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From The Back Of The Box

Author: viewerschoice from Great White North
19 February 2002

Scott Baio stars in this lusty tale of modern romance, as Mario Cotone, a talented young photographer from Little Italy, with dreams of making it big in the Big Apple. His chance for success comes in an assignment photographing John Robertson Yeats, an international superstar currently starring in a smash Broadway Show. But Mario is clearly distracted by the lure and charms of "N.Y."-not the city, but the girl, Nicole Yeats, the pompous actor's gorgeous daughter.

The senior Yeats is furious, and quickly puts and end to the romance...or so he thinks!

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Strange little film begs questions as to how and why it was made.

Author: The Amazing Sharkboy ( from Glen Burnie, MD USA
2 January 2002

First of all, the tag line that IMDB has for this film is very funny.

I watched this movie on TV at 2:30 am while doing some paperwork and became curiously involved. Christopher Plummer, a bit part for Jerry Orbach, music by Bill Conti - can't be all bad, right? Though Gianni Bozzacchi choosing the Alan Smithee pseudonym to leave his name out of the credits is a bad omen. The overall result is a romance between two young lovers (with 1980s fashion overtones) that falls short of movies that could be considered similar such as "About Last Night" or "St. Elmo's Fire."

The performances are consistently credible and honest. Baio and Kelly Van der Velden have chemistry. Plummer and Sydney Coale each show genuine concern as single parents. Yet the predictable, somewhat low-energy story fizzles toward the end after making some strange choices. Baio's character causes an unbelievably stupid accident (this won't ruin anything - you'd see it coming from a mile away yourself) by attempting to photograph his girlfriend from underneath as they both ride a motorcycle across the Verrazano(?) bridge. In another scene Plummer, a professional actor, comes home shortly after a theater performance without removing his beard and makeup. He enters his daughter's room in the dark, briefly reciting lines from the production he's in before apologizing for restricting her social life. It's melodramatically odd. Also it's sometimes difficult to determine what causes disharmony between the two lead characters beyond their own neuroses.

Van der Velden is as good as any other young actress from the '80s. I'd expect her to have been involved in more films (Jennifer Beals found work in subsequent decades). But the only other database entry is a foreign film she did a few years earlier.

And why the title (which is repeated in the film)? Was funding provided by the New York City Visitors Bureau?

Weird recommendations for other films come up whenever I go to this movie's page . . .

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Great chemistry... Great chick flick

Author: crazy_4_feet from England
18 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While the camera shots in this movie are often not clearly focused and the editing is poor with harsh cuts that should have been faded to black or into the next scene, this movie isn't half bad. The soundtracks not bad either, but perhaps with better editing, the featured songs would have fit in a lot better.

I have ulterior motives as to why I purchased this movie (it's all Amy's fault) and have been pleasantly surprised recently at how well Scott Baio can pull off the leading man in movies which revolve around the romance genre - he can really make you feel for the characters he portrays, making you cross all your fingers, toes, legs etc, hoping that things will work out for the best.

The storyline revolves around Mario, a cocky young up-and-coming photographer from Little Italy who literally falls in love at first sight with with Nicole Yeats (hence the title - I <3 N.Y.), the daughter of John Robertson Yeats(Plummer), a prestigious actor starring on Broadway. After a little persuasion, Nicole agrees to go on a date with Mario and together they start a relationship which ruffles the feathers of her father, his mother and his boss (Orbach).

It's pretty much an 80's Romeo and Juliet tale - without the tragic end. He's from a low class background trying to make it big and she's from a high class background where she could have anything she wants.

The chemistry between Baio and Kelly Van Der Velden is fantastic. It's this that makes this movie worthwhile, although there are fantastic performances from Plummer as Nicole's tyrannical father and Orbach as Mario's frustrated boss.

I pretty much have to say that, even though these type of movies are so clichéd, I was rooting for the young couple and half expected them to elope together to annoy her their respective parents. There's some great dialogue between characters, particularly Mario and Nicole when they first meet and there's a few funny moments too.

If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it as it's a great chick flick, perfect for a Saturday night in with that bottle of red and the girls.

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Scott Loves N.Y. ------ And Who Doesn't?

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
26 August 2008

There is only one reason to see I Love N.Y. and that is for Christopher Plummer to see both as an international superstar man of the theater and in character as Cyrano de Bergerac. I just loved seeing him as Cyrano, I just wish there had been more.

Outside the theater Plummer has got some other problems mostly involving his little princess of a daughter Kelly Van Der Velden. He's used to getting his way, he's also used to giving her whatever she wants within reason. But when she catches sight of up and coming photographer Scott Baio, that's what she wants and Plummer thinks he's beneath her.

A kid with a widowed mother, Virna Lisi, growing up in Little Italy aspiring for the daughter of a Sir Laurence Olivier like theater icon.

By the way though the film is set in New York, the title is a double entendre because the object of Scott's affection is named Nicole Yeats. By any name poor Ms. Van Der Velden couldn't act at all, though beautiful she is. It's the main problem with the film.

One thing I did like was in 1987 one of Baio's photographic assignments was a commitment ceremony between two gay men in Coney Island. In this day of same sex marriage on the verge of becoming a reality in more than two states, I Love N.Y. turns out to be years ahead of its time.

Still you can be years ahead of your time and not be a great movie.

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An Absolute Waste of Time!

Author: Bolesroor from New York, NY USA
9 June 2003

I watched this movie on TV the other weekend. It is a made-for-TV film so awful that the director wanted his name removed (note the infamous Alan Smithee credit!). Yeah, it's every bit that bad...

"I Love NY" stars Scott Baio as a "rebellious" photographer from the wrong side of the tracks who falls for Nicole Yeats (Kelly van der Velden), a spoiled princess whose father is a prominent stage actor (Christopher Plummer). The film is just awful... nothing happens, no one moves... Scott Baio is doing his best to play an Italian tough-guy and the other actors are so bad you will wonder if they were all drugged before filming. There is nothing memorable about this film... I couldn't even enjoy it as a good "Bad" movie. It is just senseless filler- avoid at all costs!

Oh and after reading ten reviews online, I finally discovered that the "NY" of the title stands for Nicole Yeats, the girl he falls for. That's about the level of wit this film has to offer. Clip your toenails instead.


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