.

Basically this movie is about college recruiting of a star high school football quarterback. He struggles with the moral question of does he go to the flashy money schools or the one where he might get an education. In the mean time his family, coach and friends all fall victim to college recruiters.

Not a good movie for young children due to sexual overtones, drinking, etc. Men and women should both enjoy this movie.

My favorite scene is early in the movie with Johnny in his room playing the drums with the TV and stereo going. I could really relate to this scene from my high school years. I measure movies by the question of, would I be disappointed if I had paid $10 to see it at the movie theater. This one exceeds the grade. Enjoy.
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Fun 80's film, if you enjoy Hall and Downey, Jr having fun
wally_g2222 February 2006
One of my favs of all time. I enjoy it every time I watch it. No, it's not Oscar material, but it is fun. And it has Uma, who looks better in this movie than anything she has ever been in. If you looking for a serious movie dealing with college recruiting, then this is not for you..but it is entertaining to watch Downey and Hall act retarded, they're probably drunk the entire movie, but it is still fun..And Gleason is great as usual. He seems to still scenes in every movie he's in.. The strip club scene, which is cut out on TNT and comedy central is pretty good. Plus, it has a cameo by the punky QB..Lighten up. It's just a goofy 80's movie. Beside, Hall passed up on Farris Bueller and Full Metal Jacket for this..So it must be good, Right..
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Are We Supposed to Feel Sorry For This Jerk? (SPOILERS)
Pepper Anne2 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
There is so much wrong with Johnny Be Good, I can't believe there was one viewer that actually had something good to say about it. And I'm an idiot for having bought this garbage.

In short, the story goes like this. Senior football player is the highlight of recruiters all over, and they all want Johnny to play for their school. He spends time, though, going to two schools who promise the most crap--money, girls, beer, whatever he wants. His coach, on the other hand, is going to blackball him if Johnny doesn't go to the school that his coach tells him because he's expecting a coaching job out of it. Meanwhile, there's an NCAA investigation going on into recruitment procedures. Blah...blah...blah...Johnny realizes what a jerk he's been (in reality, I don't think a guy like that would ever say no to incredulous amounts of material pampering) and says no way. Then, he gets some sense. The end.

First of all, we have the lame story of some stud high school football player enjoying the cut throat recruitment of some hot shot colleges who promises every kind of material incentive to get him to go to school. Perhaps the film is making a valid point about the disgusting lengths colleges go to to get players on their team (a cost allocated to the rest of the students, no less). However, the movie, which plays out like a baffling unrealistic boyish fantasy of wild romps and beer busts, absorbs any sort of validity the story might have.

And my copy of the video is sure to notify viewers that more sexually suggestive footage had been added than was in the original release, like any of it is worth watching anyways.

Not only is the story boring watching Johnny Walker go from school to school to be pampered, but the "hero" of the story is unbearably obnoxious. It figures. Somewhere after his great performances in John Hughes's movies, Anthony Michael Hall seemed to turn into an unlikeable teenager, and one that never really looked like he enjoyed acting in any of the movies he was in (see Out of Bounds). Johnny Walker is some jerk kid who expects everyone to just fall in love with him. One of those characters where, no matter what he does, everything will work out his way. (Just look at the sequence where he takes revenge on his coach--what the hell are we supposed to make of that? Especially when everyone's attitude is so apathetic).

Robert Downey, Jr. is an even bigger waste, and also a confusion, babbling the most idiotic lines throughout the movie. He's hardly interesting, much less funny. And, Uma Thurman, who plays Johnny's girlfriend, Georgia, doesn't seem to get anything but crap from her boyfriend.

Johnny Walker epitomizes the kind of kids I hated in high school. Jocks who always got a free ride, and walked around with a holier than thou attitude like the rest of the world should kiss their feet because they knew how to toss around a football. And he's supposed to be our hero?

I can learn to like 80s teen trash, but this movie is just god awful.
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Great 80's Comedy
Yzerdan1615 February 2003
I don't know why there are so many bad comments from people about this movie, I laugh through the entire movie. Robert Downey Jr. gives one his funniest performances I have ever seen as Hall's sidekick oddball friend and Anthony Michael Hall is surprisingly good at playing the "super-jock" role. Paul Gleason, the principal from The Breakfast Club, is hilarious as the high school coach trying to get a college job and Uma Thurman isn't bad as Hall's girlfriend. The best parts of the movie happen when Hall and Downey Jr. are interacting, and the joke they play on Gleason when he is home is so funny. Don't take this movie seriously, it's not intended to have any deep theoretical meaning; it's just supposed to make you laugh.
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Underrated 80's comedy
stacekar13 June 2009
I'm surprised at the negativity. It's a great dumb comedy with a tiny bit of morality thrown in. The recruitment tactics may not be an exaggeration of reality - trying to schmooze the all-American QB.

How is it possible that Yes Man averages a 7 out of 10 and this movie is a 4.? Yes Man was barely watchable.

The cast was perfect and the movie probably wouldn't have worked without them. Robert Downey Jr.'s character is so disturbed and hilarious. It seems to be a carryover from his role in Back to School. Which is another great 80's comedy. Uma Thurman is so cute in one of her first acting roles. Paul Gleason plays is a-hole character to perfection.

Maybe I am just old enough to still love the John Hughes-style high school comedies of the 1980's. This isn't the best of breed, but definitely worth enjoying.
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Very good comedy movie
utahman197112 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Its a little slapstick, but very good. Not perfect acting, but great movie. I have seen the Theater version PG-13, and the Video Rated R version. The theater one is just a cut scenes of the rated R version. It is about a high school quarterback that is very popular, and excellent at playing football in high school. He gets swamped of college recruiters trying to recruit him to play for them. It only shows him going to two colleges though.

While he is ditching his high school coach of visiting the colleges that the coach wants to be hired on as a coach for that college, Johnny is visiting other colleges. Johnny finds out that the coach made a deal with a college without his knowledge, and Johnny gets back at him. I say people that don't like this are either younger than the time that it was release or old, and hate football movies. Either way why did you rent or buy it then if you don't like those kind of movies? It is your fault, not anyone else.

I say watch this movie, but if your in those categories above said, then look elsewhere.
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A comedy with some heart and a good message but gets hung up on frivolities
Life lessons are not always the most prevalent in coming of age genre films. Sometimes they're real obvious, while others are more obscure and look to have their viewers find the deeper meaning themselves. It's also hard to say how significant a coming of age film can be when it is a Rated R comedy. Some have worked brilliantly - The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) is one. This on the other hand is a strange mix of elements that plays its cards right in some respects, while at other moments it's questionable to what the crew was thinking here. This is the story of Johnny Walker (Anthony Michael Hall), a high school athlete who has quite a fan club. After winning the last football game of the season (by cheating no less), Walker is approached by recruiter upon recruiter to play for their college team.

There are also other people who want Johnny to go with their opinion. Wayne Hisler (Paul Gleason), the high school coach wants him to attend a college of his choice so he can acquire special benefits and he'll do anything to make sure it happens. Johnny's mom and grandpa want him to get an education more than a sports scholarship and his girlfriend Georgia (Uma Thurman) wants him to attend State with her. So many opinions, which one will he choose?! Well, Johnny ends up attending mostly all of their open houses. This ends up having him being bribed with things that seem almost unrealistic or things that have nothing to do with getting an education or playing football. Of course fame grants several of these things but at a high school level? The kid and his team didn't even play fairly winning the last game so how does that even qualify? Are the refs that blind?

Plus, what's even more shocking is to how this production was able to gather now famous actors when they were starting off and the chemistry feels almost nonexistent. And, the screenplay was completed by three writers, all of which worked on Revenge of the Nerds (1984). How is that barely any charm are given to these characters? There are only a couple of moments that Johnny goes through that actually develop him as a character. Other than that he's placed in silly events that should trigger his conscience saying he shouldn't be there. The best parts of the film are when Johnny's family is on screen. Somehow they seem to have the best lines and character arcs. My favorite family member was the grandfather (George Hall). Such a nice old man.

Uma Thurman's character has a very typical character arc, loves her boyfriend - finds him as a jerk briefly - then resorts back to him. Possibly the strangest of all is Robert Downey Jr.'s character. Either he tries too hard to be funny or his jokes don't make any sense. It's baffling, I guess Downey Jr. didn't realize how much funnier he is when he says his lines deadpan than actually trying to be comical. Fans might also get a kick out of actor Marshal Bell's performance as Uma Thurman's dad, also the chief of police. He has some funny one liners at times too. All right enough of the characters. Jay Ferguson's music to the film is appropriately set but doesn't have anything to remember about it. Was it a comedy that had laughs galore? Not so much. Does it feel like a coming of age movie? Not really.

The cast contains famous actors of today in their youth and has a moral somewhere in its story but its delivery is overshadowed by hit and miss comedy. Much of the events that take place feel impossible too, decreasing its believability.
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Almost the worst...
jomidi18 December 2003
I'm astounded that anyone has anything positive to say about this thing. It's almost the worst movie I've ever seen (Doom Generation still holds the title for me). This thing has nothing going for it. The storyline doesn't progress, it bounces all over the place. I'm not even sure the scenes were put together in the correct order. Johnny's above the recruitment tactics, then he's suckered by them, then he's above them, and then he's falling for them again. Nothing seems to follow from what comes immediately before it. It's a mess.

If any gag in the thing were funny, I wouldn't mind the fact that it's a very poorly made movie, but there's not a laugh to be found in it. It's garbage. Precious few movies can claim to be worse.
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Well, I finally made it all the way through this garbage
Jordan_Haelend24 July 2005
Well, I did it. I had heard about how bad this movie was and I went down to the Borders Books & Music and bought it. After having turned it on and shut it off on at least 10 successive occasions, I finally made it to the end tonight. You see, every time I fired it up I thought, "The rest of it can't possibly be as awful as the part I just watched. They can't possibly insult the viewer's intelligence any more than they have." The filmmakers proved me wrong each time.

The script was clunky, the photography is badly framed and poorly shot, and much of the film just doesn't make any sense. Also, there isn't a single sequence the conclusion of which you can't see coming from a mile away- come on, of COURSE Johhny's "side" was going to win the impromptu football game when he has one hand shackled behind his back- and his girl is the prize! And Johnny Walker strutting down the Main street of his staid, middle-American town dressed like he's on his way to a Gay bar on Cowboy Night?! How ELSE would his straight-laced family react than with shock, indignation and disgust? As to the actors, Uma is lovely, Downey is Downey (and I admit is pretty good in his standard hopped-up sidekick role, especially in the motel scenes,) but Hall seems completely uninterested in what he's doing. He really acts as if he didn't really want to do this film, in spite of the fact that he DID want a vehicle that would break his Brat Pack Geek-in-Chief image. I felt sorry for him. He was really cute, but that was it. His character, Johnny Walker, speaks to a crowd of having embarrassed himself towards the end of the picture. To me, it seemed that Hall delivered those lines with utter conviction, and I'm not surprised. If this were on my resume, I'd deny it. Hall has, of course, gone on to a viable and even admirable career. I guess it's really true that you can't keep a good man down, even if he makes such a potentially suicidal career choice as this film. It's a testament to the man's drive and determination to succeed that he left trash like this far behind him and kept working.

Another gripe I have: screenwriters Zacharias and Buhai wrote the original "Revenge of the Nerds," so they ought to have known what would work in a Youth comedy. Apparently they forgot.

The two worst aspects of this film, however, were these: first, it was unbelievably boring (and a bad movie that is boring is the worst bad movie of all); secondly, the lampooning of corruption in collegiate football is a viable topic and it could have worked if the script had been decent, the story been told in a logically plotted arc, Bud Smith hadn't directed and Hall had acted like he cared (and not mumbled his lines as if he were auditioning for the first time at a Junior High School's offering of Romeo and Juliet.) I give this ludicrous waste of my time a 1.
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Just Awful
Bneidl30 July 2003
Honestly, this is probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's certainly one of the least-competently made studio releases ever. There are entire scenes in this movie in which the sound is so poorly handled that you can barely hear what characters are saying. This isn't helped by Anthony Michael Hall's decision to mumble all of his lines. He seemed very unenthusiastic about this role--like he could barely work up the energy even to say the words.

There is a scene in the film in which Hall's character and some friends have an impromptu football game on his girlfriend's front lawn, against her father (who hates Hall for some reason that is never explained) and some other boobs, that is so badly edited that you simply cannot tell what is happening. Characters come in and out of that scene without rhyme or reason--continuity errors abound. There are also many scenes in which weird dialog was looped in during post-production to bridge awkward narrative gaps. This is a sure sign that the director didn't really know what he was doing, and just failed to capture footage that made sense on its own.

Also, Robert Downey, Jr. is unbelievably obnoxious in this movie. I mean really disgusting.
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The worst of all films
blackcircles27 April 2000
Despite the presence of Robert Downey Jr. and Uma Thurman, this could very well be the worst movie I have ever seen. (It's a toss-up between this and Mixed Nuts). It embodies everything that was wrong with movies during the 80s, the worst decade for cinema ever. MTV film technique, vapid scripts, no story depth, cornball happy endings and the typical, irresponsible "Let's pander to teens by portraying the parents as wrong when they're really not all wrong" attitude. I hate this movie.
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One good scene in a sea of mediocrity
stills-68 October 1999
There is one good scene in this movie, and it's pretty good. Anthony Michael Hall has just been on a recruitment tour of private colleges who want to give him football scholarships and he has come back to his hometown to negotiate a deal with the athletic director of a public university. The interplay between the two, especially the unspoken lines, is done beautifully.

Other than that, this is a pretty standard (sub-standard) teen flick posing as a cautionary tale. I think this movie wanted to be a comedic version of "All the Right Moves", but didn't have the guts to tell a real story.
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Good ol' boy comedy tailor-made for the emotionally-stunted...
moonspinner5527 July 2011
Dreadful would-be vehicle for Anthony Michael Hall has a high school football star--unable to decide where he wants to play college ball--catered to by slavering University recruiters, each of whom are offering the kid a lucrative scholarship. What makes this young man so incredibly special? Judging from Hall's extra-bland demeanor, he certainly isn't capable of arousing a large crowd with his enthusiasm for the sport. The three screenwriters (who also served as co-producers!) do charmless work; they cannot wait to get the leading character out of town in order to incorporate wild parties and strip-joints into the mix. The raunch is most likely what sold the movie to Orion Pictures, who were obviously hoping to tap into the then-popular John Hughes market (the company later added more sex to the home-video version after the film did modest business in theaters). Unfortunately, writers Steve Zacharias, Jeff Buhai, and David Obst show absolutely none of Hughes' comic sensibility or sensitivity, and director Bud Smith directs with a leaden touch. True to form in '80s teen flicks, all the adults are ignorant, money-grubbing whores while our well-scrubbed hero stands head-and-shoulders above the chaos. Sports announcer Howard Cosell and real-life athletes make cameos, Uma Thurman is attractive in one of her earliest roles, but Hall and smutty buddy Robert Downey Jr. are one-dimensional. * from ****
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This is the WORST
shiznit23 September 1999
movie that i have ever seen in my life, besides BMX Bandits and Jaws: The Revenge. I don't even think it's worth commenting further, but I have to. Are we to believe that the guy from the Breakfast Club's scrawny ass would even MAKE a high school football team, much less be a star? Oh, and the colleges offering cars and stuff it is just horrible.
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Johnny Be Poo: D
ptb-83 February 2009
A catatonic-ally awful jock-ball pic form the late 80s seems to have been made as a vanity project by some BOOGIE NIGHTS style producers clearly in love with the cute twink looks of Anthiony Michael Hall. He is very desired apparently but all his charm and HOME ALONE star style looks were lost on me. JBG also stars the gorgeous Uma Thurman in a practice role to get a casting reel together, and the great Robert Downey Jnr scoring some easy money before becoming less than zero for a few years. Even Meg Tilly appears for a few squawks. The same three scriptwriters are the three producers and I would bet any money you like there was three big posters of AMH in each of their studio lockers. JBG is terrible, an embarrassment and a fawning leer at a teen actor disguised as a footy comedy. No wonder Orion Pictures went broke. It looks like a subterfuge gay movie pretending to be a mid-west college comedy. Perhaps a gay remake would be better. It would have to be.
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I don't get it
mpisa776 January 2014
People are taking this movie way too seriously. This is a late 80s comedy, it's supposed to make you laugh I don't know why the people who have written reviews about this view this movie as if it was supposed to be a serious film with a heartwarming meaning behind it. It's like a "back to school" (and you'll find Robert Downey Juniors role pretty much like his role as "Max" in this film) users who wrote this long, drawn out, serious review of this film don't get these kind of films obviously. Come on people this is like a slapstick comedy and not meant to be taken seriously at all it's kind of like "The Breakfast Club" meets "Varsity Blues" and they added a little "Not Another Teen Movie" to it.. It's not that bad a movie.. That's all I can say. Enjoy
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Not good, not horrible
rpzowie9 December 2001
I was amused that Leonard Maltin wrote in his review that the seriousness of the issue (presumably, unscrupulous recruiting tactics) totally eluded this film's makers.

Of course, this is very contradictory for Maltin to say considering he has given positive reviews of countless films that totally elude the seriousness of issues like premarital sex, drug usage and underaged drinking.

In Johnny Be Good, true, unethical recruiting is presented in a comical format. However, Johnny's parents, girlfriend and high school coach take a clear stand of him going to the wrong college. At the end, he makes the right choice and goes to a college that focuses on education as well as athletics. The unscrupulous recruiters then face the consequences of their actions.

Don't get me wrong. This wasn't a great film, and Anthony Michael Hall wasn't well-cast in this film. However, Maltin's reasons for not liking this film are ridiculous at best and hypocritical at worst.
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Not bad.
EmptyLeo4 March 1999
Finally Anthony Michael Hall doesn't play the geek/dork/nerd. He's the stud quarterback all the girls and college coaches wants, and he's good as good a stud as he is a nerd. Not a bad hour and a half, and oh... Uma! Gotta love Uma!
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Awesome Fun Movie
Maxx Zimonick16 February 2013
I'm not sure where all these bad reviews are coming from. I haven't watched this movie in years but I remember it as a very funny movie that made good fun of the college football recruiting process. I was thinking about this movie the other day and decided to check out the rating for this movie and was shocked to see that it was hovering around 4.1. I must have seen an entirely different movie or there are a lot of people that don't see this movie the way I saw it. I loved Micheal Anthony Hall movies back in the day and this is one of my all time favorites. I really liked 16 candles as well as Noation Lampoons Vacation. Who can forget Weird Science. So there is no way this movie deserves a 4.1 review. 10 all the way for me. Really probably around a high 7 but since people are all butt hurt by this movie for some reason I'm giving it a 10.
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Not very good, but not as bad as some comments here!
dchristrev4 June 2004
Maybe you have to appreciate the type of humor that makes this movie funny for me. I sometimes enjoy the stupid, throw-away lines that are liberally sprinkled throughout this one. For example, when Robert Downey Jr. is talking to the two girls in the motel room, his description of a previous sexual encounter is hilarious and odd as only RDJ can make it.

There's a lot about this movie that doesn't work. But I choose to focus on what is funny. Over the years, I have repeated many a line from this stupid flick. Like "What's shaking', how do you feel" or "UCC is your only move, UCC is your ever most GROOVE!"

One thing that stands out for me is the use of footage from the 60's classic "Putney Swope" which happens to be a film written and directed by RDJ's father, Robert Downey Sr. But most people wouldn't even pick up on that! For those that did, or wondered where they had come across the scene at the drive-in before, that's what it was. Robert Downey Sr.'s character even makes a comment about how bad the movie is. An insider's joke, perhaps.
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Johnny Be Meh
mherrin-4325311 March 2018
Johnny Be Good: Directed by Bud Smith and written by Steve Zacharias, Jeff Buhai and David Obst.

Tomatometer rating is 0%. That's right folks this movie has absolutely no positive reviews out of 11. I didn't hate this movie. This reminded me a lot of the New Guy in the sense that it reeks of the era in which it was made. It has such an 80s feel that it can be made no other time.

This is an over the top comedy where every movement and line reading is cartoonishly inflated to grand proportions. It has non stop musical moments. It has montages out of the wazoo. It is taking the serious allegations of college trying lure high school athletes to certain colleges with deals meant to cater to their baser instincts and making it seem outlandish. It's not. It is something that happens and it's okay to lampoon it. This movie though just gave me a headache. It was a barrage of music and terrible unfunny comedy.

The performances were right on the edge. I liked Anthony Michael Hall and Paul Gleason but Robert Downey Jr was insufferable in this film. He was wild and crazy for every single thing he did and it became too much very quickly. Thankfully though the movie was very short. It clocks in at 82 minutes.

I wanted to like this movie. I really did but something felt off about the entire film from the very beginning. Nothing could be done to shake no matter how many lavish over the top mockery of Texas football there was. I give this movie a D.
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Clichéd and Unfunny
utgard1430 July 2014
Lame sports comedy with a miscast Anthony Michael Hall as the hottest high school football prospect who ever lived. It's really a vanity project for Hall, who had been playing nerd characters his whole career. Here he's trying to buff up and be taken seriously as something more than a geek. He fails. Robert Downey, Jr. plays the wacky best friend, as he often did back then. Downey's the most entertaining part of this, which isn't saying much. Decent support from Paul Gleason and Jennifer Tilly. Early role by Uma Thurman. She's beautiful and does fine in a worthless part in a worthless movie. I pretty much hated every minute of this. Almost every character is unlikable, especially the lead. The satire about college sports and other things is heavy-handed and never funny. Oh, and the music is dreadful. Avoid this unless you are a massive fan of Hall, Downey, or Thurman.
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Great Movie
vogeljf24 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was made to be a comedy and not some kind of great documentary. If you didn't play quarterback in high school then you might not like this movie or understand it. Soundtrack was great and Paul Gleason as the coach is flat out the best high school football coach ever in a movie period! His pregame speech before the state championship game at the beginning of the movie is classic. It ranks just ahead of John Goodman in Revenge of the Nerds. Watch this classic over and over again and remember how unimportant high school football coaches really are in life! There are way worse movies out there than Johnny Be Good! This movie is not even close to being as cheesy as Varsity Blues, even though I quite enjoyed that movie as well. Obviously neither one of these movies are going to win an Oscar, but not all movies are made to win an Oscar. This movie is way better than Eyes Wide Shut and you could watch Johnny Be Good twice and go out to dinner before Eyes Wide Shut is over.
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unfunny comedy
SnoopyStyle13 April 2015
Johnny Walker (Anthony Michael Hall) is the star high school football quarterback and punter. Backup quarterback Leo Wiggins (Robert Downey Jr.) is his best friend that never gets into the game. Wayne Hisler (Paul Gleason) is the hated coach. They win the championship and Johnny is recruited by everybody. His girlfriend Georgia Elkans (Uma Thurman) wants him to follow her to State college for a solid education.

There are nobody to like in this movie. This is trying to be a comedy but it's not funny. This subject could allow for a dark gritty realistic tale of bad recruitment practices but it's so fake. The writing is nowhere near sharp enough. It's always fascinating to see a young star and this one has Uma Thurman. Hall isn't convincing or likable. Downey is mugging for the camera too much without getting any laughs. This is Bud S. Smith's one and only directing credit. There's a reason for that.
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So Disappointing
atlasmb3 September 2014
Just three years after "The Breakfast Club", this film reunites Michael Anthony Hall and Paul Gleason. It aims to achieve the irreverent humor of a film like "Stripes" combined with the titillation of "Porky's". Almost every character in this film is a caricature. You can tell a lot of people put a lot of work into this film, so where does it go wrong?

First, the film's primary story--about a football phenom who is unscrupulously recruited by every powerhouse program in the country--is a serious drag on the humor. There is nothing funny about the sacrifice of educational values to the football money machine.

Secondly, the film tries to include every standard feature of every youth comedy film--the clueless adults, the topless scenes, the humor centering on sex and alcohol--and in so doing, becomes a parody of itself.

I am deducting one point just for the colossal waste of talent.

Robert Downey Jr. is wasted here, playing the wacky sidekick. Uma Thurman's performance as the hometown girlfriend is lost in the silliness.

The entire film is predictable, sometimes cringe-worthy, and boring.

In a scene near the end of the film Hall, Downey and Thurman drive off in a convertible to begin their post-high school lives and there is a sense of what this film could have been: an interesting exploration of the lives of three kids who have issues to face and things to learn. It might even have been funny, too.
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