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9 Jan. 1993
Monster A-Go Go
The crew muses about a wacky short involving the Toronto Skating Club in Circus on Ice (1954). Then the guys watch Monster a-Go Go (1965) where a radiated astronaut has returned to Earth as a giant mutant. It's a battle of the action figures in the invention exchange when the Mads introduce Johnny Longtorso while Joel presents non-violent action figures.
16 Jan. 1993
The Day the Earth Froze
Joel and the Bots learn the ins and outs of the circus in the short Here Comes the Circus (1946) and then try to make sense of the Nordic fairy tale film The Day the Earth Froze (1959). Joel and the Bots take a family photo and Gypsy puts on a one woman show called "Gypsy Rose Me!".
23 Jan. 1993
Bride of the Monster
The guys check out the first installment of the short Hired! (1940) where a Chevrolet sales manager tries to boost door-to-door sales. Later, the guys watch a mad scientist's experiments attract the attention of the press and the police in Bride of the Monster (1955). Joel and the Bots stage "Hired: The Musical" and Willy the Waffle returns to defend blatant product placement.
30 Jan. 1993
'Manos' the Hands of Fate
The Mads present the satellite people a film so bad that apologies are sent, and Tom Servo goes off his nut from it.
24 Jul. 1993
Warrior of the Lost World
A hero and his talking motorcycle take on an evil dictator in Warrior of the Lost World (1983). The guys try to get post-apocalyptic driving permits and discuss things to do after the apocalypse.
17 Jun. 1993
Joel and the Bots have a casual day on the SOL and endure another incoherent Hercules movie (Le fatiche di Ercole (1958)).
31 Jul. 1993
Swamp Diamonds
Today's experiment: the educational short, What to Do on a Date (1951), and the Roger Corman flick, Swamp Women (1956)
7 Aug. 1993
Secret Agent Super Dragon
Reports of drugged chewing gum sends a womanizing secret agent to Amsterdam to investigate a crime ring in Secret Agent Super Dragon (1966). Tom and Joel read through Crow's new screenplay "The Spy Who Hugged Me" and chat about spy movie puns.
28 Aug. 1993
The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
An adventurer sets sail in search of the bird of happiness in Sadko (1953). Crow has trouble with his own lifelong quest and the guys have a meeting of the Junior Jester Club.
28 Aug. 1993
A teenage girl, her dorky boyfriend, and her scientist father discover a caveman in the desert in Eegah (1962). Joel and the Bots discuss 60s sitcoms and the subtler forms of hell.
4 Sep. 1993
I Accuse My Parents
Joel and the Bots hear all about new-fangled farming techniques in the 50s short The Truck Farmer (1954). Afterward, a one-time overachiever blames his boozy, neglectful parents for his run in with the law in I Accuse My Parents (1944). The guys analyze the main character from the movie and reenact a few choice scenes.
11 Sep. 1993
Operation Double 007
In Operation Kid Brother (1967), a plastic surgeon gets recruited to stop a villain from developing radioactive rugs. The Bots watch some of Joel's home movies, try to hypnotize Tom, and get a visit from their old friend Torgo.
18 Sep. 1993
The Girl in Lovers Lane
Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank plan "evil event days" in order to ruin baseball, while Joel and the 'bots watch a hobo melodrama called The Girl in Lovers Lane (1960).
26 Sep. 1993
The Painted Hills
Joel and the Bots learn from Body Care and Grooming (1947) that they might as well be dead if they don't keep their socks tidy. Later, the guys take on The Painted Hills (1951) in which famous collie Lassie witnesses the murder of a prospector. Crow gives a detailed report on bearded guys and the crew discusses the end of the film.
9 Oct. 1993
In Gunslinger (1956), the widow of a murdered sheriff tries to stop the crime in her town with the help of the man hired to kill her. Joel and the Bots discuss mortality and how to have the best funeral before taking the 70s to task for being a terrible decade.
23 Oct. 1993
The trio sit through a dreary Joe Don Baker disasterpiece as Gypsy tries to find a way to save Joel from being killed by the Mads.
30 Oct. 1993
The Brain That Wouldn't Die
New guy Mike Nelson finishes his training and makes his way into the theater for the first time. His first outing is the movie The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962) about a creepy doctor who keeps his decapitated fiancée's head alive in a laboratory while tries to find her a new body. Mike tries to escape the SOL but ends up bonding with the Bots instead when his attempts fail.
7 Nov. 1993
Teen-Age Strangler
Mike and the 'bots watch the dreary educational short Is This Love? (1957) and the horrifyingly bad Terror in the Night (1964).
13 Nov. 1993
The Wild World of Batwoman
Mike and the Bots watch a high school student fall into the depths of despair because he got caught Cheating (1952). Later, the guys try to make sense of The Wild World of Batwoman (1966) as a scantily clad superwoman does battle with villains named Ratfink and Professor Neon. The Bots write essays about the short but Crow gets caught cheating.
20 Nov. 1993
Alien from L.A.
The crew watch a squeaky-voiced valley girl search for her missing archaeologist father in Alien from L.A. (1988). Mike and the Bots devote a song to leading lady Kathy Ireland and later define her acting technique as "dull surprise".
25 Nov. 1993
Beginning of the End
Swarms of giant grasshoppers are headed straight for Chicago in Beginning of the End (1957). Mike catches the Mads off guard, Crow presents his latest screenplay "Peter Graves Goes to the University of Minnesota", and Tom performs a stand-up comedy routine about grasshoppers.
4 Dec. 1993
The Atomic Brain
Mike and the Bots are asked What About Juvenile Delinquency? (1955) in a short about a teenage thug whose gang mugs his father. Then it's time to watch science go awry in Monstrosity (1963) when a rich, elderly woman hires a doctor to transport her brain into one of her beautiful kidnapping victims. Mike demonstrates chin puppetry while Magic Voice hits it off with the Voice-Over Guy from the movie.
11 Dec. 1993
Outlaw of Gor
A hero and his loser friend are transplanted to the planet of Gor and are soon caught up in an evil sorcerer's plot in Gor II (1988). Mike and the Bots are inspired to perform the song "Tubular Boobular Joy" because of the amount of skin shown by characters in the movie.
18 Dec. 1993
Radar Secret Service
Mike and the Bots learn the dangers of not paying attention at railroad crossings in the short Last Clear Chance (1959). Later, they watch government agents use high-tech radar to track criminals on the black market in Radar Secret Service (1950). The guys stage Mike's 10-year high school reunion and, inspired by the short, Tom asks the golden question: "Why don't they look?!"
24 Dec. 1993
Santa Claus
Mike and the bots watch Santa Claus mess around with a devil while trying to deliver gifts and then sing politically correct holiday songs.

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