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Another Funny Comedy from the 80's

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1 May 2016

In Texas, the naive Travis Rogers (George Newbern) quits his job to marry his beloved Stephanie "Stephi" Lawrence (Leslie Hope) and work with his father-in-law. However he decides to buy a car with his US$ 5,000.00 savings in Dallas before the wedding. He goes to a car dealer and the sexy saleswoman Jonni Tigersmith (Kimberly Foster) convinces him to buy an expensive fully-loaded Lamborghini-type car after the test drive. But soon Travis finds that his car is a piece of junk. When Jonni sees the car, she has an argument with her crooked boss since it is not the test drive car and is fired together with the mechanic. She meets Travis and they have one night stand. They team up with the mechanic and decide to retrieve the car he bought. Meanwhile Stephi is waiting for travel for the rehearsals and finally for the wedding. Will Travis marry Stephi or stay with Jonni?

"It Takes Two" is another funny comedy from the 80's. The misadventures of Travis with his brand-new car and the situation of Stephi alone in the rehearsals are funny and Kimberly Foster is sexy and gorgeous. The conclusion is conventional but adequate for Travis' behavior. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Com Qual das Duas?" ("With Which One of the Two?")

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Entertaining Movie

Author: Ken-208 from Colorado
14 September 1999

I saw this about 10 years ago ... but really like it. Here's what I remember of the movie:

A young man travels a long distance to buy an expensive sports car a few days before his wedding. His new car has problems and he is stranded. He trys to get the car fixed but finds out because he didn't buy an "extended warranty" there is no warranty on the car and he has bought a worthless lemon.

He sets out to get even with the dealership. Along the way he meets a beautiful woman. He tries to buy a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne because she tells him it makes her wild. He gets robbed at the liquor store when trying to buy the champagne. The crooks also steal his champagne. Movie is very funny, strange, and entertaining.

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Insultingly stupid rating here for a clean, entertaining and well made movie!

Author: uds3 from Longmont, Colorado
5 July 2002

Absolutely moronic user-rating for such a pleasant and well made little film which being in Australia, I have only ever known as MY USED CAR. It would lead one to believe that decency, LACK of vitriol, language and violence just doesn't sit well with today's viewing audience. I agree with whoever likened this to THE WEDDING SINGER. Both films promote a feel-good yet family-orientated slant on youthful zest and maybe even excess.

Just days before his wedding to Stephanie (and has ANYONE ever seen a prettier girl, let alone a BRIDE than exquisite cutie - Leslie Hope?) young Travis just HAS to have himself a new supercar...some kinda tricked-up Lambo look-alike the majority of which was "made in Taiwan!" His dreams turns to an outright horror-show when the car falls apart like a cheap suit. Time, he thinks to take it up to the shonky car dealership and its rat-bag owner!

While Stephanie and her long suffering dad, together with wall to wall guests line the church waiting with little expectation of ever seeing Travis again ("Never did trust that boy" intones her dad at regular intervals) our hero is living his revenge, with the help of the beautiful sales girl who persuaded him to buy the wreck in the first place. Will Stephanie have to take a back-seat to the new Jill-come- lately? Is someone else going to get heartbroken here? Will he make the wedding? Well, whaddya think?

I loved this film - any romantic would! if you don't like it - don't watch it! Realistically a 6.5! It doesn't AIM any higher!

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great '80's movie

Author: froggybottom from United States
15 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this is one of the great movies of the '80's. travis and stephi will get married in a few days but before travis gets married he wants to sow his wild oates by going to the big city (dallas) and buying an "imitation lamborghini". at the dealership he meets sex vixen sales rep jonni tigersmith and she convinces him to buy all the options but the extended warranty. once he drives off the lot the cars goes ballistics and conks out. all the while he's trying to get the dealership to repair his lemon but no extended warranty means no service. so he and jonni team up with the recently fired chief mechanic to break out another car from the dealership firebomb it and race the crooked manager in a chase scene. back in his home town stephi is still waiting on word on when he's supposed to return so they can get can't take this movie to seriously, it stacks up great to other great movies from the '80's and '90's better off dead, one crazy summer, men at work, the chase, buffy the vampire slayer, i'm gonna get you sucka, mannequin, the first and maybe the second police academy, etc.

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Another shallow fool in another dumb dude disaster

Author: Bryan from United States
20 October 2016

Let's see...

dude wants a sweet Lambo, 'cause like Lamborghini is like too many syls, y'know?

dude wants to marry totally hawt chick

dude gets into bogus trouble, did NAWT see that coming, fer sher.


This movie proves that great writing talent is not hereditary. Compare Mathesons father and son yourself.

George Newbern is sexy but wasted in this. I kept wanting to slap some sense into his character.

Anthony Geary, wasted in yet another oddball role.

Nobody to root for. Skip this one.

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LOL at the comments

Author: wilycoyote767 from UK
16 November 2007

I loved the previous reviews. Maybe reviews really shouldn't begin with "from what I remember"....... Hilarious that you don't actually have to remember the movie to review it. I saw it. It sucked. Guy knows a girl all his life, going to get married, so he goes off to buy a Lamborghini. OK. Meets scumbag dealer who screws him on the deal. Then, he decides to screw the sales girl........and misses his wedding rehearsal to do it. Then is late for the wedding. Both chicks are hot. So then he decides not to show for the wedding. But then he decides to show up. The whole family has predicted he won't show. He does, with his new girlfriend in tow after being MIA for days. And the first girl still wants to marry him. He even invites his slut girlfriend to the wedding and his bride appears to have no problem with that. OK. The dad of the bride should have beat the living crap out of him and taken his daughter home. Does he? Noooooooooo. He just decides to go along. Great movie. Maybe the girlfriend moved in with them next. That would have made a great movie.

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Good eighties road movie with nice Lambo

Author: u-try from Germany
1 July 2005

Well I'm not living in Arizona... though my IQ exceeds the room temperature.

I think it is a matter of Your own preferences if You like this film or if You don't. Sure, this film is not comparable to films like Titanic, Gladiator, Star Wars or something else like that.

In my opinion this is a real good piece of entertainment in the way it has been done in the eighties... You can damn it or love it.

I would say this film is a road movie, surely the story is somehow strange but nevertheless funny.

At least I would say You could take a look at it if You like cars like the Lamborghini Countach and if You can understand what it's able to do with a young man.

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Really bad comedy

Author: Wizard-8 from Victoria, BC
3 July 2014

From what the IMDb reveals, "It Takes Two" was pretty much thrown away during its scant theatrical release despite being a major studio production. If you ask me, it shouldn't have been released at all. Actually, it shouldn't even have been made. I've tried to think of at least one point of merit to be found, but I can't think of anything nice to say about the movie at all. It goes wrong in every way you can think of. None of the characters in the movie is the least bit sympathetic, and with that in mind you can probably understand why there isn't the least bit of chemistry between the two leads. The script is a real mess - although the movie only runs 79 minutes long, there is a ridiculous amount of padding. Maybe if the movie had been funny such problems could have been overlooked, but there's not one laugh to be found. It'll take two minutes watching the movie to realize you're watching a stinker.

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