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6 Jan. 1992
Anchor Rancor
The sudden death, at the network, of the Sunday night news anchor makes Jim and Murphy compete for the new job opening.
13 Jan. 1992
Guess Who's Coming to Luncheon
Corky receives an invite to the White House and Murphy flatters her so she can go along. Once there Murphy goes snooping despite Corky's protests.
20 Jan. 1992
Jerry Gold moves in with Murphy after she is diagnosed with preterm labor and forces to rest at home for 2 weeks.
3 Feb. 1992
Stress overcomes Miles at his 30th birthday celebration.
24 Feb. 1992
Send in the Clowns
Murphy is subpoena by the Senate to appear at a hearing demanding the name of her source that leaked a rapport her way which leaded to a story on FYI.
2 Mar. 1992
Murphy Buys the Farm
Murphy thinks a place in the country will help her relax and she brings the entire gang along to check out a farm she's thinking of buying. While Murphy tries to convince her friends how charming things are, everyone else is just bored.
4 Mar. 1992
Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
Rick is an attractive gay man doing some temporary work for FYI and Miles becomes concerned when he has a dream about him. Miles attempts to discover why it happened.
16 Mar. 1992
Rage Before Beauty
Murphy cuts her hair short despite an appearance clause in her contract. When viewer response ignores her reporting she becomes upset over the focus on superficialities.
23 Mar. 1992
Phil's Not So Silent Partner
Murphy offers money to Phil who's in financial trouble. But Murphy soon drives Phil crazy with unwelcome suggestions.
27 Apr. 1992
He-Ho, He-Ho, It's Off to Lamaze We Go
Murphy decides to take a Lamaze birth class and asks Eldon to be her coach. Once there she manages to alienate the instructor and her classmates but luckily Eldon pays attention.
4 May 1992
On the Rocks
Hillary, a new anchorwoman, replaces Murphy, but Hillary has a secret problem and it's getting out of control.
11 May 1992
A Chance of Showers
Murphy is feeling even crankier at the end of her pregnancy and isn't happy that Corky is throwing her a baby shower. But she changes her mind when she realizes she will be getting terrific gifts from her peers that work in national news.
18 May 1992
Birth 101
Murphy finally gives birth and all of her friends are trying to help the best they can.
21 Sep. 1992
You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato: Part 1
Murphy is adjusting to motherhood, interviewing Nannies, trying to decide on a name for the baby and trying to get a good night sleep.
21 Sep. 1992
You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato: Part 2
Dan Quayle publicly attacks Murphy Brown for glamourising single motherhood.
28 Sep. 1992
Life After Birth
Murphy is back from having her baby, but her obsession with over protecting her baby, is causing problems where ever she goes and driving her co-workers crazy.
5 Oct. 1992
Black, White & Brown
The FYI staff are concerned about their futures when they learn their boss, Eugene Kinsella, is being replaced. Murphy's co-workers look to her to resist the changes Mitchell Baldwin proposes but are surprised at her attitude.
12 Oct. 1992
I Never Sang for My Husband
Jim Dial's wife Doris is dissatisfied with her life and an offhand remark by Murphy leads Doris to try to become a cabaret singer. Jim struggles to understand her change in behavior.
26 Oct. 1992
Night of Living News
Murphy and Frank anchor an overnight news show with Frank hoping to make a good impression to advance his career. What happens during the program might have the opposite effect.
2 Nov. 1992
A Year to Remember
An election year has the gang reminiscing about the first time they voted. Corky recalls wanting to elect the first woman vice-president while Murphy's memory involves handcuffs.
9 Nov. 1992
Midnight Plane to Paris
Murphy needs to fly overseas for a story but after Avery gets an earache she must make a choice about going. Using Eldin as a sounding board, she debates her future as a mother and a news person.
16 Nov. 1992
Me Thinks My Parents Doth Protest Too Much
Miles is caught in a lie when his friends find out his parents aren't dry cleaners but political activists. When they arrive in Washington for a demonstration, Miles is embarrassed and frantically works to keep them out of trouble.
23 Nov. 1992
Winners Take All
The show and staff of FYI is being honored with a banquet in New York. When it comes time to choose past footage everyone starts to lobby Miles to favor their own stories.
7 Dec. 1992
Till Death or Next Thursday Do We Part
Corky's life is in turmoil due to lack of intimacy in her marriage and that her husband Will is being sued for plagiarism. Things look bleak until Murphy learns Corky kept a journal which could clear Will but has embarrassing details about everyone.
14 Dec. 1992
I'm Dreaming of a Brown Christmas
Murphy is looking forward to her first Christmas as a mother and intends to do every tradition. But the arrival of her father and her Aunt Brooke turns Murphy into a referee as they resume their years long feuding.

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