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'Tin Cup' Director Ron Shelton Plots 'Escape Artist'

'Tin Cup' Director Ron Shelton Plots 'Escape Artist'
Ron Shelton, the filmmaker behind sports comedies such as Tin Cup, White Men Can’t Jump and Bull Durham, is set to write and direct Escape Artist.

Announced on Friday by Gold Star Films and Signature Films and based on script written by Shelton and Al Reinert, Escape Artist will depict the true-life events that led Ed “Hacksaw” Jones to break out of 14 prisons and become the first person to ever be put on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list without ever committing a violent crime.

Gold Star Films co-chairman, Joey Tufaro, Signature Films founder, Marc Goldberg, and production executive...
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For The Postseason: Joe E. Brown As Alibi Ike

If you’re a baseball fan, particularly if you’re a Dodgers, Astros, Cubs or Yankees fan, the real baseball season started this past Friday with the inauguration of the American and National League Championship Series. I’m a Dodgers fan, which means I’m among that group who, arguably, have gone the longest without the satisfaction/excitement/nail-biting terror of seeing their team in the World Series, the next step for whoever wins in the Nlcs. The Dodgers last appeared in the World Series in 1988, capping a memorable run with a championship by beating the Oakland A’s. That was 29 years ago. The Cubs are the reigning Mlb champions, having won last year’s World Series after a 107-year drought. And the Yankees, a mainstay of the World Series around the turn of this century, last appeared in an October championship series in 2009.

The only team to come close
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“Just Getting Started” Trailer is Looking Good So Far

Okay. We’re hooked. Morgan Freeman. Tommy Lee Jones. Rene Russo. Oh, yes…there’s Ron Shelton, too. Though we haven’t seen much from director Shelton for a while, he is back, and his new action comedy already has a lot going for it. It’s scheduled to open on December 8th. Three Hollywood forces combine for success potential in Shelton’s newest romp, and we’re not only talking about the three main characters. First, there’s Shelton’s previous comedy successes. He made a name for himself with White Men Can’t Jump, Cobb, Tin Cup, and Bull Durham. He knows his stars, as Rene Russo starred

Just Getting Started” Trailer is Looking Good So Far
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Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo and Tommy Lee Jones are Just Getting Started on new poster

A new poster has arrived online for writer-director Ron Shelton’s upcoming action comedy Just Getting Started featuring Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo, and Tommy Lee Jones; check it out below…

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From Ron Shelton, writer/director of Tin Cup and Bull Durham, comes the new comedy, Just Getting Started. Morgan Freeman stars as Duke Diver, the freewheeling manager of the luxury Palm Springs resort, the Villa Capri. Diver may have a mysterious past, but he’s a pro at making sure that life for the high-spirited residents is one big, non-stop party. But the status quo is challenged when ex-military charmer Leo (Tommy Lee Jones) checks in, triggering a competition between Duke and Leo for the top spot of Alpha male, as well as for the affections of the newly-arrived Suzie (Rene Russo). When Duke’s past suddenly catches up with him,
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‘Just Getting Started’ Trailer: Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones Battle For Supremacy at a Retirement Resort

  • Slash Film
‘Just Getting Started’ Trailer: Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones Battle For Supremacy at a Retirement Resort
Director Ron Shelton built his career making sports movies like Bull Durham, White Men Can’t Jump, Tin Cup, and Play It To The Bone, but now his most recent feature was 2003’s Hollywood Homicide, a quasi-buddy comedy that featured the main characters butting heads but ultimately working together to achieve a goal. Now, 14 years later, he’s back with […]

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‘Just Getting Started’ Trailer: Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones Are Gonna Fight

  • Collider.com
Broad Green Pictures has released the first trailer for the upcoming comedy Just Getting Started. The film stars Morgan Freeman as the upbeat and charismatic manager of a luxury Palm Springs resort called Villa Capri whose status is threatened by the arrival of a newcomer, played by Tommy Lee Jones. Matters are made even more complicated when it’s revealed that Freeman’s character is actually in witness protection after testifying against the mob. The film hails from Tin Cup and Bull Durham writer/director Ron Shelton, and thus has a bit of a throwback vibe to the kinds of …
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Morgan Freeman in Full Trailer for Action Comedy 'Just Getting Started'

"I've got a big secret, wanna hear?" Broad Green Pictures has unveiled an official trailer for the new old-timers action comedy Just Getting Started, formerly titled Villa Capri until this official trailer arrived. From director Ron Shelton (of Bull Durham, White Men Can't Jump, Tin Cup) the film is about an ex-fbi agent and an ex-mob lawyer in the witness protection program who have to get over their petty old folks' home rivalry in order to save themselves from a mob hit. Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones star, with a cast including Glenne Headly, Rene Russo, Joe Pantoliano, Elizabeth Ashley, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Graham Beckel, and Mel Raido. This seems to be another one of those super cheesy "old people can still be funny" comedies we see all the time that really aren't that funny. This is definitely not for me. Here's the first official trailer for Ron Shelton's Just Getting Started,
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‘Just Getting Started’ Trailer: Morgan Freeman & Tommy Lee Jones Cause Retirement Home Mayhem

  • The Playlist
Once upon a time, Ron Shelton was a big deal in Hollywood thanks to his sports comedies “Bull Durham,” “White Men Can’t Jump,” and “Tin Cup.” But things have been pretty quiet for the filmmaker lately, and his last feature was 2003’s widely panned “Hollywood Homicide.” Now he’s back, working with some familiar faces and delivering a laffer that your parents might appreciate.

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10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Stream in July

10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Stream in July
Sundance goes online in July, with a trio of buzzy, well-reviewed indie pictures from the festival surfacing on streaming sites. Meanwhile, Netflix drops a star-studded dramedy, a cult video-game series adaptation awash in blood and Jason Bateman breaking bad; Amazon presents both an original F. Scott Fitzgerald adaptation; and Shudder offers a tour of the unhinged, psychotronic mind of Flying Lotus. You need a guide to July's streaming highlights? Boom. We've got your back.

Altered States (Hulu, July 1st)

During the Sixties, scientist John C. Lilly was a pioneer on the frontier of consciousness,
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Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Reunite After 2009 Split

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Reunite After 2009 Split
Friendly exes alert! Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins reunited Tuesday, eight years after their split, and dined with their son Jack Robbins, 28, and two other people in Venice, California. The whole group was later spotted walking down the street together. The actress carried a dog during their outing. Sarandon, 70, and Robbins, 58, began dating in the late '80s after meeting on the set of the film Bull Durham and split in 2009. They also share son Miles, 24.   In 2014, Sarandon told Aarp the Magazine that her role in the Broadway play Exit the King made her reevaluate her relationship with Robbins. "You can't do a...
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John Ostrander: Double Your Pleasure

  • Comicmix
When I was younger I would go to double features at the movies all the time; sometimes, even a triple feature. It was good value for the money; two movies for the price of one. We also had what was called second run theaters. These were more the neighborhood, smallish theaters that would show films after they had been in the larger theaters. There were even venues that would show old movies and change the program daily. This was before tapes or CDs were out and often were the only way to see old movies on a big screen (as God and Cecil B. DeMille intended).

Often the films were chosen randomly but every once in a while you’d get someone booking the films who knew what they were doing. I first saw Casablanca in a double bill with Play It Again, Sam, written and starring but not directed by Woody Allen.
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'Field of Dreams': THR's 1989 Review

'Field of Dreams': THR's 1989 Review
On April 21, 1989, Universal unveiled Kevin Costner's baseball drama Field of Dreams in theaters. The Hollywood Reporter's original review is below.

As the movie baseball season continues in full swing, Universal's Field of Dreams, formerly Shoeless Joe, takes its turn at bat with Kevin Costner once again in the cleanup position. Based on Costner's all-star, behind-the-plate performance last summer in Bull Durham, look for a full grandstand of both men and women at Dreams' opening weekend.

Like Bull Durham, Field of Dreams isn't so much about baseball as about life. Like those beer commercials where opposing sides of the bleachers...
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“You Gotta Know the Chord Changes Before You Can do the Improvisation”: Ron Shelton on the 25th Anniversary of White Men Can’t Jump“

Growing up in the basketball-crazy early ’90s, Ron Shelton’s White Men Can’t Jump was iconic long before I took the time to actually sit down and watch it: the title (that font stretching!), the baggy tanks and starched casquettes, the deadpan visages of Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes all but daring me to rent the movie every time I saw the VHS. Starring the duo as pickup basketball players who combine forces in an uneasy con-alliance, Shelton’s followup to Bull Durham is a stone cold classic: a big-hearted buddy comedy of dazzling cinematographic musculature, the camera bobbing and weaving cross-court […]
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The Best Of The Best -The Greatest Actresses and the roles that made them great

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Dave Roper

Actors, Writers, Directors, they all have their part to play and all have their echelons of excellence. For every Scorsese working at the top of their game, there’s a journeyman like Peter Berg and then a hack like McG (sorry to any McG fans out there). It’s all (obviously) much the same with the greatest actresses too – some consistently hit high notes, others work faithfully but perhaps unexceptionally and others struggle to ever escape derivative and low-brow work. Here are a few who fall squarely in the first group.

Susan SarandonDead Man Walking

Susan Sarandon is often underappreciated and underrated for her versatility. Consider the contrast between her campaigning, gracious nun in Dead Man Walking, her feisty southerner in Thelma & Louise, her boo-hiss Queen in Enchanted, the comparative gentleness (but definitely not blandness) of her roles in Robot & Frank and Elizabethtown and the oomph
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11 Facts About White Men Can’t Jump

  • PEOPLE.com
11 Facts About White Men Can’t Jump
With the news that White Men Can’t Jump will be … can’t jumping back into theaters courtesy of Kenya Barris, who created ABC’s hit Black-ish, we thought it would be a good opportunity to revisit some facts about the original 1992 film, starring future True Detective Woody Harrelson and future vampire hunter Wesley Snipes.

The film’s leads were almost Denzel Washington and Keanu Reeves

Washington turned the film down to do Malcolm X, and despite demonstrating his athleticism later in The Matrix, Reeves was apparently so uncoordinated on the court that he “almost broke my neck going up for a layup,
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White Men Can’t Jump is getting a remake

Simon Brew Jan 18, 2017

The Wesley Snipes/Woody Harrelson basketball comedy White Men Can’t Jump is getting a remake next...

We know that nothing cheers you all up like a story of a remake of a film you like, so let us take a minute to assume the position before we pass this nugget on.


Yep, the 1992 basketball comedy White Men Can’t Jump, starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, is now in line for a big screen do-over. It’s in the hands of Kenya Barris, the creator of Black-ish, and 20th Century Fox is backing the project, as it did the original.

Ron Shelton, who was also behind classy sporting movies such as Bull Durham, Tin Cup and Cobb, wrote and directed the original film. He isn’t believed to be involved in the new version.

Instead, Kenya Barris will both produce the project and pen the new screenplay.
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White Men Can't Jump Remake Happening with Black-Ish Creator

  • MovieWeb
White Men Can't Jump Remake Happening with Black-Ish Creator
While NBA superstar LeBron James continues to develop a long-gestating sequel to Space Jam, another current NBA star is working on a new basketball-themed remake. Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is teaming up with the NBA's Blake Griffin and NFL star Ryan Kalil for a remake of the 1992 comedy film White Men Can't Jump. While the title for the original is actually a line in the film, delivered by Wesley Snipes' Sidney Deane to Woody Harrelson's Billy Hoyle, about his inability to dunk, it's quite ironic that Blake Griffin is producing, since he is a white man that can jump, winning the NBA Slam Dunk contest in 2011.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Kenya Barris will write the screenplay and produce this sports remake, which will fall under the overall deal he signed with 20th Century Fox last September. Blake Griffin and Ryan Kalil will produce under their Mortal Media company,
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Will Kevin Costner Return in Bull Durham 2?

  • MovieWeb
Will Kevin Costner Return in Bull Durham 2?
It's never too late for a sequel. Something we've certainly learned over the last few years with movies like Independence Day and Zoolander getting follow-ups years after the originals came out. But this isn't some kind of new precedence just set in the last couple of years. Paul Newman didn't return in The Color of Money, a sequel to 1961's The Hustler, until twenty-some years after the fact. Getting a Bull Durham 2 would play to that same conceit, especially considering the fact that it's a sports movie.

There have always been sequels. But now, the multiplex lives and breathes by them as studios race to set up their own cinematic universes that can compete with the likes of Star Wars and Marvel. Some call this the Golden Age of the sequel. And we've gotten to the point where the most obscure film from decades ago could finally get a follow-up.
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My World Of Flops: Make America mediocre again case file #73: Swing Vote

  • The AV Club
My World Of Flops is Nathan Rabin’s survey of books, television shows, musical releases, or other forms of entertainment that were financial flops, critical failures, or lack a substantial cult following.

It’s not easy for a man who is rich, famous, handsome, and a bona fide movie star to also be a giant dork, but somehow Kevin Costner manages it. The onscreen Costner has a number of defining moments, perhaps none bigger than his epic attention-demanding monologue in Bull Durham. But the defining moment of the offscreen Costner is probably that wonderful moment in Madonna: Truth Or Dare when he comes backstage after one of her orgiastic performances and opines that it was “neat.”

This was Costner in miniature: When confronted with one of the preeminent sex goddesses of her era at her prime, he doled out a wholesome compliment more appropriate for a 6-year-old boy geeking out
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‘Pitch’ Review: The First Female Professional Baseball Player Is Nearly Undone By Her Emotions

‘Pitch’ Review: The First Female Professional Baseball Player Is Nearly Undone By Her Emotions
We are approaching a milestone in America: Hillary Clinton is on pace to become the first female President of the United States. It’s a landmark achievement thats weight has somehow been trumped by our need to avoid the end of the world (pun intended), but the far-reaching impact of a woman holding our nation’s highest office will be felt long beyond the lives of anyone reading these words. Not only is it historic — it’s significant.

Now, comparing that achievement with America’s first female professional baseball player may seem like a stretch. Even more so considering this ballplayer only exists on television, within the fictional world of “Pitch” created by Dan Fogelman and Rick Singer. Yet the connection is made within the series itself, as one of the first images we see is a vase of flowers delivered to freshly called-up San Diego Padres pitcher Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury,
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