Child's Play (1988) Poster


Plot Keywords

doll birthday
serial killer voodoo
murder boy
peddler babysitter
soul transference shootout
breaking through a door attempted strangulation
plant back from the dead
taunting attempted rape
shot to death knife
possession body landing on a car
skid row witch doctor
severed arm slasher
knocked out car cigarette lighter
evil doll stabbed in the chest
police station punctuation in title
homeless man blood
psycho thriller severed leg
jewelry store child in peril
bitten on the arm shot in the shoulder
psychopath black magic
remade winter
falling through a window head spin
shot in the leg foot chase
broken leg loss of aunt
1980s pistol
villain not really dead cliche matches
burnt body character's point of view camera shot
lightning bum
falling to death chicago illinois
dark humor shot in the heart
thrown through a window exploding house
hiding in a closet decapitation
tv news police detective
falling down a chimney evil laugh
cult film electric battery
tension apostrophe in title
urination lightning storm
hiding under a bed two killers
stop motion animation electrocution
falling on a car present
dismemberment propane explosion
footprint mother son relationship
electroconvulsive therapy animatronic
shot in the back supernatural power
subway stalking victim
false accusation department store
nude painting child's point of view
subjective camera voodoo doll
flour first of series
trail of blood widow
slasher flick gunfire
first part stabbed in the leg
hit with a hammer blood spatter
police interrogation freeze frame
car crash toy store
jammed gun head blown off
hit with a baseball bat child psychiatrist
gothic revenge
falling from height scalpel
corpse talking doll
reverse footage burned alive
electric shock killer doll
chant murder disguised as accident
stabbed in the hand maniac
toy arm blown off
cigarette smoking claw hammer
mural leg blown off
toy on fire cartoon on television
lifting someone into the air electronic music score
framed for murder car
whodunit skipping school
breakfast in bed mental hospital
bitten in the neck disbelieving authorities
severed head sole black character dies cliche
apartment person on fire
human monster disbelieving adult
ginger elevator
bandaged hand death of friend
independent film

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