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Sex & Nudity

  • R - for sequences of strong sci-fi/horror violence and gore, a brief scene of sensuality and language.
  • A man grabs and squeezes an unconscious woman's breast.
  • A man tries to make a move on a woman who is unconscious/dead.

Violence & Gore

  • This movie, while somewhat cheesy, still contains some fairly graphic death scenes.
  • An older man is attacked by a mysterious blob in the woods. The Blob attacks his hand and he tries to chop his hand off with the blob attached with an axe. As the axe goes into his wrist, blood spurts from the wound and the blob engulfs his arm even more.
  • Later, when he is in the hospital, he is seen writhing in pain as his body contorts in an odd fashion. When the doctors come to see what is wrong, they find that the entire lower half of his body has been burned away, leaving a bloody mess all over the hospital bed.
  • A man is attacked by the blob. It covers his entire body except for his arm. As the blob stays on him, we see his skin start liquefying and melting off and blood and goo start coming out of his disintegrating body. A woman runs in and sees his deformed body squirming in pain. She grabs his arm in an attempt to save him, but the acid burns it off, sending the woman flying across the room as the arm flies off in a bloody mess. It then cuts to the man in the blob as his face burns off and we see his eyes melt out of his skull. The detached arm is seen lying on the floor later in a pool of blood, twitching. This is by far one of the bloodier scenes in this movie.
  • A woman is attacked by the blob offscreen. Later a man tries to make a move on her but his arm is grabbed by a tentacle that shoots out her chest. The woman's face begins wrinkling up and we see her eyes fall out along with muscle matter and her skin, leaving a bloody mess of burnt skin and her skull. Her entire body is destroyed by the blob as it breaks out and grabs the man and sucks him into itself. This is another very bloody scene in this movie.
  • A man working in a dishroom is grabbed by the blob and pulled down a drain head first. We see his head get crushed as it is pulled down the drain, squirting goo everywhere, followed by the rest of his body. Blood begins pouring out of the pipes in the room as the man's body is crushed and pulled down the drain.
  • The blob chases two people down a hallway, leaving a trail of blood behind it.
  • A woman runs into a phone booth, only to be attacked by the blob. We see her body get crushed in a brief scene as the blob breaks through the glass.
  • The blob attacks a man in a hazmat suit. We see the blob cover his face as the helmet fills with blood. He is then thrashed about like a ragdoll before he gets sucked down into a sewer.
  • A boy is grabbed by the blob and pulled underwater. He is then lifted above the water by the blob and we see his face burning off.
  • The blob attacks a movie theater and we see many people getting absorbed by the blob.
  • A woman sees another woman lying on the ground. In hopes she is still alive she runs to help her, but when she goes to turn her over, the right side of her face is melted and there is blood pouring out of where her eye was.
  • A police man is grabbed by the blob and thrashed against a small doorway until he is broken in half.
  • The blob hits a man with one of its tentacles. The man goes flying into a car, breaking the window.


  • 2 uses of fuck, along with some other milder language such as, "shit", and "son of a bitch".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is seen smoking and drinking.
  • A different man is seen smoking a cigar, and also drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • See "Violence & Gore".


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The blob is frozen and shatters. This scene is not particularly graphic, but we see lots of icy blood and gore pour of the blob when it is shattered.

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