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Season 3

18 Sep. 1990
The Test
The entire family clusters around Roseanne for the longest ten minutes of their lives as they await the results of a pregnancy test.
25 Sep. 1990
Friends and Relatives
Roseanne and Dan clash after Dan loans some money to Arnie. When he comes up short when it's time to pay some bills, he refuses to borrow the money from Jackie.
2 Oct. 1990
Like a Virgin
Roseanne and Dan ponder whether it's time to give Becky "the talk", but Darlene surprises them all when she's discovered making out with her friend.
9 Oct. 1990
Like, a New Job
Leaving behind her days at the hair salon, Roseanne starts her new job as a waitress at Rodbell's, much to Becky and Darlene's horror.
15 Oct. 1990
Goodbye, Mr. Right
Jackie is injured in the line of duty, prompting an ugly ultimatum from her boyfriend Gary.
23 Oct. 1990
Becky, Beds and Boys
Roseanne and Dan contend with a newly rebellious Becky when they forbid her to see her new boyfriend. First appearance of Glenn Quinn as Mark.
30 Oct. 1990
Trick or Treat
Gender bending abounds with the annual Conner fright-fest that finds Roseanne in drag and Dan worrying about DJ dressing up as a witch.
6 Nov. 1990
PMS, I Love You
The family is run ragged catering to Roseanne's changing moods during her time of the month.
13 Nov. 1990
Bird Is the Word
Becky is suspended from school after giving the finger in a class photo.
27 Nov. 1990
Dream Lover
Roseanne feels threatened when Dan is having recurring dreams about another woman.
4 Dec. 1990
Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?
Dan and Roseanne stay out late reliving their dating days while simultaneously trying to scare Becky and Darlene into respecting their curfews.
18 Dec. 1990
Roseanne's mother, Beverly, visits for the weekend, much to the dismay of the family. Roseanne tricks Jackie into coming over to help keep her from being alone with her mother. While confessing youthful transgressions to their Mom for fun, Jackie discovers that her parents always thought she had potential to make something out of herself; while Roseanne discovers that they always knew that she would "just" be an ordinary housewife and mother. Roseanne finds this revelation hurtful, and wonders if she treats her own daughters that differently.
8 Jan. 1991
The Courtship of Eddie, Dan's Father
Part 1 of 2. Roseanne plans an impromptu Christmas dinner party in January for Dan's father Ed, who couldn't be there for Christmas. She decides to invite Donald, a customer she knows at Rodbell's Coffee Shop, and Crystal, with a ruse, as a surprise fix-up for the two. Just before dinner is served, however, Roseanne is served a huge surprise of her own, forcing her to rethink her plans. When Dan is let in on the secret, he becomes irate, and stubbornly refuses to accept reality.
15 Jan. 1991
The Wedding
Part 2 of 2. Roseanne throws Crystal a bridal shower and discovers yet another secret. Ed desperately tried to bond with Crystal's son Lonnie. Dan vehemently opposes this wedding, and is furious with Roseanne for participating in it against his wishes. Convinced that his father will ruin Crystal's life, Dan confronts the man in hopes of getting him to call the wedding off.
22 Jan. 1991
Becky Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Becky's lying about seeing Mark leads to her leaving home to stay with Jackie.
5 Feb. 1991
Roseanne discovers her inner feminist when an invitation from Darlene's school to Dan for career day inspires her to speak to Darlene's class about being a homemaker.
12 Feb. 1991
Valentine's Day
Darlene and Becky clash when the boy Darlene likes asks out Becky; Roseanne awaits a special Valentine's gift from Dan. First appearance of Martin Mull as Leon and Bonnie Sheridan as Bonnie.
19 Feb. 1991
Communicable Theater
Jackie's in trouble when she has to perform the lead role in a community production of "Cyrano de Bergerac" and doesn't know her lines.
26 Feb. 1991
Vegas Interruptus
Roseanne and Dan are off to Vegas for the weekend, leaving the kids home alone, but Roseanne's new boss and a snowstorm may have other ideas.
12 Mar. 1991
Her Boyfriend's Back
Becky's boyfriend Mark is certainly not popular around the Conner house when Dan learns he and Becky tampered with his vintage motorcycle, Dan hits the roof, blaming Becky, while Roseanne heads to Mark's house to try and make him break up with her daughter.
26 Mar. 1991
Trouble with the Rubbles
Roseanne clashes with her uptight new neighbor, Kathy Bowman.
2 Apr. 1991
Second Time Around
A close shave with a wrecking ball lead Roseanne and Dan to wonder who should get custody of the kids if they ever both die.
30 Apr. 1991
Dances with Darlene
Darlene resents Roseanne's sudden interest in her life when a boy asks her to her first school dance.
7 May 1991
Scenes from a Barbecue
The family barbecue sees Nana Mary's first appearance on the show. Family and friends (except Dan's father and Roseanne's mother) gather at the Conner household for food, drink and singing, and Roseanne's fellow waitress Bonnie, gets a chance to show what a great singer she really is. Beverley still manages to upset Roseanne and Jackie from the other end of the phone, but Nana Mary turns the tables on her.
14 May 1991
The Pied Piper of Lanford
Roseanne is wary when Ziggy breezes back into Lanford, romancing Jackie and filling Dan's head with notions of opening a bike shop.

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