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"What will I do without a best friend?" - Cecelia Carol Bloom
Blooeyz20015 April 2002
"Beaches" is a movie about two people who have family, acquaintances, spouses, careers, etc. but they only had each other when they really needed a friend. That's what makes the ending so hard to take. I think we all can relate to that one or two special people (if you're lucky) in our lives who never actually "go away" even if they don't physically live close to you anymore. Months or even years can go by, but you always pick up where you left off, with ease, when you see or speak to them. You may annoy each other at times, but you will always love each other. They're always with you because you've shared so much. Some of us may never find our romantic long-lasting "soul mate", but this movie makes the excellent point of showing that if you find a true friend in life you are truly blessed.
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kerrywba25 July 2005
It has got to be said that there are not many movies these days that will make you laugh and cry the way Beaches does...... from the hilarious 'Otto Titsling' song (which had me in creases!) to the powerful and emotional ending to the film, in which 'Wind Beneath My Wings' is immortalised.

This is a film that has touched everyone I know that has seen it, and is a timeless classic that really illustrates the true meaning of friendship.

A true 'Chick Flick'...... definitely well worth watching if you haven't seen it...... And If you don't cry, you certainly are not human!
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Simply great!
klaseriksson7922 January 2005
There are good movies and there are those you'll never forget that you can see many many times. Beaches definitely goes into the latter category Actually I didn't get to see it until a few years ago, maybe because I'm a guy and this kind of movies aren't what guys usually rent but as one grows up, so does the appreciations for sensitive movies like Beaches.

The book is even better and I wish they had made the movie even longer with more stories from the novel.

I recommend Beaches to both women and men, if you think you couldn't cry from a movie - watch this and see if you're wrong - I was...
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Lana Falana4 May 2001
Garry Marshall's "Beaches" is another examination of friendship and how it can be affected over time. This theme was expertly handled by Arthur Penn in his 1981 masterpiece "Four Friends". "Beaches" is just as powerful, but it's predictable ending prevents it from truly reaching greatness and all sorts of odds and ends stick out.

But maybe it's meant to be that way. It is based on a novel, unread by me, and for all I know it could be truly faithful to the source material. But I can only judge from the film itself. And for one, I am tired of the syrupy ending that was popularized by 1970's excellent "Love Story".

But despite that, Marshall has directed a very good movie here. He may be coasting lately, but "Beaches" proves he's a natural at the type of genre I like best: the serious comedy. We laugh so we may not cry. That may sound corny, but it's true and many of my favorite films are that kind of film: "10" (Blake Edwards, 1979), "The Man Who Loved Women" (Edwards, 1983), "Skin Deep" (Edwards, 1989), "The Apartment" (Billy Wilder, 1960), "The Fortune Cookie" (Wilder, 1966), "Harry and Tonto" (Paul Mazursky, 1974) and "An Unmarried Woman" (Mazursky, 1978) to name a few.

The performances are first rate, especially Bette Midler, whom I'm only used to in comedies. With this film and "Stella". she proves what a truly great actress she really is. She deserved an Oscar nod for this performance. Barbara Hershey is fine as always in the kind of role she can play in her sleep.

One thing that really irritates me is the term "chick flick", which implies that it's only a "women's movie" and men are not only discouraged to see one, but not allowed to even enjoy it. And people I know say that if a man enjoys a so-called "chick flick", he must be gay.

Well, I am definitely heterosexual and am affirmed enough in my manhood to see and enjoy these films. Isn't it about time we just stop the bull and admit that we like these films too? Action is O.K., gore is fine for those who like that kind of thing, but I'd take an intelligent and moving comedy/drama anyday over T&A. And if other guys can't accept that, they're missing out on some good films.

***1/2 out of 4 stars
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A Classic Beautiful Movie!
famousgir129 December 2001
Beaches is a wonderful movie, about two young girls, CC and Hillary who meet each-other whilst they're both on holiday at the same resort. Both of them are quite different from each other, CC being a New York performer and Hillary being a rich kid from San Francisco. The friendship they make though is one that will live on forever and in the movie we seem from the young girls they were when they met each-other to the successful women they are now. Even though they are both now apart from each-other, they keep in touch through letters, until Hillary who's now lawyer moves to New York to stay CC, who's a singer. Once they meet up again, the movie them shows you everything from there romances to the jobs, they're doing now.

The cast in the movie, including Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey and Mayim Bialik, who plays the younger version of Bette Midlers character all give wonderful performances here as usual.

Beaches is simply a classic amazing movie. I love it for many reasons, one being I'm a fan of Bette Midler and Mayim Bialik, who are both absolutely brilliant, the music in the movie is amazing and I absolutely love, "Wind Beneath My Wings". I recommend the soundtrack too and of course main reason for liking this movie is, it's just really nice, sweet and of course beautiful. You have to love it!
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Entertaining and sentimental all at the same time
Studioart8116 October 2005
Among the movies that get to us emotionally, "Beaches" is on the top of my list. Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey convey the story and portray their roles to perfection. Midler also shines with her musical talent much of the time, especially with the theme song "Wind Beneath My Wings." All things considered, the movie is great.

Midler is Ceceila Carol "C.C." Bloom, a New York aspiring entertainer with attitude and a drive to be successful in show business no matter what it takes (which she does). Hershey is Hillary Whitney, a rich kid from San Francisco with little experience beyond her posh and privileged upbringing. She and C.C. meet by chance on a beach in Atlantic City when they are 11 years old. They instantly become friends, and keep in touch with each other over 25 to 30 years through thick and thin (i.e. distance, career challenges, marriage and divorce, fights, jealousy, competition for the same man, etc). Fate and choice bring them together when they need each other most. Ultimately, their bond will be tested in a way they never imagined. How they deal with this challenge is what will determine their destiny as friends.

Midler and Hershey round out the film with believable character development. They have their moments (C.C. can get on your nerves with her ego, and Hillary has her ways), but they prove that friendship weathers the most difficult of circumstances. The small supporting cast is nice as well, including Lainie Kazan as Leona Bloom (C.C.'s mother), John Heard as John Pierce, C.C.'s theater director husband, James Reed as Michael Essex, Hillary's husband, Spalding Gray as Dr. Richard Milstein who Midler takes interest in while living with Hillary in San Francisco, Mayim Bialik and Marcie Leeds as young C.C. and Hillary, and Grace Johnston as Victoria, Hillary's daughter in the latter half of the film. The "Wind Beneath My Wings" montage toward the end will make more than a few emotional. I highly recommend "Beaches" because it will make you truly appreciate and strive for the meaning of friendship and those most important to you!
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sad and funny at the same time.
jackpurvin22 July 2003
a very moving movie, about a friendship with barbara hershey and bette midler.. very sad from brooklyn,, and bette midler is great, and john hurt is also fantastic. see it one time for it is a very sad and heart wrenching movie. taxes the soul with strong emotion, especially for the feeling of lost ones and lost friends.
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"I like American movies now!"
Pelrad9 April 1999
I was in another country once where the only American films they showed in the cinema were either the ultra-violent (Jean-Claude Van Damme / Steven Segal movies) or the ultra-steamy (e.g. "Basic Instinct", "Pretty Woman"). Many parents would refuse to let their children watch these, allowing them only to watch Indian movies. I tried frantically to convince some of the locals that there were many other kinds of American films that they would love. They didn't believe me. So, I rented a video - "Beaches". After watching it, the people around me were shocked and said, "I like American movies now!"

Two unlikely friends meet by chance in childhood and keep up their friendship over the years through ups and downs, crises and victories, and reversing economic positions more than once. They inspire each other and fight over the same men. Hershey plays a girl raised in a rich conservative family while Midler plays an eccentric and poor show-biz wannabe. Midler becomes rich and famous and Hershey rejects her pompous upbringing becoming a poor lawyer working for the A.C.L.U.. But Midler cannot handle the new fame and fortune and Hershey cannot deal with her new lifestyle devoid of pampering. This rare tale of female friendship is a brilliantly-acted tearjerker. (10 out of 10)
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Midler & Hershey Were Great Together
whpratt121 December 2005
Was not very certain if I really wanted to view this film, some times Midler can be way out in left field. However, in this film Bette Midler, (CC Bloom),"That Old Feeling",'97 plays a very self-centered person who will stop at nothing to get what she wants and if it is a career on the stage, just forget about love or a husband and children. Barbara Hershey,(Hillary),"Riding the Bullet",'04, is a childhood friend of CC Bloom and in some ways they help each other, even though they are complete opposites. There is plenty of comedy, lots of fighting, and more drama than you can handle. Midler sings outstanding songs we all know by heart and it is a very entertaining film, but very very SAD!
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Chick flick for guys too
vindog14 January 2000
A chick flick that appeals to all. The "sunset/hearse" cut was the most poignant death scene I've ever seen in film. Have to admit I was teary on that one. This is the kind of film that tugs at the heartstrings..guy or gal
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touching of the greatest movies
stayspoiled20 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This movie touched on so many emotions.I watched the movie so many times i can recite it by memory.I'll never get tired of this movie.Too bad that movies aren't made like this too often.I always cry at the same spots,over and over again.The part that makes me cry the most is when Hilary is dying and her and Cece are sitting on the beach and the look at each other and then the sunset.I start balling. Then poor little Victoria at the funeral and driving away in the limo away from her home!!! and at the end of the movie when CeCe finishes her concert and walks up the stairs with Victoria and the voices of when Cece and Hillary as children say "keep in touch" and "we are friends,,aren't we".This movie..i love it!
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More guys should see this
Peter7 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As a guy movie it lacks some features. For example, no car chases, unless you count the traffic stop, no explosions, only a little drinking, no sports. Still, it is a movie that more men should see. Adds perspective to your life. I don't know how true to life it is, after all; how many people still keep in touch with childhood friends.

I did not see it until last year. I didn't realize it was that old, but the theme is timeless. Perhaps it appeals to me more than most folks because, as a child, I went to Atlantic City,in the days before the casinos. Yes, I have been back since, and it is never the same. Hilary's depressed attitude near the end is telling. She seems to be a sad character throughout her life.
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greavster95214 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The only reason i watched this movie, was because there was nothing else on TV. However, it was one of the best films i have, and probably will, ever see. It was funny when it needed to be, it was sad when it needed to be and it was excellent all the way through. The scene near the end when Wendy is dying, and her and CC are sitting next to each other at the beach, and then Bette Midler's song, Wind beneath my wings, begins to play, was just fantastic. It had tears in my eyes. Only three films have ever done that to me: this, Armageddon and The Lion King lol, and that is something for a 15yr old male to admit ha-ha! This is one of the most heartwarming, and emotional films you will ever see, and the lead actors are exceptional!!!

Watch it, and have a bit of a weep.....
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Let's get this out of the way first. I'm a guy...
movibuf196215 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
...and I think the movie is a treat. Yes, it has schmaltzy moments and it has catty moments, but what melodrama doesn't? It's been a tried-and-true film genre since the 1940's, and shows no signs of fading away yet. But I get sick and tired of society turning a cynical eye on sentiment or love or sensitivity in a film, and dismissing it as a chick flick. (40 years ago, the same type of film was dismissed as a 'woman's picture.' Obviously we haven't come a long way, baby.) What's the point of this tirade? The centerpiece of 'Beaches' is a friendship. Between two women. But it could be between a man and a woman; it could even be between two men, though they probably wouldn't have fought over the same things. But we all possess the same emotions: insecurity, ambition, bitterness when things are bad, joy when things are great. This isn't just reserved for the fairer sex. Bette Midler essays what is close to an autobiographical role: a singer bordering on the multiple-talent bandwagon. We already know Bette can be funny, but when she gets to emote she often sounds raw and untrained- something which makes her acting style seem all the more natural. Barbara Hershey compliments her perfectly as a beautiful socialite-turned-civil-rights-attorney whose face appears to be her fortune, but is smart, humble, and not at all self-absorbed. The film soars highest when the two friends are brought together by life circumstances: celebrating holidays in a cold apartment; playing cards while doing the laundry; conversations thru letters; a beautiful pregnancy montage framed around the song "Baby Mine;" a tragedy in the film's 11th hour featuring Midler cooing a very melancholy "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today." Guaranteed tears in your eyes. And this is all BEFORE the musical finale of "Wind Beneath My Wings."
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Best Movie Ever...
charmedpwaylon18 June 2006
Although I'm Only 14yrs Old This Movie Is My Favourite...I Don't Know Why But Since I First Watched I Was 7yrs Old...And It Still Remains My Personal Favourite...Especially...The Part When They Are At The Summer House The Last Time And She Dies Facing The Sunset...And Then Wind Beneath My Wings Starts Playing And Then U See C.C And Victoria At The Funeral...I Start Crying..Thats My Favourite..Part.....Even The Soundtrack..The Music In It Is Very Good...!!!...I'm Even Trying To Find The Special Edition Of This Movie But I Cant Find It Anywhere...I Only Found The Original Version....:(:(....Beaches The Best Movie Ever....
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Friendship is Precious
WallxFlower29 May 2006
I can remember the first time I saw this movie. Me and my best friend wanted a chick flick to watch and my brothers friend recommended it. We did a bit of grumbling saying 'oh this is going to be rubbish etc.' But after the first 10 minutes we were glued to the screen and by the end we were both in tears and hugging each other! That made us realise how valuable our friendship is and how we couldn't cope without each other. The songs are brilliant and get stuck in your head you find yourself singing them in the most random places. It is superbly acted (espescially Bette Midler as CC) and pulls on your heart-strings. If you don't cry at this movie you must have a heart of stone! Brilliant. 9/10
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The most touching movie ever
Michael Bechtel22 May 2006
Jesus, I don't know, how often I watched this movie 'til now, and I will see it a dozen more times, and every time I watch it I can't stop from crying. This sensual relationship, it's more than a friendship, between C.C. Bloom and Hilary is photographed so perfect, without any schmaltz. Bette Midler is just perfect for this role, because she can show nearly everything she can: comedy, singing and drama and I adore her every single second. Also Barbara Hershey as "the woman in the shadow" is so touching. This movie shows, what friendship really means. You can have fights, you can get married and get divorced, but true friendship lasts forever.
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Exceptional movie!
wee_gilzy_719 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A truly amazing film!!! It is worth pointing out that I cry at a lot of films, but Beaches really knows how to pull the hearts strings in all the right ways! From side splitting laughter to bawling your eyes out, this film has it all. Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey really convinced me that their friendship was real, and believe me that is no easy thing to do!! The highlight of the film for me is the ending, with the two best friends at each others sides, even in the face of death. Bette Midler does a truly remarkable job as an actress but her singing is even better. 'Wind Beneath My Wings' is the perfect song for a perfect movie, yet is so under-rated. The lyrics are so suited to the film, Bette's vocals really make the hairs on your neck stand on end and even watching the song video reduces me to tears now! Beaches is not your usual tear-jerking chick flick, it is so much more and will leave you with the message of the true meaning of friendship . . . forever.
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I"m obsessed
Bethany2 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
i'm so obsessed with this movie. i love watching it over and over. its really a great piece of work. bette midler is a personal favorite of mine and its just amazing to see how she puts her heart into this movie. with so much diversity among her movies its just been great to see her so lively in this one. its a wonderful piece of work portraying a friendship lasting through almost everything something like that could go through and still leaning on each other. amazing movie, i can't say much more than that. i would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of chick flicks, bette midler, or mushy movies in general, this one brings tears and love to every eye
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Best Movie Ever!
ykarzle24 December 2005
This is one of my favorite movies! I have been watching this movie sense I was three years old. I have seen it a billion times over, and I still cry during the movie. This movie has funny parts, dramatic parts, and sad parts. I love the songs in the movie, but I was surprised to find out that some of the voices were indeed fake (such as C.C.,when she was little, in her 'Glory Of Love' number). If you like this movie I suggest you watch the beaches bloopers (under the Special Features). So I suggest you grab your best friend and a box of Kleenexes, for this film is a very successful one in make you cry, and laugh.

When the irrepressible C.C. Bloom (Bette Midler) and the shy and proper Hillary Whitney (Barbara Hershey) first meet under the boardwalk at the beach, all the 11-year-olds have in common is the need for a best friend. World apart in lifestyle and location, their friendship ebbs and flows through a lifetime of highs and lows, career changes, marriages, jealousy and more. From the boardwalk in Atlantic City to the beach house on the pacific, 'Beaches' will remind you of what being a true friend means.
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Awesome movie for friends everywhere
amazingrace200229 August 2005
This movie is one of my favorite movies of all time. I could sent down and watch the movie over and over again because it is just that great. The soundtrack is also awesome. I think I like the movie so much because I have a best friend like that and I know that no matter what I can always turn to that person in a time of need and that person knows that she can always turn to me. Barbra Hershey and Bette Midler have great chemistry together and make me truly believe that they have been friends forever. They each put so much into their characters that we truly love them and feel the story is true. This movie is just great and I would recommend it to anyone to watch. Beaches has got to be one of the best movies ever filmed. The cast truly shines and Bette Midler's voice just adds to making the movie that much better. I think that no matter how old I get I will always find my way back to watching this movie when I am thinking of my best friend and when I am in a time of need. Anyone who has seen this movie will see that how much these two women have put into their characters to make us feel and see that real lifelong friends go through good and bad times but no matter what happens they are always there for each other. In my opinion, I really feel that they have done this. Even with everything they went through in their lives they so us that no matter what happens your true friends will be there for you when ever you need. This two characters show us what it really means to be a true friend. A true friend is someone who will drop whatever it is that she is doing to run to their friend in a time of need. This movie really shows that true friends are there forever!
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A beautifully acted, heart warming film that everyone can relate to.
nicola_stephen1231 May 2005
This is without a doubt an amazingly well directed and well cast film. It takes you through the lives of two childhood friends,one with a wealthy family and well behaved manner and the other,a crazy dreamer with a dazzling talent and a slightly less well behaved manner.'Beaches' shows the highs and lows of both womens lives,how different they were, and how similar they have become. You may find that it can seen to drag on slightly in places but there is something in it that everyone can relate to and the soundtrack is simply brilliant. A total tear jerker at times but a beautifully made film that is definitely well worth seeing and I would recommend it to anyone.
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Strange adaptation of a very good book
kidlitfan3 December 2002
Iris Ranier Dart's novel was obviously written with Bette Midler in mind (there's even a mention of a movie called "Jilted" which is the Midler character, Cee Cee Bloom's version of Midler's own fiasco, "Jinxed.") So, she's wonderful in the role, and Mayim Bialik is perfect as the 11 year old Cee Cee. But Barbara Hershey (as "Hillary", a character called Bertie in the book) is cold instead of cool. Besides the odd name changes (Bertie/Hillary's daughter's name is changed from Nina to Victoria) the movie left out a key scene (it takes place in Hawaii) which explains one of the turns that their friendship takes. The movie replaces this scene with more of Hershey being cold and Midler being angry.

Midler gives some terrific musical numbers, but they don't work within the structure of the movie (its understandable that they couldn't realistically flashback to her being a 19 year old in summer stock, but "The Factory" and "Otto Titzling," respectively fascinating and funny, belong in another film.)

I understand when books are changed a bit in order to fit into a two-hour-movie. I DON'T understand changing plots --why buy the rights if you're not going to keep the story? Write your own!
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God, I hate this movie!
gpaltrow20015 September 2006
Where do we start? With the overacting, the scenery-chewing? Okay, let's talk about the maudlin script first. In attempting to make us sad, we are fed forced scenes designed to make us care about these unlikable characters. One is brash, annoying, rude, selfish and mean. The other is hypocritical, deceitful, boring, and not as pretty as some think. At the end I didn't care for either of these women. Their regrets were too little, too late, and not believable. The music? Saccharine sweet-- ugh. I LOVE Bette Midler, but in a movie where she must play sympathetic and dramatic at some point, she comes across as if she's in a comedy. Is it fair to mention Barbara Hershey's lips? Uh, yes, she made a choice (a bad one) and has to live with it. Poor her. My guess is my girlfriend loves this film. I'll ask her. But if this film were a bit more over-the-top, it would rank up there with 'Mommie Dearest' and 'Showgirls' for unintentional comedy. I could go on, but it would be all bad...
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Oprah isn't always right!
John Wayne Peel17 September 2006
I had to give this one star, because there are no minus scores on IMDb, but it is worthy of a minus 5. This movie is such a painful thing to watch even though Oprah herself lauded director Garry Marshall for this thick, syrupy drek of a soaper. I love to look at Barbara Hershey and listen to Bette Midler in top form, particularly when she sings, but this picture is embarrassingly bad. I wanted to see a male version of this with the Spalding Gray doctor character just to have a movie titled "Sons of Beaches," but the only things in this waste of celluloid are the performance of Mayim Bialik as a young Bette Midler and the song "Wind Beneath my Wings." So save yourself some pain and get the song, and if you absolutely must rent this movie on some video format, fast forward only to the Bialik scene and see a better Garry Marshall film (which means pretty much all the others he did) like the underrated "Flamingo Kid." I rented this thing once because Oprah went on and on about it gushing like a teenage girl, and had to stop the video several times because it was just too damned painful to see without constant bathroom breaks.

A far better "Chick Flick" is "Fried Green Tomatoes." At least the writing didn't embarrass the talent within it.

And I want my two bucks back for the waste of rental.

...and that's a wrap!
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