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B movie and workman like, but very entertaining jungle cannibals vs. the great white hunter and blonde

Author: jjhjj-2 from United States
2 November 2007

this was an unexpected delight, as a well crafted "b movie" with a delicious playmate, classic jungle adventure plot an a sense of humor in spite of thin finances and straight to video release. oiling Kathy before her confrontation with her jungle natives fate is yummy an extended with the director knowing what will entertain his audience. The natives are near nude and seem quite authentic, an used to the jungle and nudity. Shot on an Indian ocean island, the director used the hired natives to great advantage. I've loved jungle movies since the first Tarzan i saw, and this is not a cheap Ramar of the jungle quickie, but something for the 2nd on a twin bill in the fifties. "tarzan and his mate" had beautiful nudity, as a loinclothed Maureen O'sullivan dressed for her mate and a hot steamy jungle, which produced a very modern sexual content to a "black white oldie". The hayes office was not amused an it was heavily censored. But i digress, an highly recommended a very good "b movie" with humor, sexy actors, and an interesting plot.

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Cheap, adult-oriented rip-off of Indiana Jones

Author: L. Lion (laughing_lion@yahoo.com) from Los Angeles
1 March 1999

Although this is generally a cheesy jungle-adventure movie, it does have some highlights - the settings are quite beautiful, and the pacing of the adventure is good. You won't be bored watching it.

Keith is as breezy as possible playing the eponymous lead, an unabashedly drunk jungle guide shanghai'd into escorting rich boy Van Hoffman and his gorgeous wife Shower on a hunting expedition in cannibal country. He never takes things seriously . Shower is there as decoration and Keith makes extensive use of her - she doesn't really have to act much. She's not the only female to show off her body and the prurient aspects of the film make it about halfway to a T/A picture.

There's nothing in this film that would draw specific attention to it, or away from it. Produced to be shlock, it succeeds without too much fuss. A good 2 AM cable programmer.

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Kathy Shower at her hottest.

Author: rmj11 from UK
12 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck is a 1988 action/comedy film starring David Keith, Kathy Shower and Brant von Hoffman. The movie begins with millionaire hunter Ken Manchester (Hoffman) and his new wife Barbara(Shower) floating down a river in Borneo on their way to their honeymoon safari. In the village where they are to meet their guide, they come across "Tennessee" Buck Malone (Keith), a once legendary hunter now down on his luck.

In the village, an elephant goes on a rampage, nearly killing Barbara. She is saved by Buck, who shoots the elephant; only problem being that the elephant falls on and kills the Manchester's safari guide. Buck is arrested for shooting the elephant, and the Magistrate gives Buck a choice. Pay a fine that is so high that Buck can't possibly come up with the money, or give the Magistrate a talisman that Buck wears around his neck; the Magistrate covets the charm, but Buck refuses to give it up. Fortunately, Ken comes to the jail and offers to pay Buck's fine in exchange for Buck taking the couple on a safari. Buck reluctantly agrees.

Buck and his assistant, Sinanga, fly the couple to a location where a tribe that Buck is friendly with give them shelter and guides for the safari. The next day, they fly to a remote spot to begin hunting, only to discover that a rival tribe has expanded it's claims into the territory where they are hunting. Before they can escape, the party is ambushed, and Buck, the Manchesters and Sinanga are taken prisoner. The chief of the tribe is the son of the chief whom Buck befriended years earlier. On seeing the prisoners, the chief wants two things: Buck's talisman and Barabara Manchester. He is thwarted for two reasons: To get the talisman, he either has to kill Buck or Buck has to give it to him. The Chief, however, is constantly put off by his mother, who also recognizes Buck and loudly reminds the village of how Buck had saved them all. As for Barbara, the chief cannot have her while her husband, Ken, lives.

The chief, desiring Barbara, has her taken to his hut to be prepared by the village women to be his new wife through a special oil rubdown. There, she is stripped naked and the women rub oil all over her body. He then sets Ken loose, with the idea that Ken will try to escape, and the chief's men will hunt him down and kill him. Buck persuades the chief to also set loose Sinanga. Buck warns Ken to follow Sinanga's lead, but Ken refuses to take orders from a native. Ultimately, Ken runs the wrong way and is killed by the chief's men. The chief later presents Barabra, who is sitting naked in a hut, with Ken's head. According to tribal law, she is now his, and he rapes her. Buck, hearing her screams, realizes that his plan has failed.

Buck is later set free by the chief's mother, who gives him a machete as a weapon. He sneaks into the chief's hut and frees Barbara, but before they can sneak out, Barbara grabs a spear and stabs the chief, wounding him. Buck and Barbara race through the jungle back to Buck's plane, where they find Sinanga hiding. They escape, but before they leave, Buck circles the plane and drops his talisman into the young chief's hands. Sinanga begins to explain about Ken's death, but Buck tells him he has no need to explain.


The rubdown scene is considered by many viewers to be the highlight of the movie. In this scene, Barbara has been stripped naked by the women of the tribe, and forced to lay down on a bed of animal skins. While she is held down, the women rub oil all over her body. The scene begins at Barbara's feet, where two women are oiling up her legs. The camera moves upwards and we see another tribal woman rubbing oil onto her abdomen. Finally, the camera moves to Baraba's head and torso, where one woman is rubbing oil onto her breasts, while another woman holds her down by pinning her arms. The scene is repeated, this time with cutouts showing the tribal women's faces as they give Barabara her rubdown.

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Author: anonymous from Dallas, Texas
16 June 1999

It's "Indiana Jones" meets "Bikini Car Wash Company," or something like that. Doesn't do either well enough to recommend -- except for a single memorable scene in which Shower is rubbed down by the natives (a la Bo Derek in her Tarzan bomb) and then "taken" by the chief.

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"Bloomingdales" bimbo explores Borneo ...........

Author: merklekranz from United States
6 January 2014

First and foremost "Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck" must be considered nothing more than a vanity project for David Keith, who both stars and directs. His stereotyped "big white hunter" act is a challenge to watch. What is not difficult to watch is naked "Playmate Bunny", Kathy Shower, getting lubed and oiled by some native women. Otherwise, the story is familiar, the jungle scenery acceptable, and Keith's seaplane scenes at least help to maintain interest. Whoever thought up the idea that somehow you can mix comedy with decapitations and rape, in what was obviously not intended as dark humor, should have been clued they had a concept that wasn't fully developed. - MERK

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European TV Version

Author: robertjeffery-44442
10 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Currently only the American version of the film can be found. But back in the 90's there was an extended version of this film shown in Europe on TV.

The film is pretty much the same as the American version except there is a longer sequence of the infamous oiling scene.

The oiling scene in the American version is only a minute long but in the European version it's a few minutes long.

Kathy Shower is carried away to the tribe chief's hut (as in the US cut) but in this extended version you see Kathy being undressed by the native women in front of the chief's mother. Kathy's belt, boots, trousers and shirt are removed as the chief's mother inspects her.

The scene then cuts to Kathy being held down and oiled up naked by the native women (again like in the US version) but in the European cut we see more of Kathy being oiled up.

We see the native women hands going aggressively between Kathy's legs rubbing quite hard with Kathy's hips responding by grinding back vigorously. There is also more breast rubbing action with the chief's mother kneading Kathy's breasts, squeezing them hard with some nipple tweaking and pulling.

In this extended scene we can hear Kathy getting really turned on as she is worked up into a frenzy with Kathy making sex noises, which is also missing from the US version.

This version is no where to be found but maybe someone has got a copy of this elusive version of the film.

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DVD Release

Author: degvoidl1 from United States
15 November 2005

When will this movie be released on DVD? With all the older movies being re-released on DVD, you would think they would get around to it sooner or later. I know that it is not much more than a cheap Indiana Jones knock off, but it did have it's highlights, and was at least as good as some of the crap Hollywood has been releasing lately. Besides, it doesn't look like Spielberg and Lucas are having any luck getting Indiana Jones 4 off the ground any time soon. It won't be long before Ford is too old to be willing to put the fedora on again, anyway. David Kieth is no real substitute, but Tennessee Buck does have a tendency to get your attention. Perhaps my interest in the film isn't exactly on the high road, but when did that ever stop a movie from being released? It was a nice change of pace to see a movie that didn't try to offend, but didn't really care if it did.

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David Keith and Kathy Shower at their best....

Author: Dork-7 from Hammond, Ind.
29 September 1999

David Keith has Directed and played in a lot of his own films. As he did both in this Movie.

I think it was a great film. It keeps you going you never know what's coming next. Kathy Shower plays a big city wife in the jungle for her first time and has to learn that she can't dress and act like she's still in the city. Her Husband ends up getting killed and she gets kidnaped and raped by the jungle people. So David Keith has to come in and save the day.

A very good film, but keep the kids away from this one.

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Offensive, unmemorable CRAP

Author: egghead-5 from New Orleans
1 October 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Looking through the other comments, I'm amazed that there aren't any warnings to potential viewers of what they have to look forward to when renting this garbage. First off, I rented this thing with the understanding that it was a competently rendered Indiana Jones knock-off. What I got was one of the most offensive movies I can remember trying to sit through, made all the more shocking by the movie's comparatively high production values.

I don't think this is a spoiler, but if it is, be warned...

If your idea of entertainment is watching Bimbo getting raped from behind by Fearsome Tribal Chief, while she is staring into the dead eyes of her significant other's severed head, by all means, rent this flick. If not, I'd advise you to look elsewhere for entertainment.

Come to think of it, that scene so succinctly sums up the movie that there's nothing else I really need to say about it.

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Unfunny and Unexciting

Author: gridoon
31 July 2006

In the unlikely case that some aspiring directors are reading these comments, I'd like to offer some advice (free of charge!), from a viewer's perspective. If you want to make a serious exotic adventure film, do it. If you want to make a spoof of exotic adventure films, go ahead. DO NOT try to make both at the same time, it doesn't work. For example, having a goofy "comic relief" character killed and beheaded and following it up with a monkey shaking a tree and dropping a coconut on a cannibal's head just makes you look like you had NO IDEA what kind of movie you wanted to make. This one is boring, meandering, cheap, racist....you get the picture. A couple of smart moments and a few glimpses of nudity from Kathy Shower (way too prissy here) are hardly worth your trouble. There is a reason everyone has forgotten about this film's existence. (*1/2)

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