Alien Nation (1988) Poster


Plot Keywords

alien partner
discrimination police officer
police flashlight
burned alive boat
rescue warehouse
deception skeleton
buddy cop black comedy
photograph morgue
cigarette smoking anger
crashing through a window electronic music score
mayor gangster
tunnel police chase
allegory shot through a window
shot to death shot in the forehead
shot in the head shot in the arm
shot in the shoulder shot in the chest
shot in the back elevator
revenge held at gunpoint
villain not really dead cliche disembowelment
crime scene corpse
interrogation torture
factory death of husband
autopsy coroner
surrealism self mutilation
burned to death beach
blood ship
helicopter docks
wedding falling down stairs
anti hero attempted robbery
convenience store billboard
product placement answering machine
bartender ronald reagan
news report film starts with text
human alien flying saucer
ufo alien contact
alien race transformation
super strength drug overdose
sole black character dies cliche death of partner
carjacking milk
stealing a car hitman
pickup truck foot chase
street shootout police shootout
drug dealer gunfight
shootout police captain
police station strangulation
neck breaking police detective
brawl fight
fistfight showdown
punched in the chest punched in the face
shooting range target practice
investigation los angeles california
neo noir violence
death murder
conspiracy oil refinery
nightclub bar
stripper prostitute
exploding car uzi
revolver machine gun
pistol culture clash
race relations integration
car accident fear
1990s year 1991
two word title speciesism
police officer shot police officer killed
tuxedo tow truck
tortured to death strangle
sour milk shotgun
playing chicken philosophy
overdose methane
explosion drunkenness
drug dealing dressing room
condom coercion
car crash car chase
c4 explosives bullet proof vest
bomb bell 205 helicopter
bad breath backlit in sheer dress
armor piercing ammunition american flag
alien driving car reference to richard nixon
detective drugs
chase hit in the crotch

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