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Season 1

1 Mar. 1989
An Alien Shore
Who would defend a prostitute found with a client's body in her trunk? Marshall Hall is persuaded to be her barrister by the prospect of fame. Even so, he delivers his very best.
8 Mar. 1989
Noblesse Oblige
After a long illness, Marshall Hall needs money. He agrees to defend a mother in a libel suit brought by her son-in-law for calling him a homosexual.
15 Mar. 1989
Gone for a Soldier
When an unwed servant's baby is smothered, her former mistress hires Marshall Hall to defend her. Police say she had confessed to killing her child. What can be said on her behalf?
22 Mar. 1989
Beside the Seaside
Marshall Hall's client is a conman, a womanizer, a German spy...but is he a murderer? That is the question: Did he kill his wife?
29 Mar. 1989
Gun in Hand
Why do the leading citizens of his town support the defense of the local brewer, accused of killing his mistress? Marshall Hall must travel to the Black Country to get the facts.
5 Apr. 1989
Turn Again
When does winning cost the LAWYER? Edward Marshall Hall finds out when he wins a case of libel for an actress against a newspaper.
12 Apr. 1989
The Camden Town Murder
Marshall Hall defends a young artist who is accused of killing a woman of easy virtue. The great barrister suspects that one of her other paramours may be responsible instead.
19 Apr. 1989
Sentence of Death
Dr. Crippen's case will be someone's Waterloo. If a barrister cannot trust his "favorite" solicitor, what happens to his world? Marshall Hall's wife suspects Newton and warns her husband.

 Season 1 

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