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Season 3

30 Sep. 1990
Stressed Environment
A scientist spends 12yrs raising rats in a stressed environment in the hopes of evolving intelligence in the subjects.
7 Oct. 1990
Murray's Monster
A psychiatrist attempts to use a man who can monstrously manifests his repressed anger while hypnotized.
14 Oct. 1990
Bug House
The father of Ellen (Karen Sillas) and her sister, May, died some time ago, and May has started living in the family's broken-down, bug-infested cabin. While visiting May, Ellen discovers that May has a handsome new lover named Peter and that May is pregnant. May is due to give birth soon, but is having severe abdominal pains. Peter seduces Ellen, who has always been competitive with May (but has long denied it). Both the truth about Peter and his reason for seducing Ellen soon become clear.
21 Oct. 1990
A spoiled rich boy goes to jail in Mexico after running down and killing a child with his car. He feels confident he will get out with his daddy's money but a weird old man tells him he is in "the bad cell" and no one leaves ever.
28 Oct. 1990
Cara Raymond (Juliet Mills) is inspecting a mining outpost on a hostile alien world for a big company. The outpost is manned by Sebastian, a man who was dying of an incurable disease. "The company" offers to bioengineer anyone who is dying, wipe their memories, and give them a second chance at life. Only, under the law, the bioeningeered people are not considered human any more, and are put to work on unbearably hot planets with poisonous atmospheres (where they are the only beings who can live there without a spacesuit). Raymond demands that Sebastian get his mining ...
4 Nov. 1990
The Hole
Corporal Torres (Antone Pagan)
11 Nov. 1990
Small Blessings
Wendy (Julie Brown) and Louis (Kevin Nealon) are parents to a baby, Eric. Eric's quite a handful, however, and meat delivery boy Teddy (David Spade) is bringing food to the house every day. The audience learns after just a few minutes that Eric is violent, eats only meat, likes to start fires, and is a monster with 37 fully formed, sharp teeth. Louis says that Eric can tell that Wendy isn't bonding with him, and that's why he's such a problem child. They call in Babs (Peggy Rea), an older woman, for advice. But it's only when a serial killer gets into the house that ...
18 Nov. 1990
Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites
Young conspiracy theorist Kevin tries to convince his cool skeptical friend Tommy that an old-timey local barbershop is run by vampires in disguise.
25 Nov. 1990
The Young and the Headless
Jealous wheelchair-bound Edward removes his wife Victoria's lover Hunk out of the picture for good. However, since they're a couple of scientists who works with microchips that mimic the human mind, she "fixes" Hunk.
9 Dec. 1990
The Waiting Game
After a nuclear blowout, only two factions remain. Humans inside of a small locked shelter, and nuclear holocaust vampires. With the two sides only separated by a small digital code on the outside of the shelter.
9 Dec. 1990
In the American South, reporter Laura Daniel meets Helen at the home of a reputed faith healer. They meet Brother Roy, a redneck who claims that he can suck the sin out of you by the gallon-for a price. Brother Roy takes them upstairs to the dead body of "the world's most evil man." When touched, the dead body can literally drain the sin from you, depositing the sin in the form of a black goo in a nearby bucket. But the goo must be permitted to drain away before the "sin-sop" can be used again. Laura is skeptical, but then learns that everything she's been told is the...
16 Dec. 1990
A New Woman
Thomas, a dying man, has a greedy wife, Jessica (Linda Thorson), who wants him to die as soon as possible so that she can get her hands on his money. Thomas' nephew, David (Dan Butler), wants to stop Jessica from securing his uncle's signature on an agreement to tear down a homeless shelter and construct an office building. On Christmas Eve, Thomas' doctor (Mason Adams) warns Jessica that she should change her ways or be visited by horrific spirits.
23 Dec. 1990
Malcolm (Ed Lauter) is a clarinet player who inexplicably gave up fame and fortune years ago and has since lived a life of despair and torment. His wife, Lorna (Carole Shelley), is desperate to get him to return to playing so they can save their marriage. One night, Lorna sees light and clarinet sounds issuing from her husband's mouth, and his stomach bulging with a tumor. She takes Malcolm to a doctor (Farley Granger) who removes the tumor, which turns out to be a large alien-like slug. But now Malcolm can no longer play the clarinet. Will he pay the price to regain ...
30 Dec. 1990
Household Gods
Deborah (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) is a married woman with a career who just had her first baby. Instead of taking care of her child and home, she hires a nanny/housekeeper to take care of things while she continues to work from home. All sorts of things begin to go wrong in the home, which the nanny says have occurred because Deborah has offended "the household gods." Deborah scoffs at this, but then things get much worse. Was the nanny telling the truth?
6 Jan. 1991
The Space Eaters
Howard and Fredrick are two friends living in New England. One night, as they play chess during a horrible thunderstorm, a local man named Henry Wells appears at their door. Wells says his brain has been eaten, and sure enough he has a hole in his temple and his brain is missing. But he's alive and talking. Wells tells the two men about a craft wreathed in light which landed near the town, and about being attacked by a "thing" that ate his brain. Wells finally dies, and an alien begins speaking to the two men through Wells' body. The alien says it is coming for them, ...
13 Jan. 1991
The Waiting Room
Benjamin O'Connell (John Saxon) travels with his son John (Christian LeBlanc) and John' new wife, Katharine (Lisa Waltz), to an empty motel in the mountains where Benjamin and his own wife spent their honeymoon 20 years before. That night, John gets up in the dark, goes into a nearby room, and disappears. Benjamin confesses to Katharine that he cheated on his wife on his wedding night with a beautiful woman in "the dark room," and agreed to give her a child in exchange for his own freedom. Over the years, Benjamin ran into the woman hundreds of times, and met her "...
20 Jan. 1991
Officer Mancini (Tony Shalhoub) and Officer Parkhurst bring a homeless man with no arms to the Inspector (Clifton James). They report that they have been running into many people, each one missing a different body part. But none of them show signs of surgery, and all of them had these body parts a few days earlier. They also report that they've seen a man seemingly assembled out of mis-matched body parts. Oddly, the Inspector doesn't seem too concerned, and offers to show the two what's really going on.
27 Jan. 1991
Desirable Alien
A Latino immigrant, Luis, and Greek immigrant, Hercules Valvalotus, are workers at a dingy urban café. Immigration officer Maggie Price is investigating Valvalotus' citizenship application, and Hercules turns on the sexual charm to try to get her to give him a break. Maggie reports his sexual harassment to her superior, Mr. Vega. That evening, Dr. Moss arrives at the café to give Hercules a physical. She succumbs to his masculine charms, but Maggie stumbles in on them and becomes insanely jealous. She meets with Hercules to try to seduce him, and learns that he's much...
3 Feb. 1991
A Face for Radio
Ray Bright is a late-night "hate radio" talk show host who interviews Cassandra Lefkowitz, a psychic who can tell the future. She warns him that she had a vision of him in a dark room writhing in pain, but he dismisses her prediction. His next guest is the beautiful Amanda Smith-Jones, who says she was sexually assaulted by aliens. She shows Bright a cage, in which there is a horribly disfigured small creature which begs for help. The creature, she says, eats evil but can only do so when evil volunteers to be eaten. The ever-skeptical Bright isn't sure what to believe...
10 Feb. 1991
Werewolf of Hollywood
Hollywood horror screenwriter Buzz Hunkle (Richard Belzer) is assigned by producer Leo Tandoski (Shelley Berman) to work with a co-writer, Vicki, on a new werewolf movie. The outline is about a movie studio CEO named Billy who is a werewolf, and about a heroic producer named Leo who unmasks him. Studio CEO Billy Mariner arrives in Buzz's office and announces he's financing picture. Buzz and Vicki fight over the script. That night, they hear screams and wolf howls out on the studio back lot. They discover Leo's dead body and a werewolf running amok. But Leo warned them...
17 Feb. 1991
Talk Nice to Me
Martin Lander (Ed Marinaro) is a womanizer and newspaper columnist with a beautiful girlfriend, Linda (Teri Ann Linn). He's being stalked by a woman with a sultry voice (Tina Louise) who keeps leaving messages on his answering machine and calling him all the time. Even though he changes his phone number, she keeps calling and leaving messages. When Linda comes over, the woman calls and embarrasses Martin and Linda. Is this mystery woman spying on Martin, too? Martin wonders if he has a haunted answering machine, but the truth might be even stranger.
24 Feb. 1991
Hostile Takeover
Greedy corporate executive Lawrence Bauer (Dennis Christopher) has taken over from ethical, older CEO Tom Hart. He's successful because he's been consulting voodoo priestess Matilde (Pam Grier) for the past year. The voodoo gods now demand that he sacrifice body parts for giving him wealth, but he refuses to do so. Instead, he kills Matilde when she threatens to send zombies after him. He thinks switching places with Ed the janitor (Tracey Walter) will throw the voodoo gods off his track, but Ed knows more about voodoo than Bauer realizes.
18 Apr. 1991
The Maker
A down-on-his-luck man named Mack (Philip Anglim) takes refuge in an abandoned hotel and runs into alcoholic magician J.J. "Freddy" Fredericks (Eddie Bracken). Freddy can make anything appear, but it always turns out wrong: The drink is sour, the food tastes awful, a rocking chair rocks side to side instead of front to back. Mack believes that Freddy's alcoholism prevents him from making better things. Mack takes away Freddy's booze. But a guy suffering from the DTs will begin seeing things...
26 Apr. 1991
The Moving Finger
Howie (Tom Noonan) is addicted to television quiz shows, and always gets the answer right. His wife (Alice Playten) goes out for ice cream while Howie watches his shows. Hearing a noise, Howie see an incredibly long, bony finger poking up out of the drain of his bathroom sink. Terrified because he doesn't know how such a thing could be happening, Howie ignores the frightening thing. His wife returns from the store and sees nothing. That night, Howie finds he can't go to the bathroom without the finger poking up out of the drain at him. As Howie tries to destroy the ...

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