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One of the worst movies ever made

Author: cameronbutlerski from United States
28 August 2005

In movie history we have many different styles of movies. Action, adventure, mystery, suspense, and of course children's films. Sadly, Andy and the Airwave Rangers is neither of these. What genre is Andy and the Airwave Rangers? The genre is known simply as "horrible".

This has to be the worst movie I've ever seen. First of all, the story is about a kid who watches a magic HVS tape and then sets off on an adventure to something called the "colordome" to save someone, or something. Then all hell breaks loose and he's forced to team up with people from different movies and ages, like warriors and princesses and whatnot.

The funny thing about this movie, though, is the weird cinematography and sets. In one scene, we see a high quality set, Andy is hiding out on a starship. The film quality is good and we can see the characters, except for Andy's actual face. It's always darkened by shadows and whatnot. Then when we cut to close-ups of Andy's face, we are in a big, extremely fake looking set with a whole different video quality, with Andy sitting behind one metallic prop, with an orange light in the background to make it seem "starshipp-y". It's almost as if the original Andy didn't want to be in the film, and many close-up scenes were re-shot with another person playing Andy.

Besides that, there's not much to this movie. Don't show it to your children, lest they kill themselves. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID.

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The one movie that I, personally, call Worst Movie Ever.

Author: Billy_Lovelady from Uranus
3 December 2004

Some people throw around the term "worst movie ever" but I don't. Not since I was 10. When I was 10, I saw this movie. At that age, I had digested a lot of bad movies and television (like the Small Wonder sitcom... any sitcom... and movies like Plan 9 and Howard The Duck) but watching this movie was the first time that I had ever pressed the fast-forward button on my VCR because what I was watching was so bad and I wanted it to end. My high tolerance to worthless trash was put to the test and failed. It started near the beginning, when I pressed the fast-forward button because Andy was going to the video store on his bike and they just showed gratuitous shots of his determined face and peddling feet for SO LONG that I began to doubt that there was an end to it. And then when he left the video store, they showed more minutes-on-end of Andy just peddling home. Was this supposed to be entertainment? I would've tolerated it if there were some credits over the imagery, but it was already 15 minutes into the movie. All I remember about the movie was that he went to the video store and met some creepy guy and rented a silver videotape and went home to his sister and when his sister watched the video, she was sucked into the t.v. and he went in after her to find her with his magic remote and they traveled through the channels and battled the villain, who turned out to be the creepy guy from the video store. What an amazingly original plot! Everything else is a blur and I'm guessing that I repressed the rest of the movie, even though I watched it a few more times in simple shock that it was so bad, even by my lax standards. And I would see if I could watch the whole thing without hitting fast-forward or stop/eject. I have since forgotten everything after Andy goes into the television, except for a few fuzzy details. This movie shocked me with its lameness when I was 10, which really says something about how it sucks. Stay away!

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A great film for kids 4-8.

Author: Suzi Sternberg from Austin, TX
29 December 1999

My son LOVES this film. I've also given it to nephews and the children of friends. It's geared to kids in the age range of 4-8 and not adults - although I thought it was cute the first time I watched. However, my son watches it over and over and knows all the words by heart so it's great for hours of video "babysitting." The idea of going inside his TV and having an adventure particularly seems to appeal to him. There's also a nice moral at the end about little brothers and sisters.

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Andy and the Airwave Rangers!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
7 February 2005

Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure or Andy and the Airwave Rangers is a very unusual film. The acting by all of the actors is very good especially by Bo Svenson and Chuck Kovacic. The action and stuff is good. The movie is filmed very good but yet very unusual.The music is good. The film is very interesting and it is exciting. This is a good and different film. In My opinion I UI think that this film doesn't deserve the bad comments and the low rating. Why? This is a very unique 80s film and I think of this film as a rare gem of the era and not a bad flick at all. If you like Bo Svenson and the rest of the cast in the film, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and interesting films from the 1980s then I recommend this one!

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Stardust Celluloid Oddity

Author: Young Camerican from Radioactive Dream
23 July 2015

I love a good movie oddity, I mean who doesn't...did you know about such classics as 'The Jet Benny Show' or 'Modern Day Houdini' ? I only knew about those for a long time because I had a sci-fi\horror\fantasy movie book, why should you care? Well, those movies exist for one reason or another, and that might just bother you.

Ramble, ramble, fizzle-pop, Okay, Andy Colby reminded me of an episode of Deep Space 9 where the principle characters encounter the characters from the original Star Trek show with Shatner etc. and the point being it came off as very strange super-imposing the actors of DS9 over old Star Trek footage and having them 'not interact' but interact all the same - this is the basis of the entire movie here. This must be the most low-budget Corman flick ever, it reuses footage from other Corman cheapies that heavily reuse past footage already e.g. 'Star Raiders' uses much stock from 'Battle Beyond The Stars', so you are getting thrice recycling or something...the second tier to cheapest must go to 'Gas! -Or- It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It.' if you haven't seen the aforesaid picture, do me a favor and remember to eat beans before watching in order to give the proceedings some kind of context.

To wrap things up, Andy Colby is by&large a Kool-Aid commercial, but there is a great moment near the start of the movie when Andy frequents the Video Rental place and picks up 'Slumber Party Massacre II' before choosing the magic VHS...yes! I spotted that even on the fuzzy low definition tape I was watching in on, couldn't make out the other movies on the shelf though, I think I may have glimpsed 'The Wizard' not sure. I give this a ** out of **** because it is a rare oddity and I am a bit nostalgic about Star Raiders.

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Maybe the laziest feature film I've ever seen!

Author: Tommy Nelson from Long Beach, California
24 January 2013

If anyone knows how to cut corners in a film, it's Roger Corman. He reuses musical scores, special effects and establishing shots all in the sake of saving money. If one were to watch a movie of his with reused elements, unless they knew the other film elements being sampled, the recycling wouldn't be noticeable. Here is a movie that blatantly reuses scenes from older Roger Corman produced films, and is very noticeably almost completely made out of older (and sadly better) movies. When making a very low budget film, oftentimes creativity blossoms if not to just figure out how to cut corners and still make something believable. There is no creativity here. This movie is lazy, boring, poorly acted and written, and the special effects look like something you could make in Microsoft paint. Even for a Roger Corman produced film, this is extremely lazy.

Andy Colby, has to babysit his younger sister, Bonnie. Things go wrong when Andy rents a videotape that sucks his sister into the TV, where she is kidnapped by Lord Chroma and taken to his spinning animated Umbrella castle. Andy meanwhile is stuck jumping from movie to movie, and meets "The Glitch" along the way, a giant furry monster thing that hangs out in the TV static, and in turn, has no point to anything that happens. It's up to Andy to eventually find out which channel his sister is stuck in and go save her.

The film starts off fine enough, with Andy being told to go to the video store, and then riding his bike off. The bicycle riding scene and music is clearly inspired by Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. The music is very similar to Danny Elfman's score from a few years back, and even the title of the film sounds like it was formulated to somehow capitalize on the completely unrelated Pee-Wee. The opening ten minutes is the best part of the film, in that it's the only part that feels like a real movie. It's poorly written and acted, but at least it feels like a movie.

Once Andy gets stuck in the TV, everything goes horribly wrong. A good 60% of the material here is old footage from movies, with nothing new in it. Occasional reaction shots of Andy on an obvious green screen are thrown in every minute or so, so we don't forget what it is we're watching. The scenes from the movies aren't bad, per se, but the fact that so much of the movie is just aimless scenes from movies makes this movie utterly pointless. Andy gets put in the TV, then the film meanders for 50 minutes before Andy heads to fight Lord Chroma and get back his sister.

The only thing worse than the old footage here are the special effects. I can't think of less convincing effects in any movie. Instead of using practical sets for the villain's lair, they create a wonderland of poorly rendered 2-D computer graphics on top of green screens. Using a four-year old's finger painting as a set would look more believable and visually appealing. Shooting in the director's basement would have looked less cheap and more interesting than the green screen that we get.

It's actually very strange how this movie devolves as it goes. It starts off looking like a real movie, then slowly turns into awful made for video schlock, and then the amateur looking end credits roll, which look like something made by a high school student. It's a movie that tries to trick the viewer. All the effort is put in the first few minutes, as a way to trick the viewer into thinking this is just another mediocre kiddie picture before showing it's true awful face. At least James Horner's recycled score here might lull you into a numb state before being shaken back into the reality that you are wasting your precious, precious time.

My rating: BOMB out of ****. 75 mins. PG for recycled violence from older films.

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Is this a real movie?

Author: crazyrtrain from New York, USA
18 February 2003

Something bothered me about this film, it's all pieced together from other Corman movies. I guess you could call it a new movie... but I wouldn't. Using the "amazing" Blue Screen technology, Corman takes you through a pointless adventure with a Soap Opera budget. This IS the worst movie ever. I usually enjoy bad movies, but this goes far beyond that- NOT at all enjoyable. There's a villain that lives in a magic videotape that is trying to steal every shade of color. He has a castle that looks like spinning umbrella. This is so stupid... believe me. Even a 2 year old should not see this movie, it would be child abuse. I tried to burn the videotape after watching it, but it rejected fire. Save yourself the effort and just rent Battle Beyond the Stars. That way, you'll see all of the "good" footage that was used in this movie.

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Kill me now

Author: Mark Ngui ( from London, England
25 July 1999

Admittedly I used to like this film.... Kill me. I was 9 though. I just found in my collection of old videos and tried to rekindle that something. Rekindle what? It's cheap and not cheerful. The whole things blows and makes the idea of wallowing in your faeces a good idea. Please don't watch this, for I fear of insanity.

ps.: anyone want to buy a copy?

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