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Season 1

The Green Slime
Earth-orbiting inventor Joel Hodgson invites us to watch The Green Slime (1968) with him and his robot friends.
24 Nov. 1988
Invaders from the Deep
In between tending to some sick vacuum-flowers, Joel Hodgson and his robot buddy Crow begin their first movie-riffing experiment aboard the Satellite of Love.
24 Nov. 1988
Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars
Joel and his faithful robot companions celebrate Thanksgiving by scarfing down a chopped up Captain Scarlet serial repackaged as a TV film.
27 Nov. 1988
Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
Today's experiment features real humans from Japan and a budget that must've been tens of dollars.
4 Dec. 1988
Gamera vs. Barugon
The historic first meeting between Gamera and the crew of the Satellite of Love.
11 Dec. 1988
Crow is a frozen Christmas tree and Tom is busy, so Joel has to watch the original Gamera film all by himself.
18 Dec. 1988
Gamera vs. Gaos
Tom Servo gets his new "Mighty Voice" and a chance to use it during another Gamera film. Crow is still frozen.
31 Dec. 1988
Gamera vs. Zigra
Crow gets unfrozen just in time for yet another Gamera film, and we meet the Mads for the first time.
8 Jan. 1989
Gamera vs. Guiron
As two Earth boys plead for Gamera to rescue them from a planet of cannibals, Crow experiences a wonderful dream in which he turn the tables on the Mads.
15 Jan. 1989
Phase IV
This week's film is a deep sci-fi story about ants that leaves Crow wishing he'd brought a pair of boots into the theater.
22 Jan. 1989
Cosmic Princess
The stranded crew of the Satellite of Love have no sympathy for the stranded crew of Moonbase Alpha when they take in two repackaged episodes of Space: 1999.
29 Jan. 1989
Humanoid Woman
A Russian film about a bug-eyed alien babe is the backdrop for a variety of antics aboard the Satellite of Love.
5 Feb. 1989
Fugitive Alien
With Crow disassembled, Joel and Servo are left by themselves to tackle Part 1 of this baffling Japanese sci-fi epic.
19 Feb. 1989
SST: Death Flight
Joel, Crow, and Servo sit through a star-studded TV movie about a doomed SST flight while Gypsy goes through some interesting changes.
5 Mar. 1989
Mighty Jack
The 007-ish exploits of Mighty Jack -- a government organization created to defeat the notorious crime syndicate known as "Q" -- took everything that was bad about espionage movies and threw the rest out.
12 Mar. 1989
Servo writes a letter to his uncle in which he recalls many fond memories of his time aboard the satellite. Meanwhile, the crew are subjected to a TV drama about a New Orleans Super Bowl full of intrigue, romance, and catfish.
19 Mar. 1989
City on Fire
This week's experiment is disastrous disaster film City on Fire (1979), which assures viewers the events depicted could happen in any city, anywhere. Even, as Tom points out, while we're watching this.
2 Apr. 1989
Time of the Apes
Adapted (i.e., shredded and stitched into incoherence) from the 1974 Japanese series Saru No Gundan, Time Of The Apes follows the travails of a scientist and two small children who are accidentally frozen and thaw into a future ruled by apes.
7 May 1989
The Million Eyes of Sumuru
As groovy femme fatale Sumuru plots world domination, Joel gets even with the 'bots for locking him out of the ship.
14 May 1989
Hangar 18
The crew discover disturbing secrets in Crow's memory bank while watching a film about bland government officials investigating, and then trying to cover up, a flying saucer crash.
21 May 1989
The Last Chase
This week's film features two intrepid heroes fleeing their Orwellian futuristic society in a souped-up racecar - but Joel and friends are more interested in reading fan mail from their adoring public.
28 May 1989
The Legend of Dinosaurs
Joel and the Bots suffer through a dreary '70s dinosaur movie from Japan. Where's 'Doug McClure' when you need him?

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