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Season 10

4 Oct. 2012
The crew discover the pristine,empty spaceship Trojan and use it to travel to the aid of Columbus III,to answer a distress call from Rimmer's brother Howard,who used to bully him. However Rimmer is too proud to help until he can equal Howard in rank and become an officer. He thus has fifteen hours to sit the Astro-Nav promotion exam which he has failed on ten previous occasions. The others work out that Rimmer's head is too full of past resentment to clear a space for exam data but when the Trojan eventually rides to the rescue Rimmer discovers that Howard is not what...
11 Oct. 2012
Fathers & Suns
Whilst Lister writes himself a father's day card the others give Pree,the ship's computer,a glamorous upgrade. However she is soon putting the ship in danger and setting it on a collision course with the sun while it fills with laughing gas. Her excuse is that Rimmer has programmed her to imitate his own incompetence. Fortunately Lister takes advantage of the fact that he is his own father and,in that capacity, not a crew member to shut down Pree and save the day.
18 Oct. 2012
Whilst attempting to construct a Swedish flat-pack rejuvenation shower the crew accidentally transport themselves back to the year A.D. 23. In order to power their returner remote they need lemons to make a battery and ,in a Middle Eastern market,meet a friendly young man called Jesus. When Jesus complains of demons on his back the crew successfully teleport him and themselves back to 'Red Dwarf' for an operation but reading of his future fate causes Jesus to return to Earth and behave in a very unchristian manner. The team go after him and learn that Jesus is a ...
25 Oct. 2012
Whilst Cat and Kryten find themselves doing everything in unison due to 'quantum entanglement' Lister loses the shuttle craft 'Starbug' and Rimmer to a group of hairy genetically engineered life forms in a poker game. To ensure he keeps his side of the bargain within twenty-four hours they have attached an explosive device to his groin due to go off when the time is up. Having unsuccessfully tried to bargain with them with the 'spoon of destiny' the crew have to locate Professor Edgington,the inventor of the groinal exploder,to save the day - which she does,though ...
1 Nov. 2012
Dear Dave
Lister finds himself in a bizarre love triangle with two talking vending machines - sweet-voiced coffee maker number 23 and the more vengeful chocolate bar dispenser number 34 and ends up literally getting his leg over with 34. The mail arrives from earth and Lister gets a letter from a pregnant ex-lover of whose child he may be the father. He and Rimmer hunt through piles of old mail for proof but ultimately Lister is disappointed to learn that he is not the one.
8 Nov. 2012
The Beginning
The Red Dwarf is surrounded by hostile Annihilators and a Simulant death ship,with only two forks and a pencil sharpener for weapons. The crew flee in the shuttle and hide in an asteroid where Rimmer plays a hologram of his father,only to learn he was not his father after all. Free of paternal scorn at last he concocts a clever plan,which destroys the enemies and Red Dwarf lives to see another day.

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