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7 Jan. 1991
Miles thinks the on air FYI staff need to bond closer so he schedules a retreat run by an over enthusiastic director Justin. Murphy is only interested in the bonding that comes with getting revenge on the other participants.
14 Jan. 1991
Eldin Imitates Life
Murphy has a party and a guest offers to buy one of Eldin's art pieces.
21 Jan. 1991
Murphy's contract is up and other news organizations make a huge effort to sign her, to the distress of Miles. With Murphy having the upper hand, she makes outrageous demands and things turn contentious.
4 Feb. 1991
Hoarse Play
Murphy loses her voice right after getting her credentials restored to the White House press room. She desperately needs a quote from the president for an important story.
11 Feb. 1991
The Novel
Jim writes a novel where a desirable reporter seems to be based on Murphy and Jim's wife becomes concerned.
18 Feb. 1991
Terror on the 17th Floor
Murphy and Miles face off with a team of cost cutters that threaten the ability of FYI to put on a good news program.
25 Feb. 1991
On Another Plane: Part 2
Murphy and Frank are questioning putting their jobs before everything else when the plane they are traveling on experiences difficulties.
4 Mar. 1991
Driving Miss Crazy
Murphy writes her will, at times while driving, when the gang car pools to work during a snow storm.
29 Apr. 1991
Murphy's little joke about short men gets her into big trouble.
6 May 1991
The Usual Suspects
Murphy is outraged when a tabloid declares she has started drinking again and says the source is on the FYI staff. Murphy makes every effort to uncover the person's identity.
7 Oct. 1991
The Square Triangle
Murphy hires Audrey as her secretary which leads to Miles breaking up with her. Things get worse when Frank than becomes interested in Audrey.
14 Oct. 1991
Full Circle
Murphy's mother Avery dies and her father Bill arrives to help her deal with things. While reminiscing they discover unpleasant truths.
4 Nov. 1991
It Came from College
Murphy gets an idea of her future as a mother when the daughter of some friends stays with her.
9 Dec. 1991
Be It Ever So Humboldt
Frank wins an award and becomes annoying talking about it. His co-workers decide he needs to be taught a lesson.
16 Dec. 1991
Love Is Blonde
Murphy and the rest of FYI staff reluctantly attend a sponsor event. Corky and Miller start bonding over shared experiences.

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