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Comedy gold
znowhite013 March 2003
I absolutely loved this movie as a stupid kid in the 80s, renting it nearly six consecutive times before tiring and moving to more sophisticated cinema like Rad and Munchies. The title kid is a high school student who makes himself invisible to all those around him so he can play evil tricks on them. Bwa-ha-ha. Immediately making constructive use of this newfound discovery, he goes into the girls' locker room where a bunch of underage airheads giggle and whip each other with wet towels (and there was quite the amount of boobage on display for this PG flick). He also accidentally spies on his principal who hides out in his office where he drinks whisky and farts like an angry duck. The climax could not have been more unbelievable as the nerdy protagonist kicks B-ball booty in the name of school spirit; some of his athletic moves, such as spiking the ball like a volleyball into the hoop, were enough to dumbfound even the less discriminating eight-year-olds. Also hilarious is the squirrelly mascot who makes `tire screeching' sounds while running across the gym floor.
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Now you see him, now you don't.
Pepper Anne31 January 2004
This movie seems to contain a lot of crude humor. I thought The Invisible Kid was supposed to be a family adventure about science experiments gone wrong and class bullies and that cliched mess. I'm glad it wasn't because it avoids a lot of the corniness. This is your typical 80s teen film about class nerds, bulley jocks, pretty girls, and of course, ample shots of boobies.

The main character is trying to piece together the missing parts of his father's experiment. While his psychotic mother tries to tell him that it was a recipe for super toilet bowl cleaner, the boy's additions to the formula create an invisibility powder. He and his friend take advantage of the situation at first, taking revenge of the bulley during his date and the basketball game, as well as peeking in the girls lockerroom.

The conflict arises between the principal, who steals the formula, and the group of friends who have to get together to get it back.

Sure, it's a really cheap movie. Obviously, it wasn't meant to be a blockbuster picture, but more like something made for fun. There are some funny moments like when the main character hides out under the principal's desk while the principal is there, and he lets out a huge fart and the kid nearly passes out.

And though most of the comedy is dull, at least it lacks a lot of the corniness. Their is no gushy emotions between mom and her son. The bulley jock is not quite the dickhead he would otherwise be made out as. The friend is a jerk most of the time, but lightens afterwards and eventually helps to save the day. It's a really wacky movie.

I think if you like this, you might want to try Nice Girls Don't Explode.
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An enjoyable 8o's teen flick
DarkVulcan293 September 2006
This movie itself was not meant to be an award winner, it was meant to be a film to sit down an enjoy with your friends and to have a good laugh, and it becomes every teenagers fantasy to have the power of invisibility, to get back at school bullies, and sneak into the girls locker room, it does not get silly with kiddie dialog, and it does not get to crazy with gross out humor like American Pie(1999) did enough to get an R rating. But I will note this to the director, if you were trying to avoid it being a kiddie flick, you should have come up with a better title, maybe it should have been called The Guy Who Isn't There, or The Hollow Guy. Other then that still entertaining.
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I can't see anything.
Son_of_Mansfield24 July 2003
Whenever I watch this movie, I marvel at how pathetically horrible the picture is. A lot of cheap eighties movies need remastering. I say need, because all movies deserve to look their best. The Invisible Kid is a fantasy movie for guys. The locker room scene looks like fun and it would be cool to see a girl appear before you in a towel. Jay Underwood(Not Quite Human), Chynna Phillips(Wilson-Phillips), Karen Black(Easy Rider), and Brother Theodore(Uncle Reuben from The Burbs!) have roles. Several scenes are a little mind numbing like the last one which gets ridiculous. Fun to watch when it pops up on HBO every now and then.
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A great movie - especially if you are in the mood for a laugh!
starlett-48 November 2007
Although it has been a while since I've seen this film, I still remember some of it. What spurred me on in my quest to now locate a copy of my own is the fact that Wallace Langam (aka David Hodges of CSI) is in it (credited as Wally Ward) Regardless, I remember this movie being a very hilarious/silly-type comedy that i could watch over and over again. True it wasn't a 'hit' nor was it raunchy like "American Pie" or "Animal House" which i could not even get through. I enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone - especially if they are in the mood for a good old fashioned laugh. Similar type movies include '"Zapped" & "Zapped Again"
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