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Wonderful documentary
skad1314 August 1999
Little-known but extremely wonderful documentary about the title-referenced women, including actress-model Lauren Hutton and Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor. A delightful look at how beauty can be found in the most offbeat places; the comments from the amateur belly-dancer at the end wrap up the movie (and its viewpoint) beautifully. Short and sweet; would make a perfect double feature with Steve Martin's ROXANNE
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Praise for exposure of hidden beauty.
Bill Eidtson17 January 1999
A charming, lighthearted documentary about a facial feature that has legendary significance. Les Blank creates a sensitive portrait of the experiences and accomplishments of women with space between their two front teeth. Some of the women dislike the gap, but most of the women featured have grown to enjoy their gapped teeth and express feelings of solidarity and pride among their dentulous sisters. The movie is excellent at portraying uniqueness and difference without making a spectacle out of its subjects. It also succeeds in depicting female images of beauty that are outside the realm of mainstream media. A good film for young teenagers.
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Gap Power!!!
thatmanfrank22 October 2000
I saw this documentary in a high school film class as an example of a documentary. It is a positive light hearted look at women dealing with their gap teeth. For those of you who like to make fun of people's misfortune, you might like this. For all the others who want to check out or study a good documentary, this is for you. Yes it is an odd choice, but i don't think it is a waste of time, like some of the c**p i have seen lately.
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