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Season 1

The Room Above the Indian Grocery
D. P. Murphy is an insurance investigator and recovering alcoholic. His ex-wife won't let him see his daughter, his girlfriend won't take him back, and he must determine if a woman who died of an apparent heart attack was really murdered.
3 Dec. 1988
Where Are My Socks and Other Mysteries of Love
A fashion company executive is killed and Murphy must investigate. New company Vice-President Harriett Tapplinger gets on the case of both Murphy and his supervisor Wesley Harden.
10 Dec. 1988
If You Can't Win, Shoot for a Tie
Victor Beaudine takes on an insurance case involving Murphy's ex-wife, Marissa. Murphy has to find a missing rottweiler and locate a sea captain the company owes a check. If he gets a chance he hopes to see his daughter.
17 Dec. 1988
Do Someone a Favor and It Becomes Your Job
A brother and sister murder their rich uncle but are seen by a vacuum cleaner salesman. Murphy must prove murder before the killers can eliminate the witness.
14 Jan. 1989
Never Play Leapfrog with a Unicorn
Murphy's complaints about a disco club get him involved in an FBI investigation. Meanwhile, his attorney (played by Norman Fell) persuades Murphy to serve subpoenas.
21 Jan. 1989
Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing
Murphy and Kimi investigate arson involving an international relief organization. It may or may not have been an inside job. Kimi goes undercover to find out. Meanwhile, Murphy gets a promotion.
28 Jan. 1989
Two Wrongs Are Only the Beginning
Murphy delivers $1 million to the owner of a stolen motorcycle. With a social worker checking on him ahead of potential visitation rights, Murphy thinks an apartment fire gives him cover so he can pretend it wasn't always a mess.
Never Wear Earmuffs in a Bed of Rattlesnakes
As Kimi visits Wes at work to ask him to keep Murphy company while she is away on a photo shoot, a disgruntled customer takes everyone in the office hostage. Meanwhile, Murphy has an odd visit from a fellow A.A. member.
11 Feb. 1989
Where There's a Will, There's a Won't
Mean boss Victor Beaudine has Wes Harden fired, but as Murphy tries to get Wes's job back, the office is taken over by even meaner Morgana DeSade who creates a truly hostile workplace.
11 Mar. 1989
Experience Is Something You Don't Get Until Just After You Need It
Kimi goes undercover to pose as the latest bride of a polygamist, called the Fox, whom Murphy has been after for insurance fraud. Meanwhile, Murphy anxiously awaits a visit from his daughter.
18 Mar. 1989
Doing It the Hard Way Is Always Easier
Murphy gets a visit from his daughter, Kathleen. Kimi finds out Murphy assumes she will help him. Wes wants Murphy to talk to a witness, but his sense of obligation to his daughter keeps getting in the way.
All's Wrong That Ends Wrong
While Marissa is being suspiciously kind to Murphy, a jeweled egg is stolen at a charity gala and Murphy thinks the thief is the daughter of Alex Kovac, a well-known jewel thief.

 Season 1 

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