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10 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Great schlock! A for effort!

Author: barrylynch from Oakville, Ontario
19 September 2002

The Brain reprises familiar cliches well known to B-movie audiences. All we need to say is an alien brain uses TV, along with self-serving humans (of course), to try to control a small town, then, hopefully the world. It's up to two teenagers, a high school delinquent and his girlfriend to stop the Brain. The effects are cheesy!, the acting is laughable!, the production quality is abhorrent!, the plot unbelievable!, but yet the whole of the movie comes off as rather endearing tongue-and-cheek stuff. Kind of a gem in a backhanded sort of way!

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8 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Caution: sodium in use

Author: Seb from United Kingdom
6 October 2008

The Brain is the story of an evil alien brain that tries to take control of the world through a threadbare looking self-help show. When it fails to take control of a rebellious teenager it sets him up as a murderer which as it turns out is pretty easy. If you shout "he killed them" to the cops they will believe you, even if you are holding an axe and there is a headless cop at your feet.

The effects for this movie range between shoddy and outright hilarious. The brain itself is obviously the comedy highlight but also memorable is the explosion where two very obvious fireworks can be seen. The story itself isn't that bad and there is some good acting, the thing is though you'll just be laughing at the effects too much to notice much else. I'm not saying it's well written though, the ending is spelt out in mile high letters within 20 minutes which is a bit of a shame.

People are always saying that bad movies are "so bad they're good" but this is one film that's genuinely deserving of that accolade. I really enjoyed it, if you feel like some cheap laughs and a watchable story you'll find them with this movie.

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

amusing alien horror, if you can overlook the monster's silliness

Author: FieCrier from Upstate New York
6 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was reminded of 1981's Strange Behavior, with a mad scientist who is supposed to be helping troubled high schoolers actually using his techniques to take over their minds. I'm a bit surprised to see that there are more people who've rated this movie on IMDb than that one, since Strange Behavior is on DVD and this one isn't, and I would guess is out of print on VHS.

However, The Brain has an alien in it. Or that's presumably what it is: at first, a giant disembodied brain in a vat, though it is able to open its two hemispheres to engulf and devour a person, after which a face emerges from the brain, which looks a little horrific, and a little silly.

The Brain is able to control people's thoughts to some degree, with the help of a TV program called "Independent Thinking" put out by the Psychological Research Institute, where the brain is kept by the program's host. It either causes people to hallucinate and kill other people and sometimes themselves, or else when people's mind reject the attempt at control their mind causes hallucinations and the deaths. The hallucinations are pretty good. The one that opens the movie has a girl in her room seeing a teddy bear come to life and bleed from its eyes, a demon hand breaking out of a TV set, the room's walls pressing inwards and so on.

An intelligent but problem teenager is sent to the PRI to straighten him out, but he is able to resist the programming, and the attempts to have him kill himself. He gets away and then must figure out how to save his friends and the town and destroy the brain.

There are some funny lines in the movie. I liked the exchange between the high schooler and a school official: "We learned in civics class that people are innocent until proved guilty!" "You think you're in America? You're in high school!"

The ending of the movie is a bit odd. Two of the characters drive off uneventfully, and there is a peculiar triangular-shaped wipe effect that had been seen earlier in the movie showing the face of the enemy. Personally, I was expecting a new similar TV show to come on the air.

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8 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Better than the cover makes it look to be.

Author: CultMovieFan-1 from Oakland, California
10 April 2002

This oldie definitely delivers the goods. The cover makes it look even cheesier than it is, which is probably why no one's heard of it. B-horror movies which relate the media and television to alien mind control are always entertaining, and the special effects are worth a laugh or two. Not very different than what's being released now - reminded me of "The Faculty" and "Disturbing Behavior", but better in a way because it's actually flaunting it's cheesiness instead of masking it with popular teenage actors and hit pop songs. Certainly worth a viewing by fans of the genre.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

So Bad, So Good

Author: CMRKeyboadist from Sleesburg, VA.
19 January 2006

I can't even count how many times I have watched this movie throughout the years. I consider myself lucky to even own a copy of this movie. This is easily one of my all time favorite bad films. If you're expecting something decent just walk away because The Brain is not for you. This is simply for the true lovers of bad cinema.

The late David Gale has a show on TV that is a therapeutic type of show. Many people in this town watch the show and rather enjoy it. What they don't know is the show is being masterminded by a giant brain from outer space and it's sending brainwashing signals threw the TV. Only one teenage boy is able to fight away these signals and decides to take matters into his own hands after the brain brainwashes everyone in town making them think that the boy is murdering people.

I can't say that the acting is anything great but David Gale is always a pleasure on screen, even if the script given to him sucks. Some of the special effects are good but most of them are just silly. The brain itself is actually pretty cool looking if you can put aside how ridiculous it looks. The brain does have an interesting transformation scene from just being a regular looking brain to what looks like a giant rotting monkey head.

I have to say I really liked this movie even if most of my friends can't get through the first 30 minutes of it. But then again, I can sit through just about any garbage cinema you give me and find something enjoyable about it. 8/10 stars

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

this movie.. rocks..

Author: snatchbeast from portland, or
1 October 2004

it has everything. nudity, violence, a giant brain that eats people.

if only we knew who operated the eyes, and if the brain skirt appearing towards the end was actually intended to hide the wheels that made the evil brain kill... if only..

it tells of mind control attempts and the horrors of the teen years.

we still wonder.. will there ever be a sequel?

i feel we were set up in the end.. and i want a sequel.

see what mysterious haunts the brain travels to next

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Cheesy and confused but interesting metaphor for a conformist society.

Author: kclipper from United States
7 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mind Control is the topic and basic premise of this low-grade sociological study/campy horror film from director, Ed Hunt (Bloody Birthday). A thought provoking but muddled metaphor for the brainwashing effects of Scientology, T.V. marketing propaganda and other pseudo-scientific religious hogwash is at times unintentionally laughable for its cheesy portrayal of a giant brain with teeth that murders people after subjecting them to a series of hallucinations brought on by a mad doctor played by the straight-faced, hammy, David Gale. (He was the hilarious talking severed head from 'Re-Animator'). Fans will enjoy seeing Gale as the maniacal genius who hosts a television show that tricks people into thinking that they are "independent" and "individuals" all the while they are just experimental guinea pigs and food for "The Brain" creature. This is obviously a statement on a conformist society, but it falls short due to erratic direction and some pretentious overacting. Although, Tom Bresnahan makes for a good character. He's paranoid but intelligent, and he seems to be the only one that is on to the crooked intentions of Dr. Blake which makes for an interesting battle of wits. The brain creature is typically ridiculous 80s cheese as it swallows up hopeless idiot victims in its wake. Non-conformist horror fans will get some enjoyment out of this mess, and Gale's Re-Animator tribute scene is a real hoot, and the sodium washroom brain-exploding sequence is just too funny for words. Its not-so-bad if you're in the mood.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Dr. Phil has nothing on this movie...

Author: gasmaskproductionsbooks from Canada
23 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

High school student James has excellent grades and a beautiful girlfriend, but he is always playing weird practical jokes. This makes his teachers and parents sign a consent form to have him sent off to a revolutionary new TV doctor, Dr. Blake. Dr. Blake often talks about the increase in teen suicides and sure enough, just near James' house, a fellow student has just stabbed her mother and jumped out a window... but was there more to it? Did she really jump, or did something else kill her mother and push her? James finds the mental hospital where is is sent to be pointless and annoying, so he leaves the building. Unknown to him the hospital nurse who he hallucinated as being topless, is on his side; she knows about the strange hallucinogenic brain experiments on people in the building and threatens to tell. Before she gets the chance, a giant brain-like creature eats her. Blake sends an overweight bearded med assistant to hunt down James and bring him back.

James hides out in his girlfriend Janet's diner after his car crashes and blows up. She tries to hide him but a cop shows up, as does the fat med assistant, and Janet can only watch as he is dragged away again, this time kicking at some invisible monster no one else can see. He escapes the hospital a second time with her help, and the help of his best friend, but his best friend is eaten by the brain monster. Murders start popping up all over town and on the TV sets of all the viewers tuned in, Blake tells them it was James who killed them, and that James has trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy. A brainwashing message is also said, convincing several housewives to kill their husbands if their husbands refuse to watch the Dr. Blake show. Now Janet and James are runaway fugitives, hiding out in the local high school as the entire town of brainwashed adults search for them.

This wasn't the best movie but you've gotta admit, it's entertaining at least. The soundtrack is pretty good, the acting was okay and for the budget they had, the brain monster was pretty good, though highly unbelievable. This movie might make you think twice about tuning in every day to D. Phil, Ellen and Oprah.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

open your mind

Author: trashgang from Midian
23 April 2009

It was all over with the slashers around 88 so it was time for the cheesy rip offs of those older movies. The Brain is well done, the script reminded me of Videodrome but then in a more cheesy way as said before. The acting can go through with it. But it's the effects that makes you laugh, the so called Brain is really a turkey and the blood is never shown. The opening sequence is what makes this movie worth watching, the hallucinations are really nicely done and reminded me of Nightmare on Elm Street, remember the telephone coming alive.... Some how you keep watching this flick, waiting what is happening next. It's viewable for all freaks out there cause there isn't any gore in it and as said the blood isn't there neither but there is nudity for the perverts. I have seen worser movies than this one, only wished they had made it bloodier...

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Fun, cheesy, '80s monster movie

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
13 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

THE BRAIN is a solid entry in the 'rubbery monster' B-movie cycle of the 1980s: many of these films were highly entertaining, and this is no exception. It may not reach the heights of genre classics like RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, or NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, but for what it is, THE BRAIN delivers. It reminded me of a slightly higher budgeted version of films like THE DEADLY SPAWN and THE ABOMINATION.

The biggest drawback is the plot. What we see of it is fine, but half of the film is spent on repetitive chase sequences with our hero narrowly averting being captured by the cops time and again. The first few times, this stuff is fresh and exciting, but then it becomes boring and you wish they'd get on with telling the story. This is what stops THE BRAIN from being an outright camp classic.

Still, there are plenty of pluses here too. The opening sequence, in which a teenage girl is assailed by slimy tentacles and bleeding teddy bears in her narrowing bedroom, is exceptionally done. I liked how the brain kept growing in size as the film progressed, until it reaches tremendous proportions at the climax. I also found the special effects to be superb, especially the brain itself: this is what special effects were all about, and it's obvious that plenty of time and care went into its creation. Fine by me! The casting is less impressive, as we're saddled with a particularly unsympathetic lead. Not to worry – further down the cast is the great David Gale, once again playing a rotter (in line with his appearances in the RE-ANIMATOR flicks!). Plus there's the gorgeous Christine Kossak, providing some completely gratuitous nudity, and the hulking George Buza, who runs amok with an axe for the most part; you can't really complain about that.

Despite the multitude of rubbery effects, the film is surprisingly free of gore. There's a beheading in here and some gruesome scenes of the brain chomping on victims, but that's about it. There's also an impressive car flip and a fun explosive ending. This will go down as a classic in nobody's mind, but for some fun '80s cheesiness, you've come to the right place.

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