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14 Mar. 1998
The Projected Man
A scientist's experiment gone wrong gives him the touch of death while the SOL crew find themselves back in their old time period.
21 Mar. 1998
The Phantom Planet
Killer peanut brittle terrorizes the universe while Pearl settles into her ancestral home by building a doomsday device.
4 Apr. 1998
The Pumaman
Constantly-Out-Of-His-League Man battles evil while Pearl hosts her Castle Forrester Ball.
18 Apr. 1998
A guy turns people into werewolves for his own sick pleasure while Mike turns into a were-Crow.
9 May 1998
The Deadly Bees
Killer bees terrify a remote English island while a bowler hatted guy appears where he's least expected.
13 Jun. 1998
The Space Children
A blob from Heaven brainwashes children into doing his bidding while Pearl starts her own space program.
27 Jun. 1998
Intro: The crew of the SOL keeps turning each other on inadvertently. Segment One: The crew rough-houses on the couch Pearl sent them. Segment Two: Crow makes a film questioning the existence of women. Segment Three: Crow starts a hot line for people who have suffered trauma from watching this movie. Only Bobo calls in to talk about his love life. Segment Four: The crew uses cardboard cutouts to distract Pearl while they try to escape. Segment Five: Servo goes back in time to punish Rick Sloane for making this movie. In the Castle, Pearl lectures Mike and the 'bots on...
11 Jul. 1998
The Touch of Satan
An overly obvious '70s wanderer hits on a witch while a babysitter watches over Castle Forrester.
18 Jul. 1998
Mike and the 'bots gorge on Gorgo (1961), a maudlin monster mess featuring two giant mother-and-son lizards and a Samuel Beckett lookalike. Leonard Maltin shows up to hawk his movie guide, which inexplicably praises the film.
25 Jul. 1998
The Final Sacrifice
It's "Canada Bashing Day" on the SOL in every respect between progressive world domination and bizarre looting.
15 Aug. 1998
Devil Fish
A sea monster eats out for some Italian while dolphins seek revenge against the SOL.
29 Aug. 1998
The Screaming Skull
A vengeful skull comes back from the dead and the bots are scarred for life when Gumby abuses his robot slaves.
26 Sep. 1998
Quest of the Delta Knights
Pearl sits in on part of this week's experiment as part of her annual review, and Leonardo da Vinci stops by to insist the guy playing him in the film is a mook.

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