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That's the Shakespere!!!!!
Cyclops-137 September 2000
Where do you begin with this film. It had so much that was hilarious that I don't know where to begin. One of my all time favorite scenes is when they mock the stunt doubles and you have Jack Spade's mother who is about to beat up some thugs. She turns around and then suddenly the camera cuts from a black lady to a white male with a mustache and afro wig wearing the same clothes she is wearing, he does some back flips and then beats up the thugs. Then when the stuntman turns around, it's back to the actress playing Spade's Mother. I loved it.

If you don't see this movie it is a shame. Wayans did a wonderful job mocking the ridiculous exploitation movies of the seventies. The cost of the rental alone is worth watching the scene where the guy gets out of prison, and he has been incarcerated for so long that his clothes are out of style. You'll love the Pimp of the Year contest, Kung Fu Joe, the Big Brim Bar, Soul Train, Hammer, Slammer, Slade and Flyguy. The movie was a blast and you'll roll on the floor in hysteria watching as Ann Marie Johnson reveals her flaws to Jack Spade.

Rent this movie. You'll love it.
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A hilarious parody of the seventies "black" exploitation cinema.
Joseph P. Ulibas18 August 2005
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) was Keenan Ivory Wayans directorial debut. He also wrote and stars in this production. Keenan stars as Jack Spade an ex-veteran who returns home after a stint in the army. The death of his younger brother June-Bug Spade and the vicious "assault" on his mother by two local thugs (Damon Wayans and Kardeem Hardison) causes Jack to wage war on the criminal elements in his neighborhood. But he's going to need help toppling the evil Mister Big (John Vernon). So he enlists the help of the former local crime fighter Slade (Bernie Casey) and his co-horts Hammer, Slammer and Kung-Fu Joe (Jim Brown, Issac Hayes and Steven James). Will these vigilantes be enough to end the crime spree of Mister Big?

A flat out funny film from Keenan Ivory Wayans. Not only did this film jump start all of these older actors careers, but it was popular enough to warrant a series pilot (a t.v. remake of this film called Slade, Hammer and Slammer) and it helped the Wayans create another show for Fox called In Living Color. The rest is history.

Highly recommended.
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A Wacky Movie
jmcool516425 July 2000
"I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" is a blast! Keenan Ivory Wayans wrote, directed, and starred in this spoof of blaxploitation movies and I've got to say, He did a very accurate job. This is REALLY how blaxploitation movies look and feel like, right down to the huge hats. The funniest part in the movie is when the nightclub singer is singing...Oh, Can't spoil a joke. Or when the Youth Gang Competition...Can't spoil that either. Even as a bonus, Isaac "Wrote Best Movie Song on Earth" Hayes is in the movie and the "Shaft" theme gets played!!!!! TWICE!!!!!! So Jump in Your Car, Drive to a video store and rent it. If they don't have it, than steal it from the guy who rented it! **** out of ****
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one of the most funniest black plortation films
bud13 July 2002
I can remember when I was young and I watch this movie. It was a very funny film, but after a couple years later is when really watched this movie and really understood it. Thats when I really enjoyed it. the Wayans brothers scary movies of today didn't have anything on there older brother movie back then. Issac Hays & Jim Brown were really funny as Hammer & Slammer. flyguy, kung fu joe and the rest of the caracters in the film will keep you laughing. I rate this movie a 10/10 and it will always be on of my favorite black plortation films.
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By far the best thing the Wayans brothers ever did
MartinHafer29 December 2005
If you know Keenen Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans ONLY for their TV work or movies such as Major Payne or Scary Movie, then you have only seen them at their most mediocre. Unlike these other works, the jokes are not are consistently funny.

The film is a very funny send-off of the terrible Blaxploitation films of the 70s. The jokes come one after another after another and very few of them miss the mark. It is pure mindless fun from start to finish. Additionally, many old stars of the genre are here, though I might have enjoyed seeing a few more of them.

One word of warning though: if you are a die-hard, bleeding-heart, politically correct individual, this movie MIGHT give you a heart attack! We showed this movie to such a friend and we eventually had to turn off the video because she was having heart palpitations! But, for everyone else, this is a hilarious film. Also, it may help to try watching a couple Blaxploitation films FIRST to help you understand the parody better.

FYI--Because of the language and brief nudity, this is not a film for the kids. My advice to parents is to watch the film secretly and then feign shock when your kids ask to see it! When the kids are at least teens, then it's probably okay to let them know the truth--that this is a great little comedy.
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HaHaHa,Gasp! Wheeze!hahahahaha
sweetty09248 February 2002
I really feel sorry for those who don't "get" this movie. I believe that it is the best of the parody genre, I've ever seen. I stoically believe in my critique because I've seen every movie that "Sucka" parodied. I grew up watching blaxploitation films. They were being cranked out at blinding speed at that time, and the highlight of my circle of friends, was planning our Friday nights around the premieres and plotting which "superfine" guy with the biggest Afro would take us out. I was in junior high school and life was good. Fast-forward 15 years to 1988 (I saw this film for the first time in the year of its release), where my memories were jumpstarted and slapped into a frenzy of flashbacks. Recalling particular scenes of movies that at the tender age of 14 I had taken seriously, and now saw how funny and ridiculous they were. For example: the demonic PMS scene was reminiscent of "Abby",our version of The Exorcist, or Kung Fu Joe spoofing "Three The Hard Way". Wayans spoofery of those films along with the then-timely use of 'truck jewelry' as an inciting incident in this film was much too much for me to take. I laughed till I had to take a puff from my inhaler (and I don't even have asthma!)I'm sure this film will seem funny to those who never experienced the blaxploitation scene from its inception. But for those who did, you will laugh yo'ass off, you jive-turkey,you! P.S.A recent viewing of this film gave me the idea to have what we call '70's parties. We now dress up twice a year with all the Afro wigs, white lipstick, and crocheted mini's we can find. We have a blast and quote some of the worst dialogue ever written. Who says movies aren't inspirational?
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this one will split your sides!
maurice blackman24 January 2007
There are no words to describe just how amazing this film is. It salutes respectfully the blaxploitation era and the actors, with a clever hint of satire ( whereby the baddie is a White rich man, keeping black people down..) but most importantly it has the best jokes I have ever seen - just remembering Issac Hayes putting all those guns in his pockets then tripping and being shot to death by ALL his own guns, brings a tear to my eye. Fantastic.

Please go see this film, I just happened to perchance the film, with my Mum and brother late one night on TV, and I really wanna buy it, but I don't know where it would still sell.If anyone does know please post it in the comments.

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Not Much I can Say that Hasn't been Said....
trichenyc13 November 2005
In all the other post about this incredible classic comedy, but after reading everyone's favorite parts, I can't believe that NO ONE mentioned Anne Marie Johnsons part as the disassembling slut.

Along with the broken pimped-out shoes, Here are my favorite scenes:

The Pimp of the Year award.

One rib. ("I sure am hungry").


The demonic woman starting her period.

The Stairs or the window.

OH Damn, let's just say this is one of my all time favorite comedies. Keenan Wayans freshman venture into directing was among his best.
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Hilarious send-off to Blaxploitation flicks
Newsense12 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Back when spoof movies were actually funny, there was this clever spoof of blaxploitation movies called Im Gonna Git You Sucka. At the time the Wayans brothers were starting to emerge on the scene and this movie was their best work(Don't Be A Menace comes in second). The whole movie was Jack(played by Keenan Ivory Wayans)returns home from the service to find out that his brother passed on. He finds out that his brother worked for Mr. Big and sets out to deal with him and his cronies with the help on Jack Slade and crew others. There are too many funny scenes in this movie but the girl at the club(played by the gorgeous Anne Marie Johnson) removing her hair, leg, and butt was the funniest scene in the movie. Jack's mom(played by Janet Du'bois of Good Times) beating up on Mr Big's goons comes in second. Damon Wayons and Kadeem Hardison were hilarious too as Mr. Big's bumbling henchmen. I think Antonio Fargas's Fly Guy coming out of jail wearing fishbowls in his platform shoes was a riot too. And the scene where Richard Roundtree's character had the swollen bunions.....classic! Im Gonna Git You Sucka came out at a time when you can expect a good spoof and today stands out as one of the funniest spoofs in parody movie history. If you're looking for a good spoof you cant go wrong with this one. Two thumbs WAY up.
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Silly but fun
preppy-33 September 2006
Spoof on the blaxplotation films of the 1970s. Starts right off in "Any Ghetto U.S.A." where a young black man has died of O.G. (overabundance of gold chains). His brother Jack (Keenan Ivory Wayans) comes home from the army to find the people who "hooked his brother on gold". With a couple of older black men (all from the 1970s films) they decide to clean up the town.

Now it sounds pretty stupid--but it actually works. There are some real bad jokes but the good ones outnumber those vastly. The whole cast plays it straight with plenty of small roles or cameos from veteran 1970s actors. You don't have to know the old films to enjoy this but it does help a few times. It's really good to see Antonio Fargas back in a film making fun of his 1970s image. John Vernoon (Dean Wormer from "Animal House") is also lots of fun as Mr. Big. And Ja'net DuBois is hysterical as Jack's overprotective mother. And--since this is directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans--most of his family shows up in small roles. Sure it's silly and stupid but also very funny. Turn off your brain and enjoy! By far the best thing the Wayans have ever done.
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Every cliche of the 70s is busted wide-open here
keith_b22 June 1999
Every cliche of the 70s is busted wide-open here. I think it is such a great parody of blaxploitation movies - the pimp, the ballplayer-turned actor, The Man, etc. Everyone is perfect in their role.

There are too many funny lines to pick a favorite. I love this film so much.

I have seen this movie many, many times and it is funny every time I see it.
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It proves I can beat up a girl and a midget!!
faisal_khan1 July 2005
'I'm Gonna Git You Sucka' is an affectionate if not particularly literate send-up of the blaxploitation genre that misses more often than it hits but like any underdog, you can't help rooting for it. The first full length film directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans, 'Sucka' is the classic set-piece of a returning war veteran avenging the death of his brother by taking on the mob and with his group of hardened 70's crime fighters, reclaim the streets from Mr. Big.

The film itself is competent enough though a little thin on visual jokes and slapstick preferring longer skits which more often than not fizzle out simply because they run on for too long. For a first-time helmer this is understandable as you go with what you know, and as Wayans was more comfortable with stand-up and TV 'Sucka' wasn't able to develop into a coherently funny movie the way 'Scary Movie' would be some 12 years later.

What makes it stand up is the sheer lunacy of some of the set-pieces, and the cast which would make any blaxploitation picture salute with pride. Alongside Wayans you have blaxploitation legends Bernie Casey spoofing Shaft, Isaac Hayes and Jim Brown reprising their roles as 'Truck Turner' and 'Slaughter' and some deliciously funny cameos from Clarence Williams III, John Vernon Antonio Fargas and a young Chris Rock. The picture though belongs to the late and sorely-missed Steve James in a delirious send-up of his own career as martial-arts sidekick. Despite being a better actor than most of his co-stars James would forever languish on the B-list and would die just five years after this movie was made. He steals every scene he's in though, and if you need to bow out to 'Kung Fu Fighting' it's as good as any a way to go.

The film has a few good running jokes such as the mother's stunt double and the Shaft score running in the background and at a trim 88 minutes doesn't stay too long to put you off it. In the end it succeeds despite being nothing more than a loose collection of sketches held together by some very funny and very talented actors. It's worth watching just for the exchange between Hayes and Rock where the latter tries to buy some food (note: watch the end credits of Rocks' CB4 and you'll see this repeated at a newsstand) and the Pimp of the Year sequence, complete with Fargas wandering into the ghetto in full 70's pimp outfit mistakenly believing he's the smoothest thing out there. It's easy enough to like this film: rent it, enjoy it and hope someone comes up with a sequel soon.
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Too busy rolling to type
Ravenswing4 December 1999
Warning: Spoilers
So, are we overgolded yet?

Actually, I saw this on cable at the time, but my, what a brilliant movie. Significant in that it was the launching pad for Keenan Ivory Wayans' career (and therefore that of several others, Jim Carrey included). Worth the cost of rental alone is a scene with a once-prominent black supremacist "general," whose wife is none other than Eve Plumb (a/k/a Jan Brady)! "How's my beautiful Nubian warrior?" she trills as she brings him his bean pie for lunch ... I won't even go into the Inner City Olympics.

This is really on my top ten comedy list of all time. That being said, KIW has a nice, easy leading man screen presence, and I wonder why he never got mainstream leading man chances. One hates to speculate that there were only so many such opportunities allowed for black actors in the Eighties and Nineties, but the chilling fact is that after this movie, Wayans had precisely three leading roles in cinema, and two of them were in movies for which he wrote the screenplay.

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Great Film, A real blast!!
james_holz7 June 2006
I guess this movie works on the same level as a lot of 1980's funnies... Loaded Weapon, Hotshots et al.

It has a zany side but unlike many other romps of this ilk, it is tempered by a slightly dark edge and raw subject matter of gang violence.

The jive talking and fly-culture at the heart of the movie makes it slick and cool as well as gritty and sharp. But this is far more than just a send up of Shaft.

The gags are timed to perfection in this movie and is a cannon of great quotes and catch phrases.

"One rib?" "One rib!"

I really rate this movie, a proper blast.
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H5O11 February 2001
Every blaxploitation flick was parodied in the Wayans' breakthrough parody, long before Don't Be a Menace (1996) and Scary Movie (2000). Damon Wayans is no equal for Doodlebug, but his Doodlebug spoof (e.g. take the stairs or out the stairs) with a retarded Kadeem Hardison (White Men Can't Jump, Vampire in Brooklyn) would make anyone watch this again and again. The Kung Fu Joe depiction spoofed Three The Hard Way (1974), but no one can match Jim Kelly (Enter The Dragon, Black Belt Jones), and another thing is noticeable throughout the film: a Shaft parody, with Shaft's theme music. Before Carmen Electra's spoof of Baywatch in Scary Movie, there was Flyguy (with goldfish heels!!!) and the inner city Olympics (the sprint contest with a TV set and a 1980s-era Chevrolet Nova being stripped to the undercarriage)!

A pre-HBO Chris Rock has a brief cameo, and he is referred to as a 'greasy Jeri Curl-wearin' by no other than Issac Hayes himself. Fans of the other Wayans parodies should have this in their video collection.
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Big O-720 March 2003
This is the best film ever put out by one of the Wayans brothers. If you can't laugh out loud at this film, then I feel sorry for you, for you must be missing a lot in life. Keenan and his brothers have never been as on target as they are here, complete with Bernie Casey, Antonio Fargas, Isaac Hayes, Steve James, John Vernon and Jim Brown all contributing side-splitting send-ups of their own images!
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"How much for a order of ribs?"
Predrag28 August 2016
"I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka" is a spoof of the Blaxploitation genre of films. Blaxploitation is a term used for films that were made mainly during the 1970's and featuring either an all or mainly black cast. The heroes were super cool guys and gals that took no crap from the crooks, be they black or white. The cast of I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka started either their lives or careers involved with black cinema and music. "I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka" stars a veritable feast of stars of the genre, including Antonio Fargas - Starsky and Hutch, Shaft; Isaac Hayes - Truck Turner (Kaplan, 1974). He also wrote the score for Shaft; Jim Brown - Slaughters Big Rip-off (Douglas, 1973); Bernie Casey - Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde (Crain, 1976), Cleopatra Jones (Starrett, 1973). This combination of contemporary actors and the black heroes of the 1970's adds accuracy to the parodies whilst also investing the plot with humor.

Movie is a parody but in its satire the music emphasis in its own beat many opinions about the inner city conflicts as well as the damages of war. The movie mainly reflects attitudes of apathy & insensitivity to to pain, sickness and death 'non qualities of life. It shows even the weight of cheap gold jewelry can be lethal; shows police corruption as around a ' big' who is always on the wrong side of right, helped by the fact that "he knows the right people to know in law enforcement... The movie may be fairly uneven, it has some really good, funny scenes, mixed with quite a lot of long stretches of weird (and boring) plot points.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.
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Them was the daze...
poe42623 August 2014
As a send-up, I'M GONNA GIT YOU, SUCKA! is right up there with the likes of THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, and THE CHEAP DETECTIVE: it goes straight to the Heart of the movies it parodies, sometimes taking them to task (in a loving way) and sometimes just flat out laughing out loud at them. You really can't ask for more than that from a film of this kind. I grew up watching the blaxploitation films I'M GONNA GIT YOU, SUCKA! pokes fun at, and the jokes are all on the money. Some of my favorites: Jim Brown and Isaac Hayes running a rib joint (where Chris Rock, one of the funniest stand-up comedians to ever strut his stuff, does a cameo), the way all of the Old School guys fumble the ball trying to help Keenan Wayans, and Damon Wayans as a blackey ("black lackey") who can't seem to catch a break (especially when he tries to kidnap the hero's girlfriend, who's suffering from... "CRAMPS!"). Good times, indeed.
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One Of The Greatest Comedies Of All Time. An Excellent,Hilarious,Underrated Comedy Classic From Keenen Ivory Wayans.
jcbutthead8611 December 2013
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka is an excellent,hilarious,underrated Comedy classic and in my opinion one of the greatest and funniest Comedies of all time that's filled with wonderful direction,a terrific and funny cast,great over the top laughs,a laugh out loud script,great Action and a fantastic score and soundtrack. All of those combinations make I'm Gonna Git You Sucka a Cult Classic and Keenen Ivory Wayans at his best.

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka tells the story of Jack Spade(Keenen Ivory Wayans,(who also wrote and directed)a soldier who has just returned home from the Army and finds out that his brother Junbug has been killed and crime in his hometown is being ran by local crime lord Mr. Big(John Vernon). Tired of the crime and violence,Jack asks for the help of John Slade,(Bernie Casey),a crime fighter from the 1970s to help take down Mr. Big and laughs and chaos ensue.

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka is one of the all time great Comedy classics that is funny and hilarious from beginning to end and is one of the best Spoofs and Parodies that ranks alongside Airplane and The Naked Gun Trilogy and is a Comedy that is underrated. I'm Gonna Git You Sucka is a movie that perfectly makes fun of the Blaxploitation movies of the 1970s films such as Shaft,Superfly,Coffy,Foxy Brown and Dolemite just to name a few. Like some of the best Spoofs and Parodies IGGYS takes all of the trademarks and style of those films and turns them on their head with rapid fire humor showing the silliness and craziness of Blaxploitation movies and Writer-Director Keenen Ivory Wayans pulls out all the stops making fun of the genre while paying homage to the genre taking hilarious shots at Action heroes,criminals and Blaxploitation stereotypes of the 1970s. The Comedy and laughs in IGGYS is laugh out loud hilarious and you will have tears rolling down your eyes because with every scene because there are gags and moments that are over the top and unpredictable to the point you never know what will happen next. The Comedy is also imaginative and creative and done with an energy and style that is nonstop and raunchy and the movie never loses it's demented edge until the very end.(Instead of dealing with drug use like the Blaxploitation films IGGYS deals with Gold chains,"OG" or "Over Gold":an overdose of too many Gold chains making fun of the way Hip-Hip artists and criminals who were wearing lots of Gold chains in the 1980s)The Comedy in IGGYS can not only be seen as an introduction to the Wayans family but also a precursor to Keenen Ivory Wayans terrific sketch Comedy series In Living Color and the Wayans family's other funny and amazing Spoofs Don't Be A Menace and Scary Movie. Jack Spade and the other main characters are so outrageous and over the top it makes the characters and situations in the film wilder and funnier it's almost like looking at a cartoon that is more insane than the Blaxploitation movies the film's making fun of. With each main character no ones head is on straight and when things happen to the characters you as a viewer are along for the ride. The screenplay by Keenen Ivory Wayans is fantastic and memorable with lines and scenes that are wild and unforgettable. Although a Spoof of Blaxploitation films,IGGYS has fun appearances from 1970s Film and Television icons such as Bernie Casey,Issac Hayes,Jim Brown,Antonio Fargus,Clarence Williams III,Eve Plumb(Jan of The Brady Bunch)and Janet DuBois who are all have fun with their characters sometimes playing it straight but not taking the performances too seriously. I would have loved to seen Fred Williamson,Pam Grier,Ron O'Neal and Rudy Ray Moore in the movie as well. Although IGGYS is a Comedy,there is also a few well done Action scenes which are exciting and explosive but at the same time add to the Surreal and outlandish tone of the movie. The ending of I'm Gonna Git You Sucka is amazing,funny,Action packed and is a wonderful conclusion to this classic film.

The cast is wonderful. Keenen Ivory Wayans is excellent and hilarious as Jack Spade,with Wayans bringing laughs and energy to the role. Bernie Casey is brilliant and funny as John Slade and has great scenes with Wayans. Antonio Fargas is terrific and cool as Flyguy,a pimp. Steve James is wonderful as Kung-Fu Joe,a Kung-Fu master that helps Jack and John. Issac Hayes and Jim Brown are great and funny as Hammer and Slammer,a crime fighting duo. Ja'net DuBois is outstanding as Belle,Jack's loving but overprotective Mother. Dawnn Lewis is terrific and beautiful as Cheryl,Jack's love interest. John Vernon is delightful as Mr. Big,a local crime lord. Damon Wayans and Kadeem Hardison are a fantastic laugh riot as Leonard and Willie,Mr Big's henchmen. Also,lookout for fun cameos from Clarence Williams III(Kalinga),Eve Plumb(Kalinga's wife),Chris Rock(Rib Joint Customer),Kim Wayans(Nightclub singer),Shawn and Marlon Wayans(Pedestrians),David Alan Grier(Newsman),Clu Gulager(LT.Baker),Anne-Marie Johnson(Cherry),Robin Harris(Bartender At Sam's,John Whitherspoon(Reverand)Hawthorne James(One Eyed Sam),Gary Owens(Pimp Of The Year Pageant Announcer)and Tony Cox(Wayne Evans).

The direction by Keenen Ivory Wayans is wonderful,with Wayans moving the camera and bringing a wild energy to the film. Great direction,Wayans.

The score by David Michael Frank is fantastic,intense,memorable and matches the film nicely. Fine score,Frank. There is also a great soundtrack with songs by The Gap Band(I'm Gonna Git You Sucka,You're So Cute),KRS-ONE(Jack Of Spades),Curtis Mayfield & Fishbone(He's A Flyguy),The Four Tops And Aretha Franklin(If Ever A Love There Was),Issac Hayes(Theme From Shaft),Jackson 5(Dancing Machine),Edwin Starr(War),Carl Douglas(Kung-Fu Fighting),Too Nice(Two Can Play The Game),Jennifer Holliday(Magic Man),Friends Of Distinction(Grazin' In The Grass)and more. Wonderful soundtrack.

In final word,if you love Comedies,Spoof or Parodies,I highly suggest you see I'm Gonna Git You Sucka,an excellent,hilarious and underrated Comedy classic that you can watch again and again. Highly Recommended. 10/10.
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This movie is a classic
Lewis Marklin Mash27 February 2010
Though I realize that this movie may not be for everyone, it is a classic to those grew up in this generation. The Wayon's are at their best, doing what they do. People like Chris Rock are getting their starts in this movie.

When, Army Boy, Jack Spade (played by Keenan Ivory Wayans) comes home to the Bronx, where his momma has kept his room the way it was the day he left, he has no idea that he is about to be swept into a crime triangle to try and stop Mr. Big, the new crime boss of the area, who is responsible for the death of his brother June Bug Spade. June Bug died of a horrible OG (aka Over Gold), selling everything he had and selling his soul to contract more and more gold jewelry! The movie just gets crazier and crazier...funnier and funnier as it goes on. He falls in love with his brothers widowed wife, enlists Jack Slade and Fly Guy (Former Pimp of the Year) to team up in an effort to over throw Mr. Big. Jack even gets his his own theme song by none other than KRS-1, one of hip hop's greatest rappers of the time. Give the movie 30 minutes and you will be hysterical. If you like Coming to America, you will definitely like this film.
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Brilliant spoof
sammysnakes7 August 2003
Spoof can either be very funny or very unfunny. I think its much harder to make a funny spoof movie than most people think. None of the wayans brothers films are perfect, all of them have their fair share of unfunny jokes, but they also all have moments of absolute hilarity. I think this is by far the funniest one. Classic moments include Willie pointlessly pretending jack shot him, the funeral scene, and most of all, Chris Rock's cameo as the cheapest customer in the world (F*ck the cup, jus pour it into my hands for a dime!) Dont watch it if your after intellectual brilliance, watch it if your after a good laugh.
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Flyguy *Possible Spoiler*
zmystico22 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I love this movie, and recently I was watching and noticed something. When Flyguy is released from prison and returns to his apartment and emerges in his 70's wear, it is obvious he has fish tanks for his platform shoes. What I noticed is that at the end when we next see him in his new clothes, there is a fish tank in his yellow tie. You have to really look to notice it because his jacket is buttoned, but you get a good shot at it when everyone is outside and it appears he is holding it up for the camera.
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My bitch better have my money!
Harry Perales10 August 1999
I used to watch "In Living Color". I never knew this movie existed until about a year ago. So I decided to watch it. I did, and It was awesome. I loved flyguy! One shining part I can "off the top of my head" remember, well there are two. First, is when Chris Rock goes in to buy some food, but says he has no money. But, then pulls out a whole bunch of dollars. The other part is when Kung Fu joe is encountered by the cops. And...Oh! There's so many! This film is awesome. By far it is the best recent spoof. Go see it!
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introducing the Wayans
SnoopyStyle6 May 2016
Junebug dies in an overdoes of gold chains. Mr. Big's thugs Willie (Kadeem Hardison) and Leonard (Damon Wayans) come threatening his mother and his girlfriend Cheryl to recover $5000. Then his brother Jack Spade (Keenen Ivory Wayans) returns home from the Army. He seeks to end the epidemic of gold chains with the help of old timer John Slade (Bernie Casey). Slade recruits people from the old days to take on the Man.

Keenen Ivory Wayans introduces himself and a few family and friends by doing this satire of a 70's blaxploitation movie. It's a solid idea and he would continue with bigger, better things. The problem is that the comedy doesn't really work. He's not a good enough of a director. There are too many flat spots and the camera work is static. He's not a great comedic actor especially at this point. He works better as a straight man with a wackier sidekick. It's a welcome introduction to the Wayans brand of comedy but this one isn't that funny.
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I'm Gonna Get You Sucka
Scarecrow-8823 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Keenan Ivory Wayans (In Living Color; Scary Movie) pays homage through parody to blaxploitation, giving Bernie Casey (in particular) and other charismatic and cool black actors from the 70s generation of African-American stars plum parts as a joint effort (which includes Isaac Hayes and Jim Brown as diner owner and cook!) to take down a criminal kingpin named Mr. Big (John Vernon) is underway as a means to save their neighborhood (and make Keenan's wimpy returning soldier into a black hero as he wants so badly). Keenan, despite an impressive physique, is amiable, sweet, and rather innocuous but he so wants to be a tough guy. Problem is his mom (Ja'net DuBois) keeps coming to his rescue! Even the likes of Antonio Fargas (his "pimp show" and "pimp walk" are prime funny bits) and Steve James (his martial arts expertise gets a send up by Wayans; I was disappointed he didn't get the chance to show you how much of a badass he is instead of his high energy Bruce Lee imitation played to the level of Kung Pow; he does kick some ass but it is in a lampooning fashion) show up in supporting bits. I wish Wayans had given Clu Gulagher more to do, and Vernon as Mr. Big is mentioned a lot more than seen. It is hard for me not to feel like they were a missed opportunity. Kadeem Haridison and Damon Wayans as two thugs working for Mr. Big are two of the worst street criminals imaginable. One of my favorite scenes has Anne-Marie Johnson appearing in a bar as a sexpot only to reveal (as "pieces" of her sexy are "pulled off") that she's not exactly the babe she first led Keenan to believe. Brown and Hayes are so much fun together (Brown has foot trouble, with his bunion towards the end quite a hideous sight, while Hayes loads up with so much ammunition at one point that when he falls all the weapons go off incapacitating him!), while Casey's lectures and mentoring on Keenan's "manning up" only add value to Bernie's being involved in the movie. This isn't always laugh-out loud funny as it wants to be, and the mark is missed on occasion, but the movie's heart is in the right place. Clarence Williams III makes an appearance as a Black Panther whose clout as a political leader has diminished (his talk of his protesters hired by the government, and how his very white kids speak of Abe Lincoln while his white wife in beaded cornrows holds her fist out, shouting, "Fight the Power!" admittedly had me in stitches) with Wayans so disappointed. Dawnn Lewis is Wayan's love interest, and when she gets "cramps" it as if she were Linda Blair from The Exorcist! The film ultimately is about Keenan's rite of passage and how his brothers-in-arms help to get him there. The in-jokes and "breaking of the fourth wall" moments are right out of the Abrahams/Zucker school of comedy. Like the horrible lounge singer who gets to be on stage because "she's the director's sister."
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