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"Did you have to kill him, for f*ck's sake?"

Author: Bezenby from United Kingdom
7 April 2015

Hell, it's no Strike Commando, but Bruno Mattei does a good turn here at producing something similar to that film Saigon, only with loads of action, madness, stupidity, blatant stock footage, footage cribbed from other films, and the usual crap that make up Mattei films. Basically, if you like Zombie Creeping Flesh and Strike Commando, you're bound to have fun with this one.

This time round, someone's killing high ranking US military personal and it's up to Brent Huff and sidekick whathisname to sort stuff out. They have the help of Werner Pocath and Romano Puppo. But who is behind the killings? To be honest, after watching the film, I'm still not too sure myself, but hell, you should see the cast in this one!

You've got (deep breath) Werner Pocath (Days of Hell, Ratman), Romano Puppo (Bronx Warriors 2, Street Law), Brett Hasley (Demonia, Touch of Death), Massimo 'GOD' Vanni (Last Hunter, Zombie Flesh Eaters 3), Jim Gaines (I think) (Zombie Flesh Eaters 3), Mike Monty (in some stolen footage from Strike Commando by the looks of it) (Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, Achtung! Desert Tigers)...I almost had a nosebleed when Massimo turned up.

Y'see, Massimo turns up, to put it a bit vaguely, at 1:02 minutes into the film, not that I was counting, as a kick arse bad guy hit-man who proceeds to waste most of the main cast. SO that's a good thing right there.

So - You either watch this one or not. Bruno fan? Kudos. Accidental tourist? Here there be tygers.

The NO LONGER HERE WITH US LIST: Romano Puppo, Mike Monty, Jim Gaines, Candice Daly, Werner Pocath...

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Cop Game!

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
8 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

During the Vietnam war, a group of elite soldiers seemingly are going around killing civilians. Their uniforms indicate they are part of something called The Cobra Force. MP Morgan (Huff) and his partner Hawk (Laurel) are assigned to investigate. But it's not going to be easy to get to the truth, not with Captain Kirk (Puppo), ("Like from Star Trek!" Morgan says), Col. Kasler (Pochath) and the even more mysterious Annie (Daly) providing twists, turns, and misdirections for Morgan and Hawk. Who is really behind this COP GAME? The greatness of Bruno Mattei seems to know no bounds and this is yet another example of said greatness. The movie starts off in a Phantom Soldiers (1987) style, moves to an Off Limits (1988) pastiche, and then indulges in some good old fashioned Exploding Hut action, which no Italian action movie from the 80's can legally be without. Throw in some footage from other movies and some miniatures, and voila, instant classic.

Brent Huff appears to really be giving this his all, yelling most of his lines. It seems he's trying to out-Reb Reb Brown. But Huff (or at least his character, Morgan) is cool and slick in between his yelling fits, with a Hawaiian shirt and rockin' sunglasses. He also has plenty of silly lines, many of which are like Dan Rather-style folksy colloquialisms but shouted at top volume. Huff is backed up by a nice cast of Italian movie regulars, including Brett Halsey in an uncredited role.

No mention of Cop Game would be complete without talking about its amazing title song. It's never credited to any one particular artist, but Al Festa is credited with the music, so perhaps he's behind it. It's a pumping, driving tune that really gets you into the spirit. And if your spirit starts to flag, the song plays multiple times throughout the film - in two different versions. Bar patrons even play it on the jukebox! The ultra-catchy chorus appears to say "Cop game! You're livin' in a blame game!" Despite the genius of rhyming "game" with "game", those lyrics might actually makes sense, as there is plenty of blame going around in the military hierarchy which make up some of the dialogue scenes in this movie. But if anyone out there has another idea of what the lyrics are (or how to get a hold of the soundtrack), please write in today. Right now! Containing enough funny/worthwhile moments to be worth a view, especially if you're familiar with the Italian action movies of the 80's, Cop Game is another worthy entry in the Italian output of the day. In the U.S. it was released on VHS by 3 Star Releasing, a company we're not really familiar with. Cop Game!

For more action insanity, drop by:

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Bruno Mattei delivers again

Author: HaemovoreRex from United Kingdom
15 August 2006

A short while back, I reviewed a film on IMDb called Delta Force Commando. The film proved to fail in just about every conceivable way possible with poorly conceived and executed action scenes, some atrociously lazy acting and universally bland characterisations. In short, the film represented exactly how NOT to make an action B-movie.

Well if that pile of poop represented one end of the scale, then the film reviewed here must surely represent the opposite end of the spectrum. In short this one shows exactly how a B-movie should be filmed!

The always great value for money Brent Huff stars in this and by gum, does he put in one hell of an intense performance! If there was an Oscar for on screen vituperation then judging on this performance, Huff would certainly be in with a big chance of scooping it! In fact, such scenes provide much of the enjoyment to be derived from this. In particular one scene has Huff letting off a particularly creative tirade of contumelious diction after which his partner dryly retorts, 'You took the words right out of my mouth.'

Aside from the script and performances, the action scenes are also great fun. This being a Bruno Mattei film, as you can probably expect, there's a fair bit of recycled footage from other films in here. Most notable, I picked out some of the explosive segments from Mattei's own Double Target and the infamous model car chase from Antonio Margheriti's Ark Of The Sun God. Far from a criticism however, the blatant obviousness that the film was made on the cheap actually makes it even more endearing especially when it is compared to some of the hugely budgeted, but ultimately utter crap offerings that Hollywood so often churns out these days!

For Mattei fans and B-Movie lovers alike, this is well worth a watch!

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Author: Michael A. Martinez ( from Los Angeles, CA
4 October 1999

Absolutely absurd action thriller from the absolutely inept minds of Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso. Starts off as the usual cop theme (heavily owing to the Gregory Hines/Willem Dafoe movie OFF LIMITS which came out earlier that year) with two unlikely partners seeking out some criminals, when suddenly they are paid by some military general (Werner Pochath) to kill some commander in Vietnam. The film deteriorates into a Vietnam shoot-em-up with obvious stock footage and terrible editing, culminating into a spy-thriller/ James Bond style conclusion. The music, cinematography, acting, and especially the direction were completely flat and horrible.

The filmmakers obviously had no idea how to film a movie. All action is filmed from the left side, all medium shots, and sometimes the camera isn't even pointed at the action or is too far away from the action for us to tell what's going on! Even a grade A supporting cast of Italian exploitation stars (Romano Puppo, Ottaviano Dell'Acqua, Massimo Vanni, and Luciano Pigozzi...supposedly) and an unbilled cameo by Brett Halsey doesn't help this one. It makes no sense at all, but is able to stay so charmingly silly that this film is perfect for parties, Mystery Science Theater, or bad movie festivals. They honestly don't ever get any funnier than this.

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More Vietnam Goodness from Bruno Mattei

Author: Drunken Master from Ottawa, Canada
29 March 2005

The KGB is in Vietnam, and Morgan (Brent Huff, from The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak) and Hawk are on the case. Double cross and bloodshed ensue - Bruno Mattei style! I've never seen a Bruno Mattei film I didn't find absolutely hysterical. This film is as violent as hell, with go-go girls; Rambo styled gun fights, and the craziest on-screen car chase I've ever witnessed - SERIOUSLY! You must see this car chase – filmed entirely with miniatures using model cars and model trains. I would have to say that this maybe the most original film I've seen in the Bruno Mattei cannon – no rip-offs in sight; just tons of fun, bloodshed and outrageous dialog!

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A let down from Bruno

Author: udar55 from Williamsburg, VA
5 January 2008

Bruno Mattei jumped on both the Vietnam and 80's cop genre (namely the Vietnam cop drama OFF LIMITS) with this utterly confusing actioner. Military police Morgan (Sam Huff) and Hawk (Max Laurel) are assigned by Captain Kirk (yes, Captain Kirk!) to find out why members of a unit called Cobra Squad are killing high ranking members of the military as the Vietnam war draws to a close. This is really a chore to get through. The film does offer a few bits of action and violence (explosions culled from Mattei's earlier STRIKE COMMANDO and a car chase done with miniatures from Antonio Margheriti's ARK OF THE SUN GOD), but it is so damn confusing to keep track of why characters are going here or there. The end twist - something involving Russians - comes out of nowhere. The film's opening scene with the Cobra Squad attacking in slo-mo while wearing gas masks is pretty effective though. Huff teamed up with Mattei the next year for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK riff STRIKE COMMANDO 2, which is much better than this.

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