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The most accurate Anne Frank movie ever seen.

Author: Darlawood80 from Southern New Jersey USA
29 October 2002

With all the Anne Frank movies and documentaries out there "Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank" is the most accurate movie I have ever seen. Eleanor Bron (who portrays Edith Frank) and Mary Steenburgen (who portrays the selfless and sacrificial Miep Gies) portrayed themselves very much close to their characters in real life. Although most of the actors and actresses are indeed American, the first half of the shooting of the film took place in the River Quarter of South Amsterdam, the actual neighborhood and square that the Frank family lived in. The movie portrays the lives of the Frank family before hiding and during hiding. Some of the movie really explains the tension in such confined quarters, the fear of discovery, and the yearning for the war to get over with. Although this is a made for television movie, and hardly even seen anymore, this movie is good for any Anne Frank fan too see!

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One of the most powerful TV dramas ever!

Author: blue-7 from Salt Lake City
11 January 2001

Having just read the book, ANNE FRANK REMEMBERED upon which this 1988 TV drama was based I was both surprised and pleased to find that it added to the experience of the book. Beautifully underplayed by the entire cast. Mary Steenburgen plays Miep Gies -- the young secretary who played a major role in providing the needs for the eight Jews hiding in the attic above her working place -- and she gives the finest performance of her career. Paul Scofield as Otto Frank and Lisa Jacobs as Anne are excellent as is the entire cast. The location work in Holland and the music by Richard Rodney Bennett contribute greatly to tightly written and directed script. This is one that should be released on DVD. A great companion piece to George Steven's 1959 classic THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK and the recent Documentary ANNE FRANK REMEMBERED. Out of print but worth tracking down!

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Saw it on YouTube and loved it!

Author: alexbogue3889 from United States
13 July 2010

I've seen many Anne Frank films, but this is one of a kind. It tells a story of how Miep & Jan Gies hid the Frank's, Van Daan's, and Dr. Dussell. This was all way before Paul Gies, Miep & Jan's son, was born. Simon Koophuis, Harry Kraler, Miep Gies, Jan Gies, and Elly Vossen were all great people, putting others before themselves in this time of crisis. Herman Van Dan, Petronella Van Dan, Peter Van Dan, and Dr. Albert Dussell were the other 4 with the Frank family. Before going into hiding, they were all fairly good friends. But these tight quarters made it impossible for them to tolerate each other 24/7. Dr. Dussell was a very kind man, he was just trying to understand a teen that was going through adolescence. Lottie Dussell didn't join her hubby because she was a Christian and would be dangerous. Overall, this is by far one of the greatest stories of all time! I hope it comes to DVD in the States someday. I remember at one time Paul Gies said that he would have loved knowing all these people.

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An interesting movie

Author: Shounak Reza from Bangladesh
30 June 2011

''The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank'' is really a very good and interesting movie about Anne Frank. I like the history of Anne Frank very much and I have seen six movies about Anne Frank, and I think after ''Anne Frank: The Whole Story'', ''The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank'' is the best Anne Frank movie. The movie is about Miep Gies and Anne Frank. It tells the story of how Miep helped to hide the Franks, the van Daans and Dr Dussel. I liked most of the casting. The main reason to like this film is that it shows in detail about the time the eight Jews were in hiding. It also shows what happened after the betrayal and arrest of the eight people hiding in the Annex. Yes, it doesn't show any concentration camp scenes, but it does have the scene where Miep attempts to free her friends from the Gestapo headquarters. It also shows how Otto Frank came back to Amsterdam after the war... The music and the casting was good. And finally I think I would like to give this film: 8 out of 10. Everyone who are interested about Anne Frank should watch this movie.

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Thank you, Miep Gies

Author: Petri Pelkonen ( from Finland
15 February 2009

This is a movie about Miep Gies.It's based on her book about the events.In that book she used pseudonyms instead of real names of some people, just like in the publication of Anne Frank's diary.I shall do the same thing.Miep did everything she could to save her Jewish friends from concentration camp.Amsterdam, July 5th 1942: Margot Frank, the daughter of Otto Frank receives a notice to report to a labor camp.The family goes into hiding at the office building of Mr. Frank.They are joined by the van Daan family and Dr. Dussel.Miep Gies is the office assistant of Mr. Frank's spice company Opekta, and now she has a responsible job to keep them safe and get them everything they need.She's not alone for there are a few other helpers as well.But despite all the good work done by the people outside the secret annexe they did end up at the camps.Only Mr. Frank returned.Anne Frank wrote her diary during the hiding which became known all around the world.Miep Gies was born as Hermine Santrouschitz in Vienna, Austria one hundred years ago.That's right, Miep Gies turns 100 years today.Have a happy birthday, Miep! I read her book Anne Frank Remembered six years ago.This movie gives a realistic portray of the events.The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank (1988) is a TV movie directed by John Erman.Mary Steenburgen gives a fantastic performance as our hero, Miep.Other players do also very good job.Anne Frank, who would turn 80 next summer is played by Lisa Jacobs.Paul Scofield, who passed away last year plays Otto Frank.Eleanor Bron is Edith Frank.Margot Frank's part is played by Georgia Slowe..Jan Gies, Miep's husband, is played by Huub Stapel.Frances Cuka plays Mrs. van Daan.Victor Spinetti plays Herman van Daan.Ian Sears plays the part of Peter van Daan.Jeffrey Robert is Dr. Dussel.Koophuis was one of the helpers and is played by Ronald Pickup.Mr. Kraler was also and is played by Gary Raymond.And so was Elli Vossen and she's played by Isabelle Amyes.Miriam Karlin plays Mrs. Samson, Jan's and Miep's landlady.Tom Wilkinson plays the Nazi Karl Silberbauer.This movie does what you expect it to do: it touches you.It tells the story of these real people, people who were actually there very realistically.Those moments, like when Miep and Jan spend a night at the annexe, or when Miep gets Anne her first pair of heels and so on.You live all those moments there with them.But you do wish the ending was different.

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Would love to have this movie on VHS

Author: Janet from USA
7 February 2001

I saw this movie years ago, and remember that it was wonderful. I just wish that it was available in VHS. I also have the book and it is very informative. It filled in a lot of blanks for me. After I read the diary, I wondered how it all came about, how

Anne and her family ended up in hiding. With Meip's book you get a feel for what was going on out side.

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Funny... But I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be.

Author: Martina ... from United States
3 February 2006

My English class finished reading the Anne Frank play, so my teacher decided to show us this film. All together, this is an entertaining movie. And just that. It's not thoroughly accurate, which most movies based on a true story are, but it's somewhat ridiculous. The acting is blah. But what irked my entire class was the fact that the girl playing Anne has the thickest FRENCH accent. Excuse me, wasn't Anne German? And an annoying voice to match her facial features. When Mr. Frank finds out at the end of the movie that Margot (pronounced MargoT in the movie) and Anne are dead, he doesn't show the slightest bit of emotion. The only truly emotional person is Miep. Which brings me to Miep. Another horrible accent. As fake as a weave. You'd think that a movie with a subject as touchy as this would make it at least decent. But they didn't even try. All the dramatic parts are too cheesy and forced, and the same goes for the comedic bits. This movie was, as I said before, entertaining, but I would only recommend it to those who love a good laugh from a bad movie.

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