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David Schwimmer Jumps Back to Gersh From CAA (Exclusive)

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David Schwimmer Jumps Back to Gersh From CAA (Exclusive)
David Schwimmer has returned to The Gersh Agency, the talent shop confirmed to TheWrap. Schwimmer had been at CAA for a couple of years, but was at Gersh before then. The move reunites Schwimmer with longtime agent Leslie Siebert, a partner at Gersh. Also read: With Img Deal, Wme Surpasses CAA in Size – But at What Cost? Schwimmer has lined up a series of films and plays since his career-defining turns in “Friends” and “Band of Brothers.” He appeared in Neil Labute’s “Some Girl(s)” in London and made his Broadway debut in “The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial.” On the film side,
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Robert Altman: The Hollywood Interview

Director Robert Altman.

Robert Altman: Eclectic Maverick


Alex Simon

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the April 1999 issue of Venice Magazine.

It's the Fall of 1977 and I'm a bored and rebellious ten year old in search of a new movie to occupy my underworked and creativity-starved brain, feeling far too mature for previous favorites Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) and Return of the Pink Panther (1975), and wanting something more up-to-date and edgy than Chaplin's City Lights (1931). I needed a movie to call my favorite that would be symbolic of my own new-found manhood (and something that would really piss off my parents and teachers). Mom and Dad were going out for the evening, leaving me with whatever unfortunate baby-sitter happened to need the $10 badly enough to play mother hen to an obnoxiously precocious only child like myself. I scanned the TV Guide for what
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