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Season 2

12 Sep. 1989
Inherit the Wind
An embarrassing episode for Becky during a student council meeting sees Roseanne sharing her most embarrassing moments from her own life with her daughter.
19 Sep. 1989
The Little Sister
Roseanne and Jackie are at odds when Jackie announces she's going to the Police Academy.
26 Sep. 1989
Guilt by Disassociation
Tired and frustrated of her job selling magazines over the phone, Roseanne is ecstatic when she gets an interview at a meat packing plant that seems like a sure thing.
3 Oct. 1989
Somebody Stole My Gal
An emotionally-needy architect at Dan's new job site adopts the Conners as a surrogate family much to their terror.
10 Oct. 1989
House of Grown-Ups
Roseanne feels the empty nest syndrome when Jackie leaves for police training and Darlene goes to her first party.
24 Oct. 1989
Five of a Kind
Roseanne is perturbed when a friend of Dan's plants a passionate kiss on her during Dan's weekly poker night with his buddies. The first appearance of Tom Arnold as Arnie.
31 Oct. 1989
The first of the annual Halloween episodes finds Roseanne doing her best to scare Dan who is waiting to hear about an important business deal going through.
7 Nov. 1989
Sweet Dreams
Ten minutes alone in the bathtub is all Roseanne wants, and when she doesn't get it, her fantasies take hold for thirty wild and musical minutes.
21 Nov. 1989
We Gather Together
Thanksgiving at the Conners brings the usual family strife and hilarity as Roseanne is determined to make her parents stay at a motel and Jackie continues to hide the fact she joined the police.
28 Nov. 1989
Brain-Dead Poets Society
Roseanne is ecstatic when Darlene is asked to read her poem for her school's recital, but Darlene refuses to do it.
5 Dec. 1989
Working two jobs, Roseanne finds she and Dan are drifting apart and turns to Jackie for support.
12 Dec. 1989
No Talking
Roseanne gets the silent treatment after clashing with Becky when she becomes the teenage daughter from hell.
2 Jan. 1990
Chicken Hearts
Roseanne lands a job at a chicken restaurant, with a total dweeb for a supervisor. He wants her to work weekends, which she is unable to do, so she invites the boy to dinner and gets Dan to help him assemble his carburetor for school. But will the kindness pay off in the end?
9 Jan. 1990
One for the Road
Becky and her friend make "Tornadoes". A combination of several liquors she found in the liquor cabinet topped off with a splash of Root Beer.
23 Jan. 1990
An Officer and a Gentleman
Jackie plays happy homemaker with Dan and the kids when Roseanne is called away for three days for a family emergency.
30 Jan. 1990
Born to Be Wild
In his first appearance, Dan and Roseanne's old friend Ziggy returns for a visit, prompting the Conners to wonder what happened to themselves and when they became "old".
6 Feb. 1990
Roseanne feels she's sunk to an all-time low when she gets a job sweeping up hair at a hair salon.
13 Feb. 1990
I'm Hungry
Determined to squeeze back into an old pair of jeans, Roseanne commits herself (and Dan, much to his horror) to yet another dieting spree.
20 Feb. 1990
All of Me
Roseanne's meddling in Jackie's life explodes in her face.
27 Feb. 1990
To Tell the Truth
Jackie gives Roseanne the silent treatment after she's had enough of her interfering in her love life.
20 Mar. 1990
Fender Bender
Roseanne and Dan contemplate a lawsuit after Mrs. Wellman rear-ends Roseanne in her car.
10 Apr. 1990
April Fool's Day
The countdown to the deadline for filing their tax returns finds Dan and Roseanne running around in circles trying to get it done in time.
1 May 1990
Fathers and Daughters
Convinced that Dan and Becky's relationship needs some maintenance, Roseanne forces him to accompany Becky to the mall as she tries to bond with Darlene.
8 May 1990
Happy Birthday
For Roseanne's birthday, Dan fixes up the basement as a space for her to write and takes the kids away for the day. Roseanne is ecstatic...and then stricken with writer's block.

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