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Chicago Sun-Times
The funniest movie I have seen in a long time.
San Francisco Chronicle
I laughed so hard, my eyes watered. I laughed so loud, I lost track of whether anyone else was laughing. I laughed so much, I ached afterwards. [29 July 1988, Daily Notebook, p.E1]
One of the best-constructed, funniest, and most clever comedies to grace motion picture screens in recent years. It's outrageous, offensive, and even a little sick -- and all the more enjoyable because of it.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
May be less than the sum of its parts, but its parts are more impressive than most other wholes around.
Mr. Showbiz
Director Charles Crichton's hilarious romp.
Rolling Stone
If it is indeed possible for a film to be both stylish and tasteless, then A Fish Called Wanda certainly fills the bill.
USA Today
This crumbled-caper comedy is the funniest movie ever from a film maker late in his eighth decade. [22 July 1988, Life, p.4D]
Chicago Tribune
Contains some gaspingly funny moments. [29 July 1988, Friday, p.A]
With British-American culture clash as its dominant theme, A Fish Called Wanda bristles with wit, enlivened by delightfully over-the-top ensemble acting.
Christian Science Monitor
There are a few hilarious moments, and a few more that are foolish and even disgusting. [15 July 1988, Art and Leisure, p.21]

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