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31 Jan. 1988
In 1968, friends Kevin Arnold, Paul Pfeiffer, and Winnie Cooper attend the newly renamed Robert F Kennedy Junior High for the first time.
22 Mar. 1988
As Winnie Cooper deals with the passing of her brother Brian, Kevin and Paul contend with the ups and downs of sex education. Feeling that Coach Cutlip isn't teaching them what they need to know, Kevin and Paul try to get their hands on a copy of the book "Everything you wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask."
29 Mar. 1988
My Father's Office
After Kevin asks his Dad about what he does at work, Mr. Arnold brings his son to work at NORCOM and shows him around.
5 Apr. 1988
Kevin's older sister Karen doesn't communicate with her parents anymore, and it's all because of her new boyfriend, Louis. And things are only made worse when Louis comes to dinner. Kevin finds out that Louis is cheating on Karen, but suspects that Karen already knows and is fine with it. Only, she doesn't know, and when finds out, she's not fine with it.
12 Apr. 1988
The Phone Call
Kevin tries to get up the courage to call Lisa Berlini. Paul tries to find out if Lisa likes Kevin by consulting the junior high grapevine.
19 Apr. 1988
Dance with Me
Kevin asks Lisa Berlini to go to the dance with him. She agrees to go with Kevin, but when Brad Gaines asks her to go, Lisa decides to go with him instead of Kevin. While sitting with Winnie and Paul during lunch, Kevin feels himself falling back in love with Winnie. Kevin asks Winnie to go to the dance, but she's already going with Kirk McCray. Kevin tries to make Winnie jealous by asking a random girl to dance with him right in front of Winnie.
30 Nov. 1988
Heart of Darkness
Kevin and Paul lie to their parents so they can spend a night of camping with a kid from their school who is anything but an angel.
7 Dec. 1988
Our Miss White
Kevin gets a crush on his English teach, Miss White, who convinces him to play Robert Kennedy in a play she has written about Martin Luther King. Only, he's having trouble getting her to see him as more than a 7th grader.
14 Dec. 1988
Kevin and Wayne try to convince Jack to buy a color television for Christmas. Meanwhile Kevin tries to find the perfect present for Winnie after she unexpectedly gives him a present.

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