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7 Oct. 1988
The Resurrection
A terrorist attack at a nuclear waste site awakens aliens who were in hibernation since their 1953 invasion. A group of scientists work with the military to stop the aliens.
10 Oct. 1988
The Walls of Jericho
The aliens suffer from radiation poisoning and develop suits to protect themselves. Meanwhile, the government attempts to shut down Harrison and his team believing that the alien menace is no more.
17 Oct. 1988
Thy Kingdom Come
Harrison and the team talk to a psychic woman who studied the aliens after the first invasion. Meanwhile, a group of aliens take over a family and travel cross country in order to awaken more aliens from hibernation.
24 Oct. 1988
A Multitude of Idols
The Martians continue to expand their operations. Sparked by random footage shot by a reporter Harrison's the team descend on the previously abandoned town of Breeton, where they find a bustling community that in theory should not exist.
31 Oct. 1988
Eye for an Eye
The team is sent to Grover's Mill when it is discovered the 1938 radio broadcast of invasion was real. They meet with a group of local men who successfully fought the Martians 50 years ago and believe the Martians have returned to try and retrieve weapons abandoned in 1938.
7 Nov. 1988
The Second Seal
The Martians attempt to take over a military base that has been used as a secure storage area for much of the information regarding the 1953 invasion. In particular they are seeking the location of Martians who are still in hibernation waiting to rejoin the invasion.
14 Nov. 1988
Goliath Is My Name
Suzanne learns that a friend of hers has disappeared from his college campus. Meanwhile the aliens are on campus in search of a bio-weapon.
21 Nov. 1988
To Heal the Leper
The Martians encounter another human disease, chicken pox which is crippling their invasion plans. They decide by harvesting human brains so they can produce a cure that will put the invasion back on track. Harrison's team race against time to stop them completing their project.
26 Dec. 1988
The Good Samaritan
Suzanne does some unauthorized research on a new kind of grain that will grow in any climate. The billionaire who invented wants to sell it to the world. Thinking poorer countries will be given money by richer countries. But the aliens have their own plans for the grain, after placing a new deadly poison in the grain, they take over the body of the billionaire who suddenly offers it free to the world.

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