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Season 3

22 Sep. 1990
Rocketship X-M
An expedition to the moon goes wrong when a group of astronauts accidentally lands on Mars in Rocketship X-M (1950). Joel and the Bots are visited by Valeria from "Robot Holocaust" and Frank learns to push the button.
29 Sep. 1990
The Sidehackers
In "The Sidehackers" (also known as Five the Hard Way (1969)), a motorcycle racer and a violent stunt rider start a war of vengeance against each other. Joel and the Bots write a song inspired by the movie and chat with a few characters from the film on the Hexfield.
6 Oct. 1990
Jungle Goddess
An heiress stranded in Africa is made queen of the jungle in the feature film and Bela Lugosi stars in the short The Phantom Creeps (1939). Joel and the Bots create their own infomercial.
13 Oct. 1990
Catalina Caper
A map heist goes horribly wrong off the coast of Catalina and it's up to a bunch of scantily clad scuba-partying teens to save the day.
27 Oct. 1990
Rocket Attack U.S.A.
The crew watches the second chapter of The Phantom Creeps (1939) and a film about an American spy sent to the Soviet Union to investigate a missile attack. Joel hosts a quiz show with the Bots.
3 Nov. 1990
Ring of Terror
A college med student's final fraternity initiation goes wrong when he's assigned to retrieve a gold ring from a cadaver he had recently performed an autopsy on.
17 Nov. 1990
Wild Rebels
The crew takes on The Wild Rebels (1967), a movie about a stock-car racer who is recruited as a getaway driver for a biker gang. The guys get into the spirit of the film by making a commercial for "Wild Rebels" cereal and Joel explains how to appreciate a bad movie.
24 Nov. 1990
Lost Continent
A military team sent to search for a lost rocket ends up trapped on a mountain inhabited by dinosaurs in Lost Continent (1951). Joel refuses to enter the theater during movie sign but the Mads have ways of forcing him into the theater.
8 Dec. 1990
The Hellcats
Joel and the 'bots attempt to puzzle out what's going on in the unintelligible biker film, The Hellcats (1968). Flashbacks from earlier episodes fill out the host segments.
22 Dec. 1990
King Dinosaur
Joel and the Bots watch X Marks the Spot (1942), a short in which a reckless driver finds himself on trial in heaven for his carelessness behind the wheel. In King Dinosaur (1955), the crew pokes fun as scientists are terrorized by snakes, bugs, and dinosaurs on a newly discovered planet.
29 Dec. 1990
First Spaceship on Venus
Joel and the 'bots suffer through First Spaceship on Venus (1960). A gorilla in a foreign ship attacks the Satellite of Love.
19 Jan. 1991
Godzilla vs. Megalon
The Mads force Joel and the 'bots to watch Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973), the cheesy Japanese monster mash featuring Godzilla's infamous flying kick.
2 Feb. 1991
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
The Mads force another Godzilla movie on Joel and the Bots. In this one, a group of friends are shipwrecked on an island guarded by a crab monster named Ebirah while Godzilla sleeps in a nearby cave. The Bots meet Mothra on the Hexfield and the Mads start re-thinking the structure of their experiments.

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