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Character error 

In her opening monologue, Annie says, "There are 108 beads in a Catholic rosary and there are 108 stitches in a baseball." While a set of Hindu or Buddhist prayer beads has 108 beads (and, indeed, the number 108 figures prominently in Eastern religions), the most commonly used Catholic rosary has only 59 beads.
There are several scenes showing the seating section for the wives of players. The sign says "Player's Wives". Unless the team has a bigamist, it should read "Players' Wives".


We see Nuke fire the ball through the glass window of the closed bar door. In the next shot the door is open, although no one has entered or exited.
After an opposing batter tees off on a pitch, the ball is clearly visible in Crash's glove
When Crash sends drinks over to Annie and Max's table, Annie says "we didn't order these." The waitress says "he did." Annie says "Who?" and immediately looks over in Crash's direction BEFORE the waitress points to Crash and says "the guy in the booth."
The shower sandal disappears next to Nuke after being thrown by Crash.
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Crash's sunglasses and guitar while fighting with Nuke on the bus.
When Nuke and Annie argue in her kitchen, she is in the background and he is in the foreground, meaning he has to walk past her as he heads for the door. But we never see him walk past her, even though she watches him head for the door.
In the dugout, Crash removes his equipment, preparing to go up to bat as he gives Nuke a dressing down. His chest protector is still on as he gets up, his hands empty. A moment later, he's on the dugout steps putting on batting gloves, a bat is leaning on him, and his chest protector is off.
When Crash is in the batting cage, the distance signs keep changing.
Skip's hat, when he's trying to scare the players in the shower.
Placement of hands during the garter belt scene in the kitchen.
When Annie and "Nuke" are in her kitchen during the "seduction" scene, she has stockings on in all of the close-up shots, but bare legs in the long shots.
Crash unhooks Annie's garter belt, but in the next shot she isn't wearing one.
When Crash runs towards the backstop to catch a pop foul, he barely catches it (ice cream cone-type catch) as you can clearly see the ball sticking out of his glove. In the next shot, you see him taking the ball from deep in the pocket of his glove.
Nuke's chain appears and disappears from his neck in the bus scene.
When Crash is arguing with the umpire, he put on his helmet before picking up his facemaskIn the next shot, he has the helmet in his hand.
When Nuke leaves Annie to board the bus for the road trip, she is standing well behind the bus. In the next shot, as the bus pulls out of the parking lot, she is next to the fence, ahead of the bus.
In the opening scene when Annie is walking into the stadium on opening night, the team is warming up on the field and the catcher is wearing #8 (which is Crash's number in the movie with the Bulls), but the catcher that started the season before Crash shows up is shown wearing #10 in the game.
When Nuke gets called up and he and Crash are talking in the pool hall, the cue and 8 balls change locations on the table between shots.
Before the fight outside the bar, a blond girl in a white shirt and jeans joins the crowd, then follows Crash out of the bar, then is seen with the crowd again.
When Crash predicts he'll hit a home run if the pitcher throws him a breaking ball, we see Crash pull the ball sharply to left field but the ball is seen going over the center field fence.
In the shower scene, when the manager is trying to scare the players, the trainer is holding a towel in his hands. In the next scene, the trainer has his arms folded.
When Crash tells Nuke to hit the Bull Mascot Nuke hits the Bull with the first pitch of the at bat. Then all of the sudden the next pitch, which is a strike down the middle, is strike three and the batter is out.
After catching a pop-up behind home plate, Crash tells Nuke to intentionally hit the Mascot. Nuke hits the mascot, Crash warns the batter, "I wouldn't dig in if I were you." The next pitch is a swinging strike, the batter is called out and Crash throws to 3rd base. At this point the count on the batter is only 1-1. The batter has not struck out yet.
When the local radio station is doing a simulation of a road game, the announcer's assistant, who is receiving the play-by-play via telephone, writes "DOUBLE TO LEFT" on a piece of paper. The handwriting on the paper changes from the time she writes it down to when she holds up the paper for the announcer to see.
In the scene when Nuke first shakes off Crash's sign, Crash can be seen walking back towards the plate and putting his mask on. When he arrives at the plate and says "fastball" to the opposing batter, he begins to put his mask on again.
When Crash and Nuke step outside in the back of the bar, Nuke throws the ball through the door window. When they turn to go back into the bar, the door is already open.
When Crash throws the 8-ball at the mirror after Nuke tells him he's been called up the show. At first, a portion of the broken mirror remains on the wall, then in the next shot it is virtually all gone, then back again but with different broken pieces remaining.
When Nuke is pitching and his father at the game ... the signs in the outfield change. When the batter is hitting, there is a sign in the outfield that reads "Sheraton University Center", but when Crash goes out to talk to Nuke, this sign is no longer there. It appears to have been filmed at a different ballpark.
After Nuke walks a batter during his final game for the Bulls, Crash turns to the umpire and says, "Gimme the ball," even though it's already in his glove due to ball four.

Crew or equipment visible 

In the beginning of the first game, when the Bulls go back to the dugout, you can see the shadow of the camera on one of the players on the far left.
When Crash is lecturing Nuke on the condition of Nuke's shower Sandals, you can see camera light fixtures reflect on Nuke's sunglasses.

Errors in geography 

Near the end of the film when Annie is returning home (the old James Manning house at 911 N. Mangum Street in Durham) from the ballpark in the rain (umbrella in hand) and sees Crash on her porch swing, Annie approaches her house from the north, the wrong direction. The old Durham Athletic Park, where the film was shot, is located in the 500-block of W. Corporation Street which is south and west of the house.

Factual errors 

When Crash tells Nuke to hold the ball like an egg, Crash returns to his position and holds down two fingers to signify that he wants Nuke to throw a curveball. Since there is a runner at second base at the time, a catcher would throw down a series of signs, so that the runner at second can't steal the sign and signal the batter on what the next pitch is going to be.
In the film Crash Davis becomes the all time Minor League Home Run leader but in reality many minor leaguers hit more than Crash's total career HRs.
Nuke says the parent major league team is expanding its roster and he has been called up to "the show." The Bulls (and Asheville Tourists, Crash's new team) continue to play. In reality, roster expansion coincides with the end of the minor league season (Labor Day). Also, players for high A teams typically do not go directly to the majors (skipping two levels).
In the first game of the movie, two batters are introduced with "Now batting for the Peninsula White Sox" but they are wearing the uniform of the Hagerstown Suns.

Plot holes 

The first scene where we see Annie driving a car is the scene where the bus is leaving the parking lot. Annie waves and gets into a brown mid 1980s two door Pontiac Sunbird. But we never see the Pontiac Sunbird again in the movie. Suddenly, later in the movie, she is driving the old blue Volvo, which remains the car she drives throughout the rest of the movie.

Revealing mistakes 

About 21 minutes into the movie Annie and Crash are in her bedroom ans she puts an Édith Piaf record on. But the record player is clearly a 78 RPM antique, and the disk is clearly a modern 33 rpm LP with multiple cuts.
When Crash tells Nuke to hit the bull mascot, which is standing behind the plate, you can see the breath of both players, as if it is winter. In fact, it is supposed to be deep into the summer, as all fans are wearing summer attire, and, of course, it's summer baseball season.

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