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Season 7

21 Sep. 1994
Nine Is Enough
Feeling at the end of their "privacy" rope, Roseanne and Dan decide to throw Becky and Mark out of the house. Becky confides that she and Mark are trying to get pregnant, so the plan to ask them to leave gets thrown out the window. Jackie argues with Fred about how she wants the baby to sleep in bed with them, and he wants Andy to sleep in his own crib. Upset, Jackie takes the baby and heads for Roseanne's already over-crowded house to stay there herself. To top it all off, D.J. is having a friend of his own spend the weekend. The straw that breaks the camel's back ...
28 Sep. 1994
Two for One
Roseanne discovers that Darlene is seeing someone besides David, and that he knows about it, so she encourages David to fight for his relationship. Dan confides in Jackie that he is unsure how he feels about Roseanne's pregnancy, and finds comfort, but when he tells Roseanne about his insecurities, it blows up in his face. Roseanne confides in Jackie that she is having the same doubts.
5 Oct. 1994
Snoop Davey Dave
Upset about Darlene breaking up with him, David tells the Conner's that Darlene experimented with drugs while away at school. Roseanne forbids Darlene to return to school, David volunteers to help "keep an eye" on her. Concerned that perhaps they are doing the wrong thing, and after confronting Darlene, Dan convinces Roseanne to at least reconsider her decision.
12 Oct. 1994
Girl Talk
Dan, Fred and Mark enter the realm of 'too much information' when their wives confide in one another, and then spread the word back to the men about their sexual activities, and lack thereof.
19 Oct. 1994
Becky thinks David's crushing on her when he admits to a sexual dream involving a Connor woman other than Darlene. But David soon reveals that is in fact, Roseanne, that he dreamed of.
26 Oct. 1994
Skeleton in the Closet
Roseanne's attempts to prank everybody at Leon's Halloween party at the diner fall flat when it's revealed to her that Fred is gay.
2 Nov. 1994
Follow the Son
D.J. wants out of his busboy job at the Lunch Box, and David wants to put the kibosh on Darlene's moving in with her new squeeze Jimmy--who misinterprets David's obsessive interest in him.
9 Nov. 1994
Punch and Jimmy
Roseanne and Jackie go to Chicago for Parent's Day, to surprise Darlene, and in hopes of meeting her new boyfriend, Jimmy. David wants to learn how to be tough, in order to compete with Darlene's boyfriend, who is a boxer, for her affections. Roseanne assigns Dan to help David feel good about just being himself. D.J. is getting picked on at school by a bully, but refuses to learn to fight back for fear that getting hit will hurt. Fred is impressed with Dan's parenting, until he figures out that Dan is only doing what Roseanne tells him to.
16 Nov. 1994
White Men Can't Kiss
Dan and Roseanne find out that D.J. wants to skip participating in his school play because he has to kiss a black girl, and is uncomfortable about it. Roseanne wants to force him, and Dan is worried that D.J. might have gotten prejudiced ideas by something he has unwittingly said or done. Jackie is perplexed by the fact that Fred seems to enjoy spending time with her mother.
23 Nov. 1994
Thanksgiving 1994
It's a Thanksgiving full of tension and anxiety when Roseanne gets alarming news about her baby from the prenatal clinic. The discomfort is only worsened when Nana Mary shows up with her new husband and upsets Bev, and the rest of the family, by discussing the two abortions she (Nana Mary) had years before.
30 Nov. 1994
Maybe Baby
Tensions are heightened at the Connor house as a short-fused Roseanne waits for the amniocentesis results. Dan tries his best to help devise a solution and comfort Roseanne but his good intentions are misinterpreted. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the situation, which only angers Roseanne and intensifies her doubts and fears.
14 Dec. 1994
The Parenting Trap
Roseanne and Dan are called down to the school to see D.J.'s teacher because he refuses to write his homework on the board, and his teacher is concerned that D.J. may have a learning disability. Dan discovers that it is not because he can't do the work, but because he is at that age where boys sometimes get an involuntary erection, and D.J. is embarrassed to stand up. The family meets David's new girlfriend, Dinah. Darlene discovers that David is actually developing feelings for Becky.
4 Jan. 1995
Rear Window
Dan and Roseanne are shocked, and amused, when they find out their new next door neighbors are a couple of geriatric nudists. Meanwhile, Darlene suspects David of cheating on her with Becky.
11 Jan. 1995
My Name Is Bev
After being arrested for D.U.I., Beverly is forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) meetings, where she discovers that she might really be an alcoholic. This new realization does not bode well for the family, since Roseanne is forbidding anyone to drink while Beverly is in the house, which quickly puts an end to Dan's super-bowl party. Dan, Jackie, and Fred sneak out to the garage to drink and watch the game on an old portable TV, until Beverly catches them, and pitches a fit, prompting Roseanne to pitch a fit, or two, of her own.
1 Feb. 1995
Bed and Bored
Roseanne pretends to be ill in order to get some rest and relaxation to the exhaustion of everyone else in the family, who are at her beck and call. David discovers Roseanne's faking but when he confronts her, Roseanne strikes a deal with him that he reluctantly accepts. Meanwhile, Jackie confronts Beverly about being an awful mother and is stunned by her reaction.
8 Feb. 1995
Fred tells Jackie that he doesn't want D.J. to visit their house so much anymore, because he gets weirder every time he comes over. In order to protect Fred, Jackie tells Roseanne that she is the one who has a problem with D.J. constantly being at her house, which infuriates Roseanne. Dan tricks Darlene into coming home for the weekend and tries to make the girls stop bickering for their Mother's sake. D.J. expresses a strange, new fascination with eating cardboard.
15 Feb. 1995
Lost Youth
The green-eyed monster emerges in force between David and Mark when they both become interested in Stacy, a waitress at the Lunch Box, whom David asks to pose for a wall mural. Jackie thinks her sex life with Fred needs spicing up while Fred is happy leaving well enough alone.
22 Feb. 1995
Single Married Female
In Roseanne's absence, Dan discovers something troubling about Jackie and gets some sound advice from David.
1 Mar. 1995
All About Rosey
Youngsters Roseanne and Jackie visit a fortuneteller who gives them a peek into their futures via his crystal ball. In the future, Jackie takes an adult, autistic D.J. to see a psychiatrist.
22 Mar. 1995
Husbands and Wives
Fred is still angry and bitter about his separation from Jackie while Jackie is beginning to see the sliver lining and starts going on outings that Fred never enjoyed. Meanwhile, Roseanne begins meddling in order to get the two of them back together but begins to regret it when she realizes how unsure Jackie is that she even loves Fred anymore.
29 Mar. 1995
Happy Trailers
Mark and Becky find a tiny run-down trailer in a trailer park, and decide to make it home. Determined to fix up their home all on their own, they turn down offers of assistance from Dan and Roseanne, who in turn have to find covert way to help the kids out. Roseanne discovers that they will need to come up with $2,000 to prepay for the baby's doctor and hospital stay.
3 May 1995
The Blaming of the Shrew
Dan lays down the law when DJ lets a pushy, aggressive girl order him around but Roseanne likes the girl in question. But when the relationship lands DJ in trouble at school, Roseanne has to intervene. Jackie and Fred go to marriage counselor to help solve their relationship problems.
10 May 1995
The Birds and the Frozen Bees
Roseanne is upset over the possibility that David may like a girl more than Darlene, who may lose David if she doesn't fight for him.
17 May 1995
Couch Potatoes
The Conners are selected to be a "Neilsen Family". Roseanne, who is going through a nesting period in her pregnancy, insists that the family watch nothing but educational-type programing to prove to the Neilsen people that they are not white trash. After Dan breaks the couch, Roseanne accepts a hand-me-down couch from her Mother, but soon regrets it. Jackie and Fred make a life-altering decision.
24 May 1995
Sherwood Schwartz--A Loving Tribute
David announces to the Conners that he wants to spend a month in Europe after graduation, but Darlene selfishly pressures him out of it. Dan starts working on building his boat again, but Roseanne insists that they can't afford it, and makes fun of his dream, launching into a fantasy where she and her family play the castaways on Gilligan's Island (1964). Cast members from Gilligan's Island (1964) cameo as members of the Conner family.

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