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Upon seeing a pre-screening of the film, Jodie Foster thought her performance as Sarah Tobias was so awful that she immediately began preparing for and taking the GRE's for graduate school. She was prepared to leave her film career behind and focus on academia...until she won the Academy Award for her performance.
Kelly McGillis was offered the role of Sarah Tobias, but having survived a violent sexual assault in 1982 by two men who broke into her apartment, she declined the role and instead fought for the part of Kathryn Murphy.
The movie is based on a real-life gang rape that occurred on 6 March 1983 at Big Dan's Bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The bar lost its liquor license the very next day.
To prepare for the role she was cast, Jodie Foster attended meetings of rape support groups and read stories of rape experiences.
According Jodie Foster in her interview in Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters (2006), producer Stanley R. Jaffe felt she was "not sexy enough" for the role and wanted to cast another actress.
Jodie Foster has since acknowledged that she purposely gave a trite performance in her audition so that Paramount executives would feel that she was a safe choice. Foster had been going through a bit of a dry spell at the time and badly needed a big role in a mainstream movie. It was only after Kelly McGillis - then a hot property due to the enormous success of Top Gun (1986) - signed on that Paramount would even consider letting Foster play Sarah, since the studio didn't believe this film stood a chance if neither of its stars had box-office clout. (Foster and McGillis were rumored to have been girlfriends at the time, and it was at McGillis's insistence that Foster be given a chance to try out.)
The film's original title was "Reckless Endangerment", which is the charge the accused rapists initially plea-bargain their convictions down to.
This is the first film since Two Women (1960) to win the Best Actress Academy Award without being nominated in any other category.
Brad Pitt auditioned for the role of Ken Joyce.
Many actresses turned down the role of Sarah because they felt the film was exploitative trash masquerading as sincere social commentary.
Brian De Palma was originally assigned to direct the movie.
In the music store where Sarah encounters Cliff, all the VHS tapes visible are Paramount catalog titles, the same production company of this film.
Soundtrack features music by Gina Schock who Jodie Foster had dated when she was in college.
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Jane Fonda was offered the role of Kathryn but turned it down because she thought the script was so poor.
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The part of Sarah Tobias was written for Andie MacDowell who was the first choice to play the part.
The movie's release was affected by the WGA strike in 1988. Originally, its date of release was for April 21, but was delayed until October.
Annabeth Gish, Jennifer Beals, Alyssa Milano and Uma Thurman all auditioned for the role of Sarah.
In their separate careers several years after the release of The Accused (1988), both leading ladies, Kelly McGillis and Jodie Foster, publicly and proudly acknowledged their homosexuality. McGillis came out in 2009, and Foster in 2013.
Heather Locklear tried to audition for the role of Sarah, and Ally Sheedy was considered, but she backed out.
Valerie Bertinelli, Jennifer Grey, Meg Ryan, Mia Sara, and Kelly Preston were considered for the role of Sarah Tobias.
Kristin Davis auditioned for the role of Sarah Tobias. It was her first film audition.
Jane Fonda, Ellen Barkin, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sigourney Weaver, Debra Winger and Geena Davis were all reportedly offered the role of Kathryn, but turned it down.
Kathleen Turner was considered for the role of Kathryn.
Joan Cusack turned down the role of Sarah Tobias.
Kelly LeBrock auditioned for the role of Sarah Tobias, but turned it down.
Phoebe Cates reportedly turned down the offer to play Sarah.
Justine Bateman turned down the role of Sarah, in order to stay on the TV series Family Ties (1982)
This is the first orchestral symphonic score composer Brad Fiedel wrote. Fiedel is most known for writing electronic scores such as The Terminator and Fright Night among others.
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Astrology is discussed four times in the movie.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

In an interview, Jodie Foster explained that the rape scene was meticulously rehearsed beforehand, so there would be no unpleasantly surprises for anyone involved in the actual scene. Even so, one of the male actors had to vomit in disgust during the shooting, and Foster herself has admitted that she does not remember filming the scene, so she must have blacked-out.

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