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Alternate Versions

The German version of this not-so violent film was cut during the gore scenes to get a 16 rating.
The scene in which Michael kills the mechanic was originally on-screen. The footage showed Michael stabbing the mechanic in the throat with the crowbar.
A scene was filmed to bridge Halloween 2 with 4. It was a flashback to the finale of part 2 with a scene where Loomis is being tended to by paramedics when he sees the burning body of the shape. Loomis exclaims to the EMS technicians to "Let Him Burn!" and they douse the flaming corpse of Myers to the better judgment of Loomis.
The 5.1 remix on the US Blu-ray (and most DVD editions) is missing some sound effects that were in the original stereo mix. For example, there are some thunderclaps missing during the opening credits (most noticeable when lighting flashes are accompanied only by rain). Also, in the following scene, after the security guard's line "Hell of a night, huh? I'll take you down there," the buzzer sound from the door he opens is missing.
Swedish version is heavily cut.

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