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A celebration of female beauty, skill and courage

Author: gridoon
4 November 2006

Following pretty much the same structure as the highly popular at the time "Lucky Stars" films, "The Inspector Wears Skirts" has action mostly in the first and last 10 minutes, and comedy, romance and a bit of drama in the middle. This causes the film to lag at times, but still, the action sequences are awesome and there ARE some legitimately funny moments as well, courtesy mostly of Sandra Ng. The cast offers a mind-boggling collection of beautiful women, but if I had to pick just one as my favorite, it would probably be the STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS Ellen Chan. However, it should be noted that the girls weren't picked just for their looks, but for their skills as well: they don't seem to be intimidated at all by any physicality required, they throw themselves into their roles with abandon and take quite a few "ouch" bumps (the action was choreographed by Jackie Chan's Stunt Team; IMDb says that Jackie also directed the film, but I'm not so sure this info is accurate). Overall, "The Inspector Wears Skirts" is uneven, but a definite must-see for Girls With Guns fans. (**1/2)

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The inspector wears skirts or what is the name of the fun

Author: Kooll-2 from Bulgaria
10 June 2006

This film is more than great.I love it.the scenario is equally good for a comedy and for an action.The jokes are original and really funny, the fight is an art.The actors fit their roles perfectly.Cynthia Rothrock's presence improves the quality , the adventure that she created on the abandoned ship was a professional performance, its ashame that she didn't take place in the other 3 parts of the movie.Sibelle Hu amazed me...she combines charm , character , fighting skills she is sexy and tough ,elegant and disciplined , she got sens of humor and she is sever when needed.I love her :) And May ,Amy , Aylene they are so much fun :)) , the love stories - Karen and Peter that showed us what an angry women can do , and also Jean and her lover ...but Amy oh this Amy , it is only worthy to watch the movie because of her she always gets into the biggest messes and always turns them into a huge fun well i can tell you more and more and more but why let me when you can see with your eyes this treasure , do not hesitate ,you will not sorry ...

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The Inspector Wears Skirts is a fun outing.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
16 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Madam Wu (Hu) is the Training Officer in charge of taking young female recruits and whipping them into fighting shape. Through constant training, the goal is to create a female commando unit that is highly capable of executing dangerous missions, with no one expecting this cadre of beauties to be such a powerful fighting force. In between climbing the monkey bars and attempting to get over walls, romance and misadventure are in the air, as an all-male unit is training nearby. Their squad is led by Mr. Kan (Stanley Fung), who naturally is attracted to the hard-to-get Madam Wu. All manner of comedic and romantic situations ensue, until the final fight. Also Cynthia Rothrock is on hand somewhat as Madam Lo, an agent fighting the bad guys. Will our squad of spunky cadets graduate and beat the baddies, not to mention fall in love? Find out today! The Inspector Wears Skirts opens with a bang, and also closes with one, with a bookending pair of killer fight sequences. The meat in the middle of this explosive bread mainly consists of inoffensive and silly romance/comedy. It must have been just the right formula, because the IWS series spawned three further sequels after this initial offering. While the first two films in the series are directed by Wellson Chin, there have been rumors for years that they were actually directed by Jackie Chan. While Chan did indeed produce the first two films, his level of involvement in, around or near the directors chair remains unknown. But it makes sense that Chan was involved one way or another, because the audience-pleasing mix of action, romance and comedy is right in his wheelhouse. This should give you the feeling of the overall tenor of what's going on here.

While the movie could have used at least one more big action setpiece in the middle, the cast is hugely appealing and it kind of makes you forget about the actionless lull in the center. Rothrock's prowess is fully on display in the scenes that she's in, and all the other ladies get to show off as well. And not just in the realm of Martial Arts - check out Ann Bridgewater's amazing dance moves in the time-honored disco sequence. We would have been happy with just this, as we always watch out for the disco scene in any movie, but the movie tops itself with a show-stopping sequence in a roller rink. We won't give anything away, but it's hard to put into words just how much we loved this scene.

So there's a ton of training, minimal but high-quality Rothrock, and a nice cast, but the movie could have used a strong, central villain to pull everything together. But it's filled with that Hong Kong 80's style we all know and love. Fans of said style should enjoy this, unless they are cynical and lame. For the rest of us, The Inspector Wears Skirts remains a fun outing.

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An Action Comedy that is more slapstick.

Author: OllieSuave-007 from California, USA
10 November 2013

Actress Sibelle Hu stars as Madam Wu, a character that is spun-off from the "Five Lucky Stars" movie series. Here, she is in charge of training a group of female Banshee Squad Members of the Hong Kong Police Force. Next door to their academy is the male Tiger Squad Members, led by Inspector Kan (Shui-Fan Fung).

What started out as some rigorous training action quickly was reduced to a prolonged scene set at a roller-skating rink towards the middle of the movie, where the Tiger Squad members try to court the Banshee Squad members. This scene really dragged with unnecessary slapstick humor that distracts from the movie's main plot. The subplots of the members courting one another and the rivalry of Madam Wu and Inspector Kan are not interwoven into the story well, making you wonder what the main objective of this movie's story is. Some butt-kicking and gut-totting action do not take place until the end of the film.

So, if you are a fan of slapstick comedy, give this film a watch. If you are a fan of action movies only, watch the beginning, than forward to the end.

Grade C-

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Kind of disappointing

Author: Wizard-8 from Victoria, BC
5 October 2010

First, I feel I should mention that I LOVE Hong Kong films. I like Hong Kong action movies, and I've found funny Hong Kong comedies. This movie mixes action and comedy together, but this mix doesn't work this time around. Pretty much all of the female characters in the movie are wimpy whiners and act in other ways that are pretty stereotypical. (Maybe Hong Kong audiences might find this funny, but I didn't.) The men are a bunch of sexist pigs for the most part. Again, this behavior may be funny to a foreign audience, but I don't think it will go well for many westerners. Another big weakness of the movie is that there is really no plot, just a bunch of vignettes stitched together with the flimsiest of excuses. On the plus side, the opening and closing parts of the movie do have some acceptable action. And while this movie may be flawed, it is certainly better than all the awful movies Cynthia Rothrock has made in the U.S.

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Wastes too much time on Useless Scenes

Author: ebiros2 from United States
28 February 2013

The movie makes you think that it's a police action movie like "In the line of Duty". It's actually not. It's about women police academy students and their misadventures.

Almost third of the movie is spent on the stupid skate rink scene. The other third is spent on boring training scene. There's hardly any story to this movie.

The movie says it's produced by Jackie Chan. If it's true, this is the worst movie he's ever made.

There's a teaser action scene involving Sibelle Hu and Cynthia Rothrock in the beginning. If the movie went on in entirety with this kind of action, it would have been a pretty good action movie. Instead it's mostly acted by novice female actors that are less than a comic relief.

This is the first movie I see Sandra Ng in.

The movie has no focus, and jumps from one topic to another. It's one of the worst movie I've ever seen, from Hong Kong or otherwise.

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Very Pretty Ellen Chan - Inspector Wears Skirts (1988)

Author: Pretty Face
21 June 2001

This was a typical Hong Kong police movie with girls being trained to be super cop. It is worth watching because of Ellen Chan (known as Jean) in the movie. She acted as the most pretty and outstanding, and smart girl in the lady cadet. All the lady cadets like her and the guy cadets keep on going after her. Other cast like Sandra Ng Kwan Yue and Alex Toh were unknown at that time. This movie was the masterpiece that makes Ellen Chan one of the most popular actresses in the late 80s and early 90s. When you watch this movie, expect your jaw to drop when you see Ellen.

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What a disappointment!

Author: eegah-3 ( from Minneapolis, MN
20 October 2000

If you're looking for HK-style girl action thrills you won't find very much here. Practically all of it is confined to the beginning and the end of the movie with lots of light comic filler in between. There is a goofy musical production number in a roller rink and Cynthia Rothrock is great but there's very little of what most viewers want from a movie like this..namely watching Chinese girls fight and shoot better than any guy can.

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