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22 Oct. 1988
The Feverman
A skeptical doctor wants to prove to his desperate friend with a sick daughter that the local legendary healer he wants to see is a fraud.
29 Oct. 1988
Holly's House
Holly, the lead in a children's TV series, isn't the nice puppet she pretends to be.
5 Nov. 1988
New York Honey
A greedy married man blackmails his eccentric beekeeper neighbor to market his tasty honey for him and make a bundle. He also falls for the beekeeper's mysterious, seductive vamp girlfriend.
12 Nov. 1988
The Vampire Hunter
Can the famous vampire hunter save his friend before his old enemy can kill the young man, or worse, turn him into another bloodsucker?
19 Nov. 1988
My Zombie Lover
One night each year the dead come back to life. A young zombie falls for his living female classmate but his hunger for human flesh and her prejudiced zombie-hunting dad stand in the way of their happiness in this horror comedy.
26 Nov. 1988
Where's the Rest of Me?
In a right wing South American dictatorship on the verge of leftist rebellion, a mad U.S. scientist keeps the cadaver of a rebel alive to harvest its organs for his rich friends. But the undead rebel decides to get his organs back.
3 Dec. 1988
The Legacy
Dale finds the private sanctuary of Fulton Pierce, a famous, dead, horror actor. Dale can see Fulton's image in the old make-up case that was owned by the actor, and his life soon goes down a dark road.
10 Dec. 1988
Sleeping Dragon
A mysterious prehistoric capsule is found outside Reno, Nevada. Four scientists study it in their lab, but a lizard-looking monster hatches from it. With a heavy snowstorm raging outside, they must fight for their survival.
17 Dec. 1988
Pool Sharks
A hustler plays a high-stakes game of pool with a lovely creature of the night.
24 Dec. 1988
Pillow Talk
A man goes to great lengths to keep his bed possessed by a Lovecraftian nightmare full. But an assertive female writer who seems to fancy him challenges his status quo.
31 Dec. 1988
Rouse Him Not
A woman living in an old country house is visited by a stranger researching a warlock who used to live there.

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